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Pinning Mode Resonances Of 2d Electron Stripe Phases In High Landau Levels - [Full Version]
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Pinning Mode Resonances Of 2d Electron Stripe Phases In High Landau Levels - Full Download
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Pinning Mode Resonances Of 2d Electron Stripe Phases In High Landau Levels - [Complete Version]
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Pinning Mode Resonances of 2D Electron Stripe Phases - APS Link
Mar 31, 2009 ... Pinning Mode Resonances of 2D Electron Stripe Phases: Effect of an In-Plane ... 2National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, Florida 32310, USA ... 2D electron systems around a Landau level filling of 9=2, in the ...
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Reorientation of quantum Hall stripes within a partially filled Landau
Landau levels of a two-dimensional electron gas. We find that at ... These stripe phases have orthogonal orientation, indicat- ... anisotropic states are represented by high peaks along ..... L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, Pinning mode resonances.
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Evidence for a new symmetry breaking mechanism reorienting
levels of a high-mobility 2D electron gas. In accord with previous studies, we find that a modest B applied parallel to the native stripes aligns them perpendicular to it. ... haps the most striking, realization of such phases [6–11]. ... spin and Landau level indices. ..... L. N. Pfeiffer, and K. W. West, Pinning mode resonances of 2d ...
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Observation of pinning mode of stripe phases of 2D systems in high
The resonance is interpreted as a pinning mode of the stripe phase. PACS numbers: 73.43 ... two-dimensional electron systems (2DES) of extremely low disorder exhibit a ... ν = 9/2, 11/2,,, with two or more Landau levels (LLs) completely filled.
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Observation of Pinning Mode of Stripe Phases of 2D Systems in
Jun 23, 2008 ... National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Tallahassee, Florida 32306, USA. Princeton University, Princeton ... resonance is interpreted as a pinning mode of the stripe phase. ... two-dimensional electron systems (2DES) of extremely low disorder ... 9=2; 11=2... with two or more Landau levels (LLs) com-.
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Quantum Solids of Two Dimensional Electrons in Magnetic - Physics
the solid around disorder gives rise to a “pinning mode” resonance in the ... ( IQHWC) join with other phases, such as the bubble and stripe phases, to form a ... Landau level Wigner crystals and “A and “B” solid phases in lowest Landau level). ... The high quality GaAs/AlGaAs samples for studying electron solids were all pro-.
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Microwave Resonance of the Bubble Phases in - Purdue University
Sep 9, 2002 ... and the partial filling of the highest Landau level, , is 1=4 or 3=4 and temperatures <0:1 K. The ... We interpret the resonance as due to a pinning mode of the bubble phase crystal. ... Two dimensional electron systems, 2DES, confined in ultraclean ... the theory rests (i) on its location between the stripe phase.
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This article was originally published in a journal published - Physics
Jul 17, 2006 ... Pinning mode resonances of new phases of 2D electron systems in high magnetic fields ... clean 2DES in high B. The resonance is identified as a pinning mode, a ... (IQHEs and FQHEs) terminates at low Landau level filling ν, or high B in an ..... predicted a striped, unidirectional charge density wave phase,.
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Microwave spectroscopy of two-dimensional electrons in tilted
solid (WS) at small filling factor ν of the lowest Landau level (LL), WS formed of ... Daniel C. Tsui at Princeton, and Dr. Lloyd W. Engel at National High Magnetic .... 6.2 Pinning-mode resonances of the stripe and the bubble phases at zero.
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Dynamics of disordered quantum Hall crystals - UC San Diego
In weak magnetic fields (at high Landau levels) solids with many particles per ... We present the theory of the pinning mode for a classical two-dimensional electron crystal collectively pinned by weak impurities. We ... include stripe phase , bubble phase, and a Wigner .... regime [4–7] and also detected pinning resonances.
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PDF (319.0 KB) - EPJ Web of Conferences
Although Wigner crystal could be formed easier in 2D electron systems, ... indication of the formation of a Wigner crystal for high densities, at Γ ≈ 137 ± 15, in reasonable ... A pinning resonance of the electron solid – interpreted as the Wigner crystal ... about 0.2, while stripe phase appears for nearly half filled Landau levels.
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Nov 13, 2013 ... 1.3.2 Theoretical Phase Diagram of 2D Solid-Liquid Transition . ..... Figure 1.9 Microwave spectrum at Landau level filling factor υ .... micro-emulsion is not a stripe phase. ..... Two dimensional electron/hole gases in high quality .... These pinning modes appear as clear, nice microwave resonances peak in.
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Collective Modes of Quantum Hall Stripes
The collective modes of striped phases in a quantum Hall system are com- ... Recently, it has been discovered [1,2] that high quality two-dimensional electron systems ... the lowest Landau level, with a modified electron-electron interaction. ..... in resonances in the collective mode density of states that might be observed in ...
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Download (825Kb) - Warwick Research Archive Portal - WRAP
May 8, 2015 ... ered in a high-mobility two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) in GaAs/AlGaAs ... ν , when two Landau levels are brought into coincidence. [21–23]. ... stripe phase, our findings differ from observations in GaAs in several ..... example, nuclear magnetic resonance [33] and pinning mode resonances in the rf ...
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Observation of Narrow-Band Noise Accompanying the Breakdown
Jun 3, 2003 ... revealed many-body electron states unique to high Landau levels. Among these ... density ns supports many-body phases distinct from the ... striped charge density wave (CDW) states predicted by ... resonances in the microwave conductivity of the 2DES ... that they may reflect a pinning mode of the bubble.
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Fermi liquid instabilities in the spin channel - inSPIRE
als near the melting of the (smectic) stripe phases [7, 8], ... has been found in ultra -high mobility two-dimensional ... half filled Landau levels for N ≥ 2 at very low tem- ... strongly to electrons, giving rise to a non-Fermi liquid be- ... lattice pinning effects are weak). .... Goldstone modes in the β-phases couple to spin excita-.
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We study the effect of a boost
class of 2D models) and we discuss experiments that can test our theory. ... We discuss quantum Hall measurements on a high quality encapsulated trilayer graphene ... stacked trilayer graphene, there are Landau level crossings between monolayer ... Phases, collective modes and nonequilibrium dynamics of dissipative ...
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Melting of hexagonal Skyrmion states in chiral magnets
Sep 5, 2012 ... states were identified: The high field saturated ferromagnetic phase, a helical ... Analytically the ground state properties of this two dimensional case ... thors considered the striped helical state structure shown in figure 1 (a) ..... Pinning- mode resonance of a skyrme crystal near landau-level filling factor ν = 1.
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Detailed program booklet. - Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Jan 9, 2016 ... Anomalous Hall effect in high electron ... filled Landau level from particle-vortex ... stripe phase at ν=5/2 ... Are quantum spin Hall edge modes more ... Hall states at even-denominator (1/2) filling factor in 2D hole ..... electron density is pinned not just to the magnetic flux density, but to the combination of the.
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An incompressible state of a photo-excited electron gas
Apr 16, 2015 ... Two dimensional electrons in a magnetic field can form new states of ... of T = 300 mK much smaller than the Landau level spacing kBT ..... to an incompressible state occurs owning to the pinning of the density ... Thus in the incompressible phase, the electron cloud transfers electrons from a high density.
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