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PC-based high-precision nuclear spectrometry - ScienceDirect
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A286 (1990) 439-Ø2 North-Holland PC-BASED HIGH-PRECISION NUCLEAR SPECTROMETRY W.
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Software for nuclear spectrometry - IAEA Publications - International
Advisory Group Meeting (AGM) on Software for Nuclear Spectrometry took place in. December 1994 in ... different levels and in different types of institute ( laboratories, computer centres, quality .... Measurements at high count rates. .... EXPERT SYSTEM BASED RADIONUCLIDE IDENTIFICATION. .... Analysis of precision.
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Signal Processing and Electronics for Nuclear Spectrometry
Implementation of digital signal processor for nuclear spectrometry .... precision of filters depends on the precision of its coefficients, while in the ..... Most of the reported techniques work on PC based commercial high-speed digitizer cards.
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A Paradigm Shift in Nuclear Spectrum Analysis - Westmeier
I. THE DEVELOPMENT OF NUCLEAR SPECTROMETRY. The advent of drifted .... for quantitative high-precision analysis of gamma-ray and alpha particle spectra ..... comparison of commercial and freeware PC-based γ-ray spectrum analysis ...
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Simultaneous Determination of Beta Nuclides by Liquid Scintillation
LSC 2008, Advances in Liquid Scintillation Spectrometry edited by J Eikenberg, ... nuclear facilities were used. The applied ..... PC-based high-precision nuclear  ...
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4 Instrumentation for Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy
mentation used in the gamma-ray spectroscopy of nuclear materials. ... 4.1 Block diagram of a single-channel-analyzer-based ... COMPUTER ... All of the commonly used gamma-ray detectors require a high-voltage bias supply to provide ...... the same; therefore, the precision of an individual point in the 4096- channel spec-.
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In-house development of an FPGA-based MCA8K for gamma-ray
Nov 10, 2014 ... The instrument allows interfacing to PC with self-developed application ... These instruments are designed for high precision γ-ray spectroscopy with ... nuclear spectroscopy system (Hien and Toshihiko 2001), or the issue for ...
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Direct Coupling of a Liquid Chromatograph to a Continuous Flow
rapidly, accurately, and with high precision using a conven- tional mass ... the Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies,. Boston, Mass. ... Flow Hydrogen Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Detector for .... from the computer ( Nova 1200). Figure 1 .... Based on the known composition of the model mixture, the.
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complex gamma ray spectra analysis - Romanian Reports in Physics
In this work we present the characteristics of two high efficiency HPGe based gamma-spectrometry systems recently installed in the Atomic and Nuclear Physics. Department of the ... They are meant to serve for high precision and low background measurements of ... DSPEC-Plus modules, connected to PC. Spectrum ...
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Pocket PC-based portable gamma-ray spectrometer - RDO
Department of Nuclear Technology, Faculty of Engineering,. Chulalongkorn University ... A portable gamma-ray spectrometer based on a Pocket PC has been developed. A 12-bit pipeline ... and high performance analog-to-digital converter (ADC) products are .... from a precision function generator was applied. The integral.
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(24 June, 2016). - University of Surrey
Jul 6, 2016 ... Nuclear Data and High-precision Gamma-ray Spectroscopy for .... spectrometry based on measurements of intensity ratios ..... P. C. P107.
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Development of holmium-163 electron-capture spectroscopy with
Oct 20, 2015 ... for high-precision electron capture spectroscopy (ECS) near the kinematic endpoint ... sensors; and understanding the nuclear and atomic physics of this decay to determine ... Based on mass spectrometry of the F1 product solution, radiochemical yield, and a ..... P.C.-O. Ranitzsch et al., J. Low Temp. Phys.
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Examination of the role of the $^{14} $ O ($\ alpha $, $ p $) $^{17
Jul 16, 2014 ... 1Key Laboratory of High Precision Nuclear Spectroscopy and Center for Nuclear .... a width of Γ=Γp=51 keV based on a Thomas-Ehrman.
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Towards a direct transition energy measurement of the lowest
Nov 4, 2012 ... state the frequency of the nuclear ground-state transition will be ..... tinely very successfully used for measurements of high-precision nuclear mass measurements of ... Figure 3. α-energy spectrum of daughter nuclei from the decay of .... RF amplitudes, read out via a precise (12-bit) PC-based oscilloscope.
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Mössbauer Spectrometer MsAa-3
external complete nuclear blocks could be used as well. ... albeit of the very high precision and with the modern design of the electronics and general ..... Faigel G, Haustein PE, Siddons DP (1986) An IBM PC based Mössbauer spectrometer.
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Structure and conformation of spin-labeled amino acids in frozen
spectroscopy and computer-based molecular modeling. ENDOR resonance ... resonance; ENDOR, electron nuclear double resonance; hf, hyperfine; hfc, hyperfine coupling ..... component will be observed when the low-field or high- field EPR feature is ...... lations of which are not estimated with high precision. In addition,.
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Stable isotope-resolved metabolomics and applications for drug
Major analytical platforms for stable isotope tracer-based metabolic studies . ... MSA, methylseleninic acid; 13C6-Glc uniformly, 13C labeled glucose; PC, pyruvate carboxylation; PCh, phosphatidylcho- .... in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy (NMR) and mass spec- ..... In addition, the high precision of FT-ICR- .
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Experimental and Computer Simulation Study of the Radionuclides
Sep 25, 1997 ... The yields were measured by direct high-precision γ-spectrometry. ... improvements in the computer simulation of intranuclear processes, as well as ..... code based on the Hauser-Feshbach and preequilibrium approach [29],.
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Polaris-S Spec Sheet - H3D, Inc.
Polaris-S™ is the practical choice for high-resolution spectroscopy in ... Optical camera for precision ... H3D is commercializing CZT-based 3D radiation-imaging technologies for nuclear power plant, laboratory, defense & homeland ... unit connects to software on your PC through USB, allowing real-time view and storage.
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Gd-LS - Daya Bay
... High Energy Physics and of Nuclear Physics, Office of Science, USDOE ... Initial goal at BNL: prepare high concentrations of Metal-loaded LS ... Gd- carboxylate in PC-based LS stable for ~2 years. ... m. LAB. PC. BNL Gd-LS under UV light (in 10 cm cells). Light Output Spectra. RLH-7 ... precision can be improved further.
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