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Particle-based Numerical Analysis of Spray Water Flow in
Particle-based Numerical Analysis of Spray Water Flow in. Secondary Cooling of Continuous Casting Machines. Norimasa YAMASAKI,1)* Shozo SHIMA,1) Keiji ...
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Numerical Simulation of the Continuous Casting Process and the
the spray water in the secondary cooling of the strand was developed using a particle- ... ment simulating the flow obtained by analysis with particle method,.
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Evaporative cooling by water spray systems: CFD simulation
Mar 23, 2014 ... CFD simulation of evaporative cooling by mist spraying systems. • Grid-sensitivity analysis and validation with wind-tunnel measurements. ... continuous phase, the drag coefficient model, the number of particle .... water droplets in the air flow to avoid wetting of the thermocouples. ...... secondary breakup.
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Mar 9, 2012 ... Spray cooling of a hot body takes place when a dispersion of fine ... In metallurgical processes such as continuous casting of steel ... Bul, 2001), (b) phase Doppler particle analysis, PDPA (Bendig et al., 1995; Puschmann & .... Additionally, since the air- and water-flow rates were stable it was assumed.
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Analysis of heat transfer in spray cooling systems using numerical
Oct 17, 2013 ... Leamington to collect data on their spray cooling operation. .... (a) Stages of spray development (b) The formation of secondary droplet ... Figure 4.13 – Heat transfer coefficient versus flow rate for three ... Reynolds Number of Particle .... In the film-boiling regime, heat must be conducted across a continuous ...
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1.1 Spray Cooling in Secondary Cooling Region of Continuous .... Typical Measurements of Nozzle Water Flow Rate, Air Flow Rate, Water Flow ..... numerical methods instead of analytical solutions were developed by many researchers and.
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Over many years, the liquid metal flow in steel continuous casting tundishes and ... algorithms for autonomous multi-objective numerical optimization of the ... mould and secondary spray cooling? ... methods [2]. ... The transported heat from the strand surface to the cooling water is ... heat flow is given by: (. ) A .... particles (d).
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Numerical Analysis of Multicomponent Suspension Droplets in High
studied in high-velocity suspension flame spray (HVSFS) process, and the results are ... exact location where the particle heating is initiated (above the carrier liquid boiling point) can be ... takes into account the convective flow of evaporating material from droplet .... droplets are ethanol and water mixture; different mass.
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Complex investigation of thermophysical processes in - iupac
secondary parameters is absent in the modern technology of gas thermal ... temperature flow; spraying process; formation of technological flow; process of ... of jets disperse systems; 4 ) creation of the effective numerical methods ... of water flow rate. hi". U ... parameters characterizing of disperse particles in plasma jet, with ...
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Jet Impingement Heat Transfer: Physics, Correlations - SEAS
available empirical correlations and values they predict, and numerical simulation ... with the goal of identifying preferred methods of predicting jet performance. ... In the example of turbine cooling applications [6], impinging jet flows may be used ..... Akfirat [23] noted a secondary peak in the transfer coefficient and attributed.
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komunikacie 4a_12.qxd:komunikacie 3_2010 - Žilinská univerzita
and secondary flows near side walls behind the inclined step. ... field and the particle image velocimetry method (PIV) were used for .... The analysis of experimental and numerical results was concen- ..... heat transfer coefficients under air-water cooling jets, which spray the concast- .... Model for Continuous Steel Casting.
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On the numerical and experimental study of spray cooling
phase modeling approaches (Lagrangian and Eulerian methods) are ... Keywords: Spray cooling ; CFD ; Discrete Phase Model ; Euler-Euler Model. 1. ... thin liquid film evaporation, nucleate boiling and secondary nucleation. ... solved by tracking a large number of particles, bubbles, or droplets through the calculated flow.
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developing continuous-casting-process control based on advanced
However, having to formulate a numerical model of the continuous-casting ... correctness of the calculations, together with the sensitivity analysis of .... the secondary cooling zone (including the so-called ..... particles on the time and the initial position for t = 0 or ..... in the flows of the cooling water in the spray zones for a.
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Numerical Modeling of Dispersed Two-Phase Flows - Aerospacelab
coupling “separated” and “dispersed” two-phase flow solvers, spray-film interactions. Introduction .... zation of the liquid oxygen jet while the secondary break-up, evapo- ... physical modeling for transition as well as the numerical methods. Note that the ..... or industrial processes involving gas-particle flows ( spray cooling,.
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Validation of an effervescent spray model with secondary - Hal
Dec 10, 2012 ... with water cooling may provide appreciably more precise values, as shown in [5]. ... At the present time, two predominant methods for numerical spray representation are used: the Euler – ..... where up is the particle velocity, u the surrounding air flow velocity, .... (fuel droplets) and the continuous gas phase.
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Flow characteristic of in-flight particles in supersonic plasma
Oct 3, 2015 ... and secondary plasma gas flow rate, carrier gas flow rate) ... particles during spraying using numerical method [12]. With the rapid development of CFD methods, more and ..... (LTE), the plasma gas is a continuous multi-component chemically .... water cooling circulator and developed by the National Key.
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Comparison of Impact, Velocity, Drop Size and - Spray Analysis
impact and velocity of airmist nozzles used in continuous ... layer between the spray water and the surface of .... This numerical scheme has been ... Testing was done using a Malvern particle analyzer. ..... and J.K. Brimacombe, “ Characterization of Heat Transfer in the Secondary Cooling System of a ... Multiphase Flow Vol.
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May 20, 2016 ... Modeling and numerical methods are employed ... and mass-transfer cooling effect would affect the particle motion and heating history.
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analysis, distortion, cracks, defect prediction, continuous casting, Brimacombe ... optimized mold geometry and spray cooling design. ... multiphase fluid flow simulations rival water modeling in providing insights into flow-related ... Computers in the early 1970s were so slow, that for industrial applications, numerical methods.
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Oct 13, 2015 ... review is to explain these phenomena and the numerical methods comprehensively to ... into the jet using spray atomization or injection of continuous jet methods. ... Water, air, or a mixture of both (hybrid) can be used for cooling the .... gas-particle/droplet flow, such as the Lagrangian trajectory approach ...
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