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Paper 30 Derivation Of Mass Stiffness And Damping Parameters From Experimental - [Full Version]
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Paper 30 Derivation Of Mass Stiffness And Damping Parameters From Experimental - Full Download
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Paper 30 Derivation Of Mass Stiffness And Damping Parameters From Experimental - [Complete Version]
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May 28, 2011 ... In this paper we propose the results of an experimental investigation addressed to identify mass, stiffness and damping matrices of a two-story building model. ... Once obtained the system modal parameters, we identified mass, .... body model eigenvectors W ∈ Cn2×n obtained from equation (1) and ...
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Mass, Stiffness, and Damping Matrix Estimates from Structural
Apr 6, 1987 ... In this paper an alternative approach of directly comparing the mass, stiffness, and damping matrices of the dynamic model is explored. A new ... good means for comparing experimental and analytical (finite element model) .... The above equation is true for all values of the s-variable, and in particular for its ...
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Damping Parameters for flow-induced vibration - MIT
Aug 10, 2012 ... Mass-damping parameters are not well-suited to the organization of ... The paper begins with a brief review of the early use of mass-damping .... With precise experiments Govardhan and Williamson showed that this ... The equation of motion in the cross-flow direction for the cylinder shown in Fig. 1 may.
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Damping Models for Structural Vibration - University of Cambridge
the true damping mechanism of the beam considered for the experiment. Further, it is ... Wibolt Prize 1999 for my paper (Adhikari, 1999). I am thankful to my .... 3.3. 1 Eigenvectors of the Dynamic Stiffness Matrix . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46 ..... 5.1 Linear array of N spring-mass oscillators, N = 30, mu = 1Kg, ku = 4 × 103N/m . . . . 82.
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In reading books and technical papers on vibration including the previous ... Free vibrations usually cease after a certain length of time because damping ... course will focus primarily on the derivation of equations of motion, free ...... Page 30 ..... They depend directly on the mass, damping, and stiffness parameters; in other.
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A Mass-Spring-Damper Model of a Bouncing Ball - IJEE
relationships connecting the mass, stiffness and damping of a linear ball model to the ... that the ball model parameters are functions of quantities readily determined in an experiment: (i) ... This paper develops this connection for a parti - ..... and (30). (Note that the time to the first impact is. 0.249 s from Equation (22).) .
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Identification of Dynamic Mass Spring Parameters for Deformable
Short Papers. Identification of ... Unfortunately, the model parameters (spring coefficients, masses) are not related to material ... Experimental evidence is given in support of our results. 1. ... we follow is to compare the force balance equation of the. MSS with the ... stiffness, MFEM the mass and DFEM the damping matrix.
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Dynamic parameters of structures extracted from ambient -
Knowing the dynamic parameters of a structure (e.g. a building or a bridge) may ... experimental modal shape deduced from forced or ambient vibrations. ..... paper, we use simple elastic lumped-mass modelling because of its low-cost for ... damping matrix, [K] is the stiffness matrix and {S(t)} is the applied force. ..... Page 30 ...
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A Mass-Spring-Damper Model of a Bouncing Ball - Marquette
expressions for model parameters, i.e., stiffness and damping or equivalently ... This paper ... bouncing ball, represented by a linear mass-spring-damper model. ... The equation of motion is then, m¨x + c ..... The mass of the ball used in the experiment was measured ... height of 30.5 cm and with ∆T determined to be 3.4 ms,.
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Measurement and Modeling of Normal Contact Stiffness and
In this paper, an experi- ... surfaces. Contact damping ratio values were found to decrease with increasing contact load for .... Equation 2 gives the contact stiffness for a smooth Hertzian .... experimental tester and its system model representation, respec- ... tached on the lower mass to measure the accelerations of the mass.
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Tire stiffness and damping determined from static and free-vibration
NASA Technical Paper 1671 ... Tire stiffness and damping in the lateral and fore- and-aft directions are ... The objective of this report is to discuss the results of an experimental ..... computed from the product of the platen mass and the frequency parameter. ... When the force is introduced into the equation the displacement.
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identification of structural dynamic characteristics - Imperial College
analytical model correction, damping properties investigation and nonlinearity study. ... symmetric experimental stiffness matrix, defined as (&]+i[ITj) (complex).
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Rayleigh's Classical Damping Revisited
damping matrix as a linear combination of the mass and stiffness matrices, that is ... In this paper a more general expression of the damping matrix is proposed while ... The phase of complex modes are highly sensitive to experimental errors and ..... With Rayleigh's proportional damping in equation (1), the modal damping .
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Spatial damping identification in the frequency domain - a
May 26, 2016 ... This paper deals with spatial damping identification methods. ... Damping, combined with mass and stiffness, represents the dynamic properties ...
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Reconstructing structural changes in a dynamic system from
This paper presents an experimental investigation of a recently developed Kronecker Product (KP) ... ond-order form such as mass, stiffness, and damping.
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sent paper is to derive a formula relating the impact damping ratio, as a parameter of ... coefficients of restitution and the impact stiffness parameters for different building ... obtained for various prior-impact velocity and mass values. The use .... 1.329 - 1.350. 5. Concrete. C30/37. 114. 1.763 - 1.835. 5. 128. 2.531 - 2.636. 5. 55.
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Experimental investigation of the stiffness and damping
This paper presents data for stiffness and damping through exhaustive ... 50 60 30 edged orifices) were placed under the plugs between paper gaskets and tightened ... design parameter 5 was calculated by computing Cd from the empirical equation [3] ... 1) m mass of runner pad N number of holes (recesses) in the pad Pa ...
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Experimental determination of the stiffness and damping coefficients
This paper presents research work into the use of a step force as an ... Stiffness and damping coefficients for journal bearings For a fLxed high speed ... The People's Usually dimensionless parameters are introduced: ~o coL ~ /ao L k- ~3 .... mass and absolute displacement of the test bearing housing; m' andy, mass and ...
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Model updating of damped structures using FRF data - ResearchGate
Jul 28, 2006 ... FRF updating method can be used to derive accurate updated mass and stiffness ... One possible way is to identify damping model using experimental test data, .... In the scheme, the mass and stiffness parameters need to be ..... (30). ARTICLE IN PRESS. R.M. Lin, J. Zhu / Mechanical Systems and Signal ...
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Experimental Determination of Modal Damping from Full Scale Testing
Unfortunately, damping parameters can not be deduced deterministically from ... This paper presents the results of an experimental investigation of the damping properties of an ... deduced from the physical properties of a structure, unlike the mass and stiffness properties. ..... The modal response equation for mode n will be ...
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