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Page 1 ... 1 room to read • annual report 2010. We dream in dozens of languages . It began in ... we train librarians, work with schools to become more child- friendly and .... Central to this vision is the design and ... Country offices in each location are staffed only by local people, because .... total of 25 manuscripts targeted.
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FOOLING AROUND WITH STORIES - Central Michigan University
Page 1 .... picking a story with doubles, in which one character, the wind-up mouse, is a ... severely disabled child responding to a steady diet of children's literature read aloud. ... read fiction seem to be better able to understand other people, empathize ... are not only passing along our own cultural values, but also sharing a ...
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On Measuring Child Costs: With Applications to Poor Countries
Page 1 ... is unfortunate because child costs are a central element in any attempt to make .... are the only people who are present both before and after the arrival ... goods and children in response to changes in prices and incomes. We ..... one in which (16) is taken as a representation of household prefer- ..... Manuscript.
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Introduction to Probability - Dartmouth College
Page 1 ... 1 Discrete Probability Distributions. 1. 1.1 Simulation of Discrete Probabilities .... introduction of the computer changes the way in which we look at many problems ... an integral part of the text and in writing the programs so that they not only ... their students for using the manuscript in their courses and sharing their ...
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Page 1 .... Similar results were found when analyzing only the 12 high- importance ... Experiment 1 found that changes in more causally central features of identity ... Nisbett, 1972; Pronin, 2008), people use analogies to the self in forming .... both his memories of being a lonely child and his solitary preferences (see Table 3).
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The language of love: Romantic relationships in adolescence
Page 1 ... numbers are only self-reported approximations; some of these interactions with ... We propose that communication plays a central role in the functioning of ... how such developmental changes may be associated with changes in young ... ated in the course of young people's relationships with romantic partners. Im-.
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special issue - LA Paul
Page 1 ... people ask themselves if having a baby will enhance an already happy life, ... to have a child. Many prefer to .... what it is like for the agent plays the central role, if not the only role, in the .... experience of having one's own child brings with it profound changes in ..... manuscript) give excellent general discussions.
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For Peer Review Only - Hal
Sep 1, 2010 ... Page 1 ... Dealing with a positive result: routine HIV testing among pregnant women in Vietnam. ...
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Identifying postpartum intervention approaches to preventing type 2
Mar 24, 2011 ... preventing type 2 diabetes in women with a history ... Published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, Volume 11, Issue 23, 2011, pages 1-8.
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Maternity and paternity at work – Law and practice across the - ILO
Apr 2, 2014 ... Page 1 ... Graphic and typographic design, manuscript preparation, copy editing ... National conformity with ILO standards on duration of maternity .... and well- being of mothers and their babies. .... Convention are Eastern Europe and Central Asia and .... of countries enjoy leave policies instead of or beyond.
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IMPRESSIONS FROM EVENTS - Indiana University Bloomington
Events change people's feelings about things, and this is a matter of ... Feelings produced by events are the central concern in affect control theory; the theory ...
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The Development of Embodied Cognition: Six Lessons from Babies
Page 1 ... People make contact with the physical world through a vast array of sensory ... moves the apple are time-locked with the changes one sees as the apple is .... locomotion – knowledge traditionally attributed to a central pattern generator ... only an empty and uniform table surface in view, one can direct children's ...
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For Peer Review - School of Arts & Sciences - University of
Page 1 of 59 Personality ... Self-control is one of the most widely-studied constructs in psychology, but dissent ... Page 2 of 59 .... Mischel and colleagues did not use the repeated trials delay task, games in which ...... people don't enjoy, and therefore have no trouble, resisting chocolate.
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Children's health and environment. A review of - WHO/Europe
Jun 4, 1998 ... opinions of the author only. ... The European Environment Agency is one of twelve specialised EU ... covering water, air and climate change, waste and material streams, ... This must be done using existing data and information, .... 1. Children's special vulnerability to environmental health hazards: an ...
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Why and how to study Theory of Mind with fMRI - Saxelab Social
Page 1 ... and reasoning about other people, especially in terms of invisible internal states. This .... behaviour, even when pitted against the child's own prefer -.
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World Social Protection Report 2014/15 - ILO
Page 1 .... countries with adequate social protection systems were able to respond more quickly ... damental human right to social security is only partially realized or not at all. In. 2014 .... 2.3 Extent of legal coverage: Child and family benefit programmes ..... 6.6.3 Leaving no one behind: Social protection floors to change.
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Report to Congress on Out-of-Wedlock Childbearing - Centers for
Page 1 ... What's Driving the Trends: Factors Affecting Change in Nonmarital Births 23 .... Figure 1. Proportion of Births to Unmarried Women: United States, 1940- ... among the large baby boom generation, as well as increases in divorce and .... contraception, compared with only 5 percent of currently married women.
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Caring for children in Europe -
Page 1 ... related to parents' preferences and norms, a child's age, and labour market ... Figure 1: Percentage of children up to 3 years of age and from 3 years of age to .... countries with low investment in formal childcare services, the only possible ... and care is in the Central and Eastern European counties, although with.
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Families of the Lesbian Baby Boom: Parents' Division of Labor and
This study assessed lesbian couples' division of labor, their satisfaction with division ... were headed by lesbian couples, each of whom had at least 1 child between 4 ... Thus, the central question posed by the present re- .... Third, only families who lived within the greater ...... Exploring individual differences in marital change.
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Why children's rights are central to international child health
Page 1 ... Arch Dis Child 2006;000:1–6. doi: 10.1136/adc.2006.098228. See end of ... to relate to children as people in their own right. ... diatricians' priorities will have to change with ... with child health issues rooted in a global ... It is only through the fulfilment of children's rights that equity in child health can be achieved.
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