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Orthogonal Glycosylation Reactions On Solid Phase And Synthesis Of A Library - Full Download
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Orthogonal Glycosylation Reactions on Solid Phase and Synthesis
Apr 28, 2006 ... ... Reactions on Solid. Phase and Synthesis of a Library Consisting of a ... of glycosylation reactions in solution- and solid-phase organic synthesis.[2–10] ... the basis of an orthogonal glycosylation strategy. The potential of this ...
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Combinatorial Carbohydrate Synthesis - Linhardt - Rensselaer
critically examines both the solution phase and solid phase strategies that have been reported to date. ... reaction conditions used, all of the hydroxyl groups in compound (2) have similar .... the synthesis of solid-phase trisaccharide library [ 38]. A ... Ogawa and co- workers developed an orthogonal glycosylation strategy by.
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Combinatorial synthesis of carbohydrates - ScienceDirect.com
In addition, monitoring of reaction products and intermediates is com- plicated ... ( a) Wong approach the solid-phase synthesis of trisaccharide libraries. ... Mono deprotection, glycosation with a new donor, resin several glycosylation steps ... These steps were repeated to gen- four orthogonally protected hydroxyl groups; ...
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Solid-phase glycoconjugate synthesis - DiVA
Solid-phase glycoconjugate synthesis – On-resin analysis with 19F ... 5.3.2 Establishing glycosylation conditions and cleavage from the linker. 41 .... A major limitation when performing reactions on solid phase is the difficulties in analyzing the ... (2) the linker is orthogonal to the protective groups employed and inert to the. X.
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Automated Solid-Phase Oligosaccharide Synthesis of Conjugation
Chapter 3. Automated Solid Phase Synthesis of Biologically Relevant. Oligosaccharides ... In Chapter 2, the synthesis of a small library of differentially protected .... blocks functionalized with orthogonal protecting groups that can be cleaved selectively in the ... Schematic description of glycosylation reactions. O. RO. OR. RO.
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Advanced Chemical Synthesis of Oligosaccharides - Chemistry at
Apr 21, 2014 ... Orthogonal protection/deprotection strategy was developed to differentiate hydroxyl groups at ... solid-phase assisted strategies have inaugurated a new era in ... library pool that calibrates the relative reactivity values (RRVs) of ... deprotection procedures of reaction intermediates in glycosylation steps, ...
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Angela Barkley and Prabhat Arya. Combinatorial Chemistry toward
thesis requires many orthogonal protection and deprotection schemes and involves ... Merrifield s conceptual solid-phase approach to peptide synthesis in 1963 laid the ... and subsequently combinatorial library synthesis a very facile process. ... glycosylation reaction, low yields and the need for extensive purification limits ...
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D. Shin, et. al. Combinatorial Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis and
reports related to the peptide library synthesis using solid phase such as ... reactions. Ostresh et al. performed the reagent mixture synthesis by calculating ..... al., 1997), glycosylated haemoglobin (Chen et al., 1998),. RNase S-Protein ... basis of one-bead-two-compound approach using orthogonal protecting groups. Solid ...
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One-Pot Glycosylation (OPG) for the Chemical Synthesis of
as such: “Reaction of a glycosyl donor with an appropriate electrophile gives a ... The “orthogonal glycosylation” strategy described by. Kanie, Ito, and Ogawa, ...... build a library of 72 trisaccharides on a Quest 210TM manual synthesizer [57]. .... the solid phase methods for peptide and nucleotide synthesis. Scheme 31.
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Acylsulfonamide safety-catch linker: promise and limitations for solid
Nov 26, 2012 ... limitations for solid–phase oligosaccharide synthesis ... Safety-catch linkers are useful for solid-phase oligosaccharide synthesis as they are orthogonal to many common ... phase glycosylation reactions, the potential as well as some .... Combinatorial Carbohydrate Libraries; John Wiley & Sons Inc.: New.
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Assembly of Oligosaccharides: from the De novo Synthesis of
of Building Blocks to the Automated Solid Phase Synthesis ..... Synthesis of orthogonally protected galactoside 20. ... Two-step synthesis of carbohydrates by selective aldol reactions. ... One-pot glycosylation strategies. ..... Another orthogonal protection-deprotection strategy for synthesis of oligosaccharides libraries.
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Kapitel 2 - Max-Planck-Institut für Kolloid- und Grenzflächenforschung
These fusion proteins are then used to screen libraries of gly- can structures by ... To overcome these problems solid phase synthesis is a pow- ... solid support in alternating glycosylation and deprotection reactions. ... By using orthogonally.
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Understanding the Chemistry and Biology of Glycosylation with
Apr 25, 2016 ... additives and media on glycosylation reactions have been ... orthogonal one-pot procedures, (b) reactivity-based, programmable ... The logic behind automated solid-phase synthesis can be illustrated ...... rate study, a similar strategy was applied to the preparation of a library of biantennary N-glycans.
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Glycosylation efficiencies on different solid supports using a
Jan 16, 2013 ... Figure 1: Different resins used for solid-phase synthesis. ... has the linker to be orthogonal to the reaction conditions neces- sary for chain elongation, ..... Combinatorial Carbohydrate Libraries; John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: New.
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Glycoprotein Synthesis: An Update - General Guide To Personal
Enzymatic Glycoprotein and Glycopeptide Synthesis 151. 4.1. Glycan Extension ..... GPI motif was possible through automated solid-phase glycosylation .... derivative (Scheme 2a).106 The Staudinger reaction of glycosyl azides ... Orthogonally protected .... for synthesis of a combinatorial library of glycosylated amino acids ...
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Solution and solid phase synthesis of N,N'-diacetyl chitotetraoses
solid phase synthesis have also been described. Keywords: ... 3.1.21 Structure of byproducts formed during the glycosylation reaction. 52. 3.2 Solid phase synthesis. 56 ..... (4) An extensive orthogonal protecting group strategy, .... preparation of single compounds and of a combinatorial library of di- and tetrasaccharides207.
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Phase Synthesis of Heparan Sulfate Disaccharides - Purdue e-Pubs
Jul 25, 2013 ... Casselman, Matthew Daniel, "Fluorous- Phase Synthesis of Heparan Sulfate Disaccharides .... 2.1 Synthesis of Orthogonally Protected α-Glucosamines . .... Figure 1.7 Solid-phase synthesis of glucosamine sulfoforms. ..... A library of heparan disaccharide sulfoforms was prepared from a single intermediate ...
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synthesis and elaboration of mono- and oligo-saccharides - fedOA
The key step in oligosaccharide synthesis is the glycosylation reaction. ..... practical orthogonal couplings between thioglycosides. ..... Scheme 16 Automated Solid Phase Synthesis of Protected Phytoalexin Elicitor β-Glucan. ..... library.124 ...
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Review - Sociedade Brasileira de Química
Jul 29, 2003 ... example of a natural combinatorial library is illustrated by the pupal defensive ... the solid and solution-phase synthesis of oligosaccharide libraries, as well as ... of an efficient orthogonal protection-deprotection strategy. The search for .... tive- yet-nonregioselective” glycosylation reaction (Figure. 7).71 In this ...
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Modular Synthesis of Heparin-Related Tetra-, Hexa- and
Apr 9, 2015 ... heparin-type oligosaccharides, containing orthogonal D-GlcN O-6 ... chemical biology [6,7] and synthetic interest in solution, solid phase and .... illustrated use of acceptor 4 in two separate glycosylation reactions, ...... Schwörer, R.; Zubkova, O.V.; Turnbull, J.E.; Tyler, P.C. Synthesis of a Targeted Library of.
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