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The Power of DECODE() - Doug Burns
Note - this document discusses the use of the DECODE function to develop more ... This paper is about one of the functions in Oracle's implementation of SQL.
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Statistical Functions Overview - Oracle
the credit limit between male and female customers: SELECT variance(decode( cust_gender,'M', cust_credit_limit,null)) var_men, variance(decode(cust_gender ...
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Best Practices for Using Oracle Transparent Gateway for DB2 and
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Using Conditional Expressions - TutorialsPoint
As an enhancement over NVL, Oracle introduced a function to substitute value not only ... Oracle provides conditional functions DECODE and CASE to impose ...
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decode -
DECODE. Kent Graziano, Denver Public Schools. Abstract. Do you have a need to automate an effective change data capture process in an Oracle database but  ...
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Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration: a hard way ?
Feb 7, 2015 ... The Oracle and PostgreSQL database must be responsive. – Parallel table export (-P .... DECODE (Ora2Pg can only transform simple forms) ...
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Porting from Oracle to PostgreSQL
If you are starting to use PostgreSQL or you will migrate from Oracle database server, I hope this document helps. ... DECODE (warehouse_id, 1, 'Southlake',.
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SQL - 4
Correct solution in SQL/92 (but does not work in Oracle): ... However, this should work on Oracle 8 (or later): ... An interesting decode function (Oracle specific):.
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Conversion Functions
In some cases, Oracle Server allows data of one datatype where it expects data .... The DECODE function decodes an expression in a way similar to the IF-.
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How to unwrap PL/SQL - Black Hat
I also find it interesting that Oracle has shipped API's since ... Oracle say that wrapped PL/SQL is simply encoded ...... ▫Using base64 decode does not reveal the ...
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SQLWays Documentation - Ispirer Online Documentation Storage!
BEGIN TRANSACTION Conversion from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle. Number . Conversion ... Conversion of Oracle DECODE to MySQL CASE .................... 71.
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IFC and IFN Functions: Alternatives to Simple DATA Step IF-THEN
Comparison with Oracle® DECODE function. The DECODE function can support functionality similar to that provided by IFC, IFN. Interestingly, null = null ...
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Understanding Exadata Offloading - Kerry Osborne's Oracle Blog
Many Exadata Presentations (some to Oracle). Coauthor Expert Oracle Exadata Book .... decode(IO_CELL_OFFLOAD_ELIGIBLE_BYTES,0,0,.
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Oracle SYSDBA Backdoor
Oct 14, 2007 ... Within Oracle databases such as 11g it is a quick and easy task to .... decode( sysoper,1,'TRUE','FALSE') from x$kzsrt where username not.
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This paper assumes a working knowledge of Oracle, SQL, and PL/SQL (from an .... For years, one of the best-kept secrets of Oracle was the DECODE function.
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Oracle to PostgreSQL Migration: a hard way - Ora2Pg - Gilles Darold
Feb 7, 2015 ... Automatic Oracle database discovery ... Oracle database migration cost assessment .... DECODE (Ora2Pg can only transform simple forms) ...
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Postgres Plus Advanced Server® Database Compatibility for Oracle®
Support for DUAL, decode(),. ROWNUM. Compatible Date and String handling. Tools support: EDB*Plus,. EDB*Loader, EDB*Wrap. Oracle Dictionary Views.
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Beginning SQL, Differences Between Oracle and Microsoft - NoCOUG
So what are the differences from SQL Server to Oracle? Part I. A Quick .... from sales s;. Oracle. SELECT year,. DECODE( quarter, 1, amount, 0 ) q1,. DECODE(  ...
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PL-SQL Naming and Coding Standards -
Oct 20, 2009 ... Oracle PLSQL Coding and Naming Standards.doc. Page 1 of ... Oracle PL/SQL is the standard coding language to be used for ..... DECODE (.
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SQL3 - Elte
2008. febr. 16. ... ... függvények többsége Oracle-specifikus. .... A dátumokat az Oracle numerikusan tárolja. A dátum ..... A DECODE függvény használata … …
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Using TimesTen between your Application and Oracle - Trivadis
WIEN. Application and. Oracle. Senior Consultants. Trivadis AG. 16.11.2011. 16.11.2011. 1 ..... SELECT DECODE(ename, NULL, 'xxx') x. FROM emp;. SELECT ...
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ACE Director Performance Tuning Boot Camp Indiana Oracle Users
Aug 10, 2014 ... Presented: Indiana Oracle Users Group - 30 July, 2014. Indiana Oracle ... Wrote the course and taught Oracle at the University of. Washington ...
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Porting Oracle Applications to PostgreSQL - PGCon
Porting Oracle Applications to PostgreSQL: 1 / 80 ... Both Oracle and PostgreSQL are diverse, complex, and .... DECODE(expr, search, expr[, search, expr.
[ 41_oraport.pdf - Read/Download File

Listening In: Passive Capture and Analysis of Oracle Network Traffic
Passive Capture and Analysis of Oracle Network Traffic ... years of researching Oracle internals as well as analyzing ..... Does not decode TTI/TTC packets (yet) ...
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SQL Tutorial - Introduction to Structured Query Language - NEDARC
I understand that Oracle offers a special keyword, Decode, that allows for .... So, in Oracle, try this query (the + goes on Employee, which adds the null row on no.
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Oracle Spatial and ArcGIS - Esri
Decode Attribute Values from Oracle Look-up Tables. DECODE ( photograph_location_point.fld_wkr_d, d_fldwkr.domainvalu, d_fldwkr. domaindesc ...
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Execution plans and tools - Indico - Cern
Oracle server takes to execute specific SQL. – Execution plan ... See Oracle documentation for details .... ShortCEName" as name, decode ("DboardStatusId", 'T',.
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Dissecting the Redo Logs - NCC Group
Mar 21, 2007 ... when a COMMIT is issued the Oracle Log Writer background process ..... know how the timestamp in the redo log is created we can “decode” it.
[ oracle_forensics_part_1._dissecting_the_redo_logs.pdf - Read/Download File

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