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The Forrester Wave: NoSQL Key Value Databases, Q3 2014 - Oracle
Sep 30, 2014 ... NoSQL database technology has gained significant momentum thanks to its innovation, ... offer a good alternate option to enterprises that need to support ..... Services dominates the NoSQL key-value cloud database market with Amazon .... Cassandra is a wide-row store, open source distributed key-.
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and space characteristics of popular NoSQL databases and compare them to SQL counterparts. We present .... model (Zhong et al., 2014), (Abramova et al., 2013). ... characteristic, NoSQL, in fact, could be a good .... MongoDB is an open- source document-oriented ..... databases don't seem to have a wide support for large.
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Implementing a NoSQL Strategy White Paper -
Cloud Considerations for NoSQL Databases ... NoSQL database market is expected to grow at a rate three times faster than that of the SQL ..... good place to start is by examining the opportunity for NoSQL in your business by industry and .... Does the NoSQL solution have referenceable customers across a wide range of.
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NoSQL in the Enterprise - DataStax
Technical Characteristics of an Enterprise-‐Class NoSQL Solution . .... Thriving Open Source Community . ..... For example, a standard RDBMS does not handle “wide” rows (rows consisting of many columns) .... spin up/take down a NoSQL database cluster in a cloud setting such as Amazon EC2, expand and contract a.
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Performance Analysis: Benchmarking a NoSQL Database on Bare
Aerospike NoSQL Database on Internap Bare Metal, Amazon EC2 and Rackspace Cloud. Cloud Spectator – Comparative Performance Report. July 2014 ... nature of NoSQL databases seemingly makes them a good fit for public cloud .... position in the market and wide variety of instance types, there are several suitable ...
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a study of nosql databases and working overviews - IJRTER
NOSQL databases, characteristics and their working in Big Data Analytics. ... SQL solutions, each doing what they do best. ... in cloud computing and may be data warehouses. also paper focused in Security .... Figure3: Wide-Column Store NoSQL Database ... Open Journal of Databases (OJDB), Volume 1, Issue 2, 2014 . x.
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Partitioning an Open Source Database in the Cloud - DiVA
Submission date: June 2014 ... In this thesis we will look at how a NoSQL database, MongoDB, may be ... Not every day has been as good as the next, but thanks to a world class group of ...... for relieving hot spots on the world wide web.
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Reshaping Smart Businesses with Cloud Database Solutions
Keywords: Smart business, cloud database, cloud solutions, NoSQL databases, weaknesses, .... the ability to address a wide range of needs ... Database Systems Journal vol. V, no. 4/2014. 23 are examined as a part of larger issues of .... The spread of cloud computing is the best ... Internet and open standards to begin to.
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Big Data Storage - Springer
Hortonworks (2014), and MapR (2014) as well as various NoSQL2 database vendors, in ... Open Scalability Challenges in Graph-Based Data Stores: Processing data based on ..... Security Best Practices for Non-relational Data Stores ... approach is hardly reasonable when moving big data storage to the cloud.
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Rethinking integration: Emerging patterns from cloud computing
2014. Issue 1. 1. The enterprise data lake: Better integration and deeper analytics . 19 ... 3 Apache Hadoop is a collection of open standard technologies that enable ... For more information on Hadoop and related NoSQL technologies, see .... wide data model, the data lake relaxes .... data warehousing teams and database.
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comparing the use of amazon dynamodb and apache hbase for nosql
There is a wide adoption of NoSQL databases in the growing industry of big ... HBase is an open-source, column-oriented, distributed big data store that ... In the AWS cloud, you can choose to deploy Apache HBase on Amazon Elastic .... HBase is a good choice because of its high read and write throughput and efficient.
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Deploying Big Data Analytics Applications to the Cloud: Roadmap
2014 Cloud Standards Customer Council. ... Data application requirements, tool capabilities, and best practices for implementation. ..... NoSQL, and in-memory databases in private or public clouds–that you have ... These tools may support a wide ..... The functionality of commercial and open-source data platforms and ...
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Performance investigation of selected SQL and NoSQL databases
wide generated data until 2012, which is 2.5 Exabyte per day, ... Carlo Strozzi named an open-source database “NoSQL” to make clear, that his project ... Databases are one of the best ways to store data. ..... International Conference on Cloud and Service ...; accessed: 14.01.2014;. 2014.
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An Access Control Scheme for Big Data Processing
applications, public records, and databases; the data is either in .... once a firewall is breached, the system is wide open for attack ... predefined schema; NoSQL taxonomy supports key-value ..... processing BD in a Cloud environment, to handle the growing ... aspx,.
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distributed IT environments that leverage cloud-based computing, ... companies and Internet service providers (ISPs) open their own massive networks to cloud .... Not surprisingly, enterprises that expect a wide degree of volatility in the data they ... Beyond flexibility, NoSQL technology also offers enterprises greater agility in ...
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NoSQL Database Systems and their Security Challenges - 12th
The new generation of applications like cloud or Grid apps,. Business ... Work best with structured data ... NoSQL databases have been designed for solving the Big ... ISCISC 2015. NoSQL Data Models. Data. Model. Key-value. Colum- wide ..... 2014] P. Noiumkar, and T. Chomsiri, A Comparison the Level of Security on Top.
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Big Data Computing and Clouds: Trends and Future Directions
Aug 25, 2014 ... Big Data, Cloud Computing, Analytics, Data Management. 1. ... DC] 22 Aug 2014. Page 2. product evaluations, and data from social networks opens a wide ..... Hadoop, an open source MapReduce implementation, allows for the ... NoSQL databases as the preferred method for storing and retrieving infor-.
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Microsoft Is A Strong Performer In Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms
Dec 29, 2014 ... Q4 2014 Non-participating vendor .... Eventual consistency with high guarantees (NoSQL service). ... Database configuration automated by Microsoft Azure SQL ... The strategy for Azure now is very strong, with great potential value to ... a wide variety of public cloud platforms, and this Forrester Wave™ ...
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NoSQL OLTP Benchmarking: A Survey
databases, but fewer querying options and only reduced consistency ... out missing features, discuss open challenges and possible ways to ... The de facto standard for NoSQL OLTP benchmarking is the Yahoo Cloud ... general trade- offs in a wide class of storage systems. ..... Springer International Publishing, 2014. 703 ...
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Flash-Optimized, High-Performance NoSQL Database for All
NoSQL Database for All. Khosrow ... 2014 Aerospike, Inc. All rights reserved. BIG DATA: IS ... Image: “Great Migrations in IT – Cloud, Big Data and the Race for Web-Scale IT. ... North America is 70 to 90 milliseconds wide .... OPEN NVM. SSD.
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The rise of “big data” on cloud computing_ Review and open
cloud computing, big data storage systems, and Hadoop technology are also .... 0306-4379/& 2014 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. .... be categorized into regular relational databases, and (c) data ... wide variety of data, by enabling the high velocity capture, ..... a good example of big data processing in a cloud environ-.
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Cloud Computing and Big Data - Scientific Research Publishing
Jul 2, 2014 ... Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, 2014, 7, 686-693 ... put forward, but the above is one of the most accepted and best enumerated. .... Furthermore, the wide range of APIs which are in use by multiple clouds trans- ... the other hand, NoSQL databases scale out by distributing data across ...
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Fast Compaction Algorithms for NoSQL Databases
A compaction strategy identifies the best candi- date sstables to ... can model a wide class of compaction cost functions. Our ... NoSQL databases like Cassandra [1] and Riak [10] implement both ...... fast-persistent-key-value-store.html. visited on 2014-11-24. [8] LevelDB ... Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed: Federated .
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Universal Data Store Manager - IBM
May 11, 2016 ... databases, NoSQL databases, caches, etc. An increasing number of data stores are cloud based. A ... to a wide range of storage options. .... there are several good open source alternatives available, it is probably better to use an existing ..... Massive Storage Systems and Technology (MSST 2014).
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IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Big Data and Analytics - Cloudera
The following 10 predictions represent the expected trends with greatest ... By 2020, 90% of databases (relational and nonrelational) will be based on ... with Research and Analysis by IDC, 2014" available at digital- ... Options abundance: Cloud x open source x value-added intellectual property.
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