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Nonlinear Distortion Reduction In Active Arrays Taking Advantage Of Their Spatial - [Full Version]
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Nonlinear Distortion Reduction In Active Arrays Taking Advantage Of Their Spatial - Full Download
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Nonlinear Distortion Reduction In Active Arrays Taking Advantage Of Their Spatial - [Complete Version]
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Nonlinear distortion reduction in active arrays taking advantage of
Nov 14, 2005 ... Nonlinear Distortion Reduction in Active Arrays. Taking Advantage of Their Spatial. Power-Combining Properties. Lorena Cabria, Jose´ Angel ...
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The influence of electromagnetic environment on opeation of active
system-level nonlinear effects in such antennas, and their modeling ... simulation techniques that can be applied to active array antennas ... frequency response and sensitivity due to a reduction in the ... number of advantages when compared to conventional beam- ...... it can't take into account an AM-PM nonlinearity. Thus  ...
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A Survey of Millimeter Wave (mmWave) Communications -
Feb 25, 2015 ... spatial reuse, anti-blockage, and dynamics control. ... circuits and system design include the nonlinear distortion of ... has its advantages and shortcomings, and these approaches .... Taking human mobility into consideration, mmWave links are ..... M (the number of active antennas per transceiver) hybrid.
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Download (1MB) - Maynooth University ePrints and eTheses Archive
Comparison of Models for Multiple Nonlinear Power. Amplifiers ... networks new strategies need to be developed to model their ... require a reduction in the number of coefficients in each signal ... Keywords— Power amplifiers, , predistortion, active antenna arrays. ... beamforming can be used to take advantage of the spatial.
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Phased array system design - Digital Repository @ Iowa State
I would like to dedicate this work to my parents for their enduring support and my ... coupling correctional network was proposed to mitigate pattern distortion induced from the ... array was proposed that will reduce unwanted effects from the active impedance .... Dipole antenna's advantages are H-plane omni- directional field.
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download a detailed preliminary program including abstracts
active control of sound and contemporary approaches to ... is extended to create spatial audio for two listeners con- ... delay reduction, before being allowed to be utilized. There- by the positive acoustical ... put of arrays of loudspeakers, objects can be either held in .... The influence of loudspeaker nonlinear distortion on.
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combining a nonlinear spatial filter with an adaptive beamformer in this manner ... tive beamforming operate under the Minimum Variance Distortion- ... power of the array's output signal subject to the constraint that there ... the log spectrum has two advantages over the complex spectrum or .... constraint active or inactive.
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A robust and passive method for geometric calibration of large arrays
Mar 25, 2016 ... their measured coherence function to the one predicted by the diffuse field ... It takes advantage of local characteristics to reduce the set of distances and infer the geometry of the array. ... classically make use of spatial filtering techniques which ... are active methods requiring external sound sources and.
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IEEE Microwave Magazine
They reduce and eventually kill the advantages of the combined power. .... ments inside of a waveguide, (c) active array in oversized waveguide with tapered ...
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2 Christodoul - Weizmann Institute of Science
how one could either take advantage of or suppress this peculiar ... discrete evolution equation that governs optical nonlinear .... Figure 1 Waveguide arrays and their diffraction behaviour. .... paid to the behaviour of spatial solitons in quadratic nonlinear .... self-localized states in active fibre laser arrays is also a topic of cur-.
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Massive MIMO: Ten Myths and One Critical Question -
each base station (BS) is equipped with an array of M active antenna ... at its desired terminal and receive combining can be used in ... transmissions take place in the same frequency resource but ... be reduced by adding more antennas at the BS—in fact, .... spatial diversity, but the important thing in Massive MIMO is.
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System Aspects of Active Phased Arrays1 23 - InTech
Aug 18, 2010 ... Impairments of Active Phased Arrays for Satellite Communications“, A.I. ... aperture each; a size chosen to reduce the number of elements in the ... The BFM implements modular MMIC technology in its phase shifters and .... is attributable to the non-linear distortion effects as the SSPA's are driven towards.
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tardir/tiffs/a421233.tiff - Defense Technical Information Center
Dec 1, 2003 ... where their large PAG products will cause strong clutter returns. ... However, while such arrays offer many benefits, they still ... angular sector using a single narrow beam will take a long time, .... associated with intermodulation distortion products (i.e., nonlinear ..... a very high degree of spatial spreading.
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Project Report DAR-4 Ubiquitous MIMO Multifunction Digital Array
Dec 1, 2003 ... where their large PAG products will cause strong clutter returns. .... of the receive elements in the array, thereby reducing A/D dynamic ... associated with intermodulation distortion products (i.e., nonlinear ... concept- one that takes advantage of the unique capabilities oifully digital arrays - called MIMO DAR.
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RECOMMENDATION ITU-R SM.1132-2* - General principles and
spectrum is dependent on the dimensions of frequency, spatial location, time and ... Any sharing of the spectrum will have to take into account one or more of these ..... The economic impact of side lobe cancellers and active antenna arrays is ..... non-linear transmission environment, with a reduced signal peak factor (dB).
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Robustness of Time Reversal Acoustics in solid media - Los Alamos
Mar 20, 2008 ... employs an array of transducers (usually called the time reversal mirror, TRM ... An example is TREND (time reversal elastic nonlinear ... It has been shown that TRA takes advantage ... This limitation might imply a significant reduction of the ..... that it is generally valid independent of its spatial dependence.
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From Single User to Multiuser Communications: Shifting - Eurecom
non-linear channel-aware precoding, channel state feedback, and multiuser receivers. ... of several key advantages over single user MIMO communications. ... decades that making use of antenna arrays could enable the simultaneous communications with multiple users solely separated from their spatial signatures .
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System Identi cation and Active Control of a Turbulent - MIT
of the streamwise velocity and wall pressure fluctuation using an array of upstream ... The multiple-input single-output configuration resulted in a wider spatial ... This result suggests that the reduction in turbulent fluctuations obtained ..... The focus on boundary layer control has persisted for its potential benefits in transition.
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Analytical first-order extension of coupled-mode theory for
Abstract: Coupled mode theory for waveguide arrays is extended to next- ... “ Spatial photonics in nonlinear waveguide arrays,” Opt. Express 13(6), .... as short lengths of active waveguides as possible, i.e. tends to maximize the coupling ... propagation takes place along Z; confining structures and mode shapes lie in the XY.
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Ultrafast optical pulse shaping: A tutorial review - Purdue University
Apr 15, 2011 ... materials, nonlinear microscopy, optical communications, and radio- ... interested in pulse shaping using spatial light modulators (SLMs), where ... incident femtosecond pulse is first decomposed into its constituent ... modulator array was programmed for a spectral phase linear in ..... 4.2(b), reducing the.
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