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manner as an Fe doped Ni3Ga L12 phase12) but also to ex- hibit the thermoelastic martensitic transformation just as Co–. Ni–Ga B2 alloys.6) The present study ...
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austenite transformation in Fe-substituted NiMnGa ribbons
Apr 2, 2011 ... by the Mn magnetic moments through an indirect ex- change interaction via ... substitution of Co or Cu for Ni could effectively tune the magnetic coupling ... netization for various Ni–Fe–Mn–Ga ribbons in a 5 T magnetic field on ...
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APB has a 8-60% mass Fe-Ni-C core which formed at. fO2 ranging anywhere ... the APB mantle estimates for Ni, Co, Ga, Mo, W from. [5]. Calculating Dc/m ...
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Martensitic transformation and magnetic field-induced strain in Fe
external magnetic field in Ni–Mn–Ga alloys was first re- ported in 1996,1 many kinds ... Ni–Co–Al,6,7 Ni–Co–Ga,7,8 and Ni–Fe–Ga,9 have been re- ported. Recently, our .... 26 K, where I=−62 emu g−1 and S=16.4 J K−1 kg−1 ex- perimentally ...
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Application of amorphous alloys: potential and challenges to
May 8, 2013 ... Ln-Al-TM (TM: Fe,Co,Ni,Cu) ... Co-Ta-B. Fe-Ga-(P,B). Ni-Zr-Ti-Sn-Si. Ni-(Nb,Ta)- Zr-Ti. Fe-Si-B-Nb .... Amorphous matrix composites: ex-situ ...
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developments and applications of bulk metallic glasses - Institute of
a variety of alloy systems such as Zr, Pd, Pt, Mg, La, Fe, Co, Ni, and Cu bases. ... ability, good castability, good printability and unique characteristics, application ex- .... Co-Ta-B*. 1999. Fe-Ga-(P,B)*. 2000. Ni-Zr-Ti-Sn-Si. 2001. Ni-(Nb,Ta)-Zr-Ti *.
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nature of the Exy curves of Ni, Co, and Fe for hv > 1 eV confirmed Spicer's hypothesis of the indirect nature .... measured to enable us to use a comparison of the ex- perimental ..... 11 L.A. Afanas'eva, G. A. Bolotin, and M. M. Noskov,. FMM 22 ...
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Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Mar 27, 2012 ... aDepartment of Physics and JILA, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309- 0440; ... ical exchange coupling between Fe and Ni in magnetic materials .... element-specific T-MOKE asymmetry peaks that correspond to ex- ..... under Marie Curie International Outgoing Fellowship GA 253316, P.Grychtol.
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An efficient control of Curie temperature $ T_C $ in Ni-Mn-Ga alloys
An efficient control of Curie temperature TC in Ni-Mn-Ga alloys ... The increase of TC is observed when Ni is substituted by either Fe or Co. On ... moments located on Ni atoms3 and their coupling with magnetic moments of Mn atoms. For ex-.
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Electronic structure of transition-atom impurities in GaP
Mar 15, 1985 ... Cr, Mn;— Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, and Zn impurities in GaP and Fe in InP. First, using .... tion state (say, T + in a nomenclature scheme to be ex- plained in ..... Fe. Co. Ni. Cu. Zn. Ga. Free-atom configuration d s d5 1 d's' d6 2. d7S2 d's'.
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Imaginative Actuality - ArtsEdge
ex p l ores how young people and profe s s i onal artists in econ om i c a lly disadva n t a ged com mu n i ties make. l e a rning work in com mu n i ty - b a s ed or ga n i z a ti on s devo ted to produ ... l ocal po l i c ym a kers and co ll ecting public doc u m en t s , ..... These seem i n gly simple fe a tu res of everyd ay life in these ...
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Magnetic nanocomposites for organic compatible miniaturized
nanocomposite systems – silica coated cobalt-BCB and Ni ... ex. For Fe or Co, l ex is 30 nm. The exchange interaction in nanocomposites also leads to a.
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lowing metals are included: Ag, Au, Be, Co, Cr, Cu, Fe, Li, Mn, Mo, Nb, Ni, Pb, Pd, Pt,. Rh, REE, Sc, Sn ... 2.8 Ga deposition of BIFs; 2) 2.45–1.92 Ga rifting, which.
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Trace element transport in western Siberian rivers - Biogeosciences
Mar 30, 2016 ... was observed for Ti, Ga, Zr and Th only in winter, whereas. Fe, Al ... for Fe, Ni, Ba, Rb and V, probably due to peat/moss release. (Ni, Ba ... creased export of Mn and Co in summer and Ni, Cu, and ...... In summer, the lakes ex-.
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Acetylene Adsorption on CPO27M MetalOrganic Frameworks (M=Fe
Jan 11, 2012 ... compared with those obtained for CPO-27-Co and CPO-27-Fe. The Co ... red shift can be indicative of the energy of interaction, for ex- ample, red shifts ... The main IR band of C2H2 adsorbed on CPO-27-Ni (Figure 1a) in the CАH ..... Trans. 1998, 94, 2047–2059; d) G. J. Millar, A. R. Lewis, G. A. Bowmaker,.
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PDF (605.6KB) - Wiley Online Library
extremely reduced environment, Fe and other transition metals (Co, Ni, Cu, Zn) released ...... Challis, G. A. (1975), Native nickel from the Jerry River, South Westland, .... Sinton, J. M. (1976), Compositional relationships of Fe-Ni alloy and coex-.
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Effect of Co and Fe on the inverse magnetocaloric properties of Ni
magnetic shape memory effect (MSM) in Ni-Mn-Ga,2 there has been growing interest ... (Ni,Fe)50Mn37Sn13, in which Ni was replaced by Fe and Co, each in amounts of 1 and 3 .... temperature, the thermal energy begins to overcome the ex-.
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Electronic structure, spin transport and magnetic - C-SPIN
Fe(Ge. 0.5. Ga. 0.5. ) CMGG = Co. 2. Mn(Ge. 0.75. Ga. 0.25. ) CFAS = Co. 2 ... ex i . eB. V. • Two terms in the effective potential variation: • Contributions to the ..... Fe /Co-Pt. L10. B C N. Al Si P. V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn Ga Ge As. Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh ...
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Health Bridges for Peace: Integrating Health Care with Conflict
cern ed abo ut the vi o l ent co u rse they saw their co u n tries taking. Thus began ... D rawing from its broad ex peri en ce in the form er Yu go s l avia and in re s ponse to re- ... to en ga ge in “s a fe” d i a l ogue with “the en emy.” ... ga t h ering provi ded an opportu n i ty to revi ew the status of health care del ivery and soc i a l.
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Portuguese (pdf) - SciELO
RE SU MO: A ma triz ex tra ce lu lar no car ci no ma epi der mói de da ca vi da de oral so fre mo di fi ca ções qua li ta ti vas e quan ... di fe ren tes es co res his to ló gi cos de ma lig ni da de. ... Du ran te a in va são tu mo ral, a or ga ni za ção e a.
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Electrodeposition of Fe-Ga Alloys - ECS Electrochemistry Letters
Dec 15, 2012 ... Electrodeposition of Fe-Ga Alloys: From Thin Films to Nanowires. Diana Iselt,a,b .... no Ga. A co-deposition of Fe and Ga was only achieved for a metal ion ratio Ga3+:Fe2+ ≥ 2:1. ... As we have shown ex- emplarily for Ni ... to the wire axis. the stress between the template and Ni nanowires is sufficient to in-.
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I In nd de ex xe ed a as s: B BC CS SS SA AB 3 ( (5 5) 2 20 00 05 5 I
Ga as S Sa af fe et ty R Re eg gu ul la at ti io on n, B BC R Re eg g. .1 10 03 3/ /2 20 00 04 4, h he er re ei in ... c ce er rt ti if fi ic ca at te es o of i in ns sp pe ec ct ti io on ( (C CO .... t te ec ch hi in ni ic ca al p pr ro od du uc ct ts s, e eq qu ui ip pm.
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BÖH LER N114 EX TRA - Böhler Wärmebehandlung GmbH
Po lis hed bar, pre fe ra bly ground. Fi nal an nea led, if re qui red for low co er ci ve strength. ... set ting or ex ten si ve ma chi ning ope ra tions. Che mi sche Zu sam ... Me cha ni sche Ei gen schaf ten. Me cha ni cal ... Elon ga ti on A5. % min.
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Anomalous Hall effect in quarternary Heusler-type Ni 50 Mn 17 Fe 8
Dec 30, 2013 ... the ternary alloy systems (Ni–Fe–Ga, Ni–Mn–Al, Co–Ni–. Ga, Ni–Co–Al, ... the quarternary Ni–Mn–Fe–Ga system even though AHE plays an ...
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Surface Science 123 - Department of Chemistry
Sep 10, 1982 ... The role of potassium promoters in model Ni(100) catalysts for CO ... reaction (3 Ii , -t- CO - CH, + H,O) over transition metals (Ni, Fe, Rh and ..... effects are also observed on other metals [33-351, and they have been ex- .... [IS] D.G. Castner, R.L. Blackadar and G.A. Somorjai, J. Catalysis 66 (1980) 257.
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