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Monoclonal Antibodies To Polymorphic Epitopes On Ia Antigens Three Independent - [Full Version]
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Monoclonal Antibodies To Polymorphic Epitopes On Ia Antigens Three Independent - Full Download
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Monoclonal Antibodies To Polymorphic Epitopes On Ia Antigens Three Independent - [Complete Version]
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Monoclonal antibodies to polymorphic epitopes on Ia antigens: three
antigens: three independent groups of determinants ... Murine monoclonal antibodies directed against polymorphic epitopes on HLA-linked antigens were ...
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The HLA-D region encodes a series of polymorphic differentiation antigens ... assay; LCL, lymphoblastoid cell line; MAb, monoclonal antibody; SDS-PAGE, sodium dodecyl ... These lysates were then precipitated with MAb RI (lane 3), Genox .... The Ia-like antigen epitopes defined by MAb S1, R1, and Genox 3.53 show a.
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Major Histocompatibility Complex Conformational Epitopes Are
The H-2K b epitope recognized by monoclonal antibody (mAb) 28.8.6 was stabilized by ... expression requires three components, a 45-kD polymorphic. H chain ...
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Monoclonal antibodies to HLA-DR antigens - ScienceDirect
Monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) have been invaluable in the study of human MHC ... are unlike DR (and SB) and are the homologues of the murine I-A antigens (S. Goyert, Michigan). ... All three fl chains are polymorphic. .... Thus, it can be misleading to extrapolate from a knowledge of epitope specificity to the molecule.
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Identification of a Continuous and Cross-Reacting Epitope for - JStor
in the mosquitoes is shared among three antigens (230, 48/45 doublet, and 27 ... malaria transmission-blocking monoclonal antibodies, and the ... tained goal are antigenic variation and polymorphism of both ..... Edinburgh, Scotland) and I. A. Quakyi (National Institutes ... mAbs was independent of complement (Table 1).
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Allele-Specific Control of Ia Molecule Surface Expression and - JStor
Ia structure related to T-cell corecognition of antigen and class II molecules ... effects of allelic polymorphism of Ap and Aa chains on quantitative ... three wild- type genes and from the recombinants thus far created were ... In addition, an independent- ly derived ... monoclonal antibodies 10-2.16 (15), M5/114 (16), 3JP (called.
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Structural aspects of HLA class I epitopes - HLAMatchmaker
The findings have been viewed in context of antigen–antibody complex formation that results in .... epitope-specific monoclonal antibodies in all three assays. 2.
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Expression of recombinant ITGA2 and CD109 for the detection of
Feb 14, 2013 ... Antibodies against human platelet antigens (HPAs) are involved in fetal ... polymorphic site in a suitable format. ... human ITGA2 and CD109, which carry the epitopes responsible ... The gel is a representative of three independent experiments. ... binding to an anti-CD109 monoclonal antibody that could be.
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Antibody recognition of a unique tumor-specific glycopeptide antigen
Jun 1, 2010 ... independent antigens and can be poor immunogens (2, 3). As a ... monoclonal antibody in complex with a glycopeptide. The only available ... In contrast, glycopeptidic epitopes created by tumor-specific mutations ..... Blumenfeld OO, Adamany AM (1978) Structural polymorphism within the amino- terminal ...
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128. No. 3. March 1982. Prrnted m U S A. A SINGLE MONOCLONAL ANTI-la ANTIBODY INHIBITS ... A xenogeneic rat anti-mouse la monoclonal antibody,. M5/114 (yPb,~), ... ognizes a polymorphic determinant on mouse ... antigens map to either the I-A subregion (GAT), or the I-A ... istence of a shared epitope on I-A and.
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Identification on IA k molecules of a functional site - Springer
Jul 6, 1982 ... The inhibitory capacity of 17 monoclonal antibodies (m. ... colonies recognize antigen in association with specific epitopes on Ia molecules.
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Design and Immunogenicity of a Novel Synthetic Antigen based on
Nov 23, 2011 ... We hypothesized that the polymorphic residues, which are not ... antibodies to shared epitopes of Sal1 DBPII from which it was ... 3. Plasmodium vivax, merozoite invasion of human reticulocytes is dependent on interaction of the Duffy. 42 binding protein (DBP) with its cognate receptor, the Duffy antigen ...
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Alanine Mutagenesis of the Primary Antigenic Escape Residue
Jul 31, 2009 ... Antibodies against apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA1) inhibit invasion of ... the immune response toward cross-strain-reactive epitopes that were ... Given that the polymorphic residues within the C1 cluster ..... face properties of the ALA protein, binding to three monoclonal ... independent experiments.
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Impaired Intracellular Transport and Cell Surface Expression of
include three highly polymorphic dass I transplantation an- ...... Monoclonal antibodies to polymorphic epitopes on Ia antigens: three independent groups.
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HLA (A*0201) Mimicry by Anti-Idiotypic Monoclonal Antibodies
Each anti-Id induced “Ab-3” Abs in rabbits that cross-reacted with HLA-A2 but not with ... induce the formation of either a) Abs to polymorphic epitopes of ... independent (25, 26) and minimally deviated from germline (27). ... regions the “ internal image” of a particular antigenic epitope. In ...... I-A controlled T cell molecules:.
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Dual antigenic recognition by cloned human gamma delta T cells.
Sep 17, 1991 ... wasidentifiedasDRw53,anonpolymorphic classII MHC mol- ecule previously shown to be .... sence of 2 ug/ml ofthe following purified monoclonal antibodies: anti-. Leu4, anti-Leu16 .... our three 6y T cell clones respond to a single epitope on peptide. MoAb ..... cells appears to be HLA class Il-independent.
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Monoclonal antibodies and identification of glomerular antigens
expressed by glomerular cells but irregularly distributed [2, 3]. ... niques, and the advent of monoclonal antibodies (Mab) have .... Availability of Mab specific for different epitopes of gp 330 .... framework (that is, non-polymorphic) determinants , Schreiner ... kidney, by contrast, Ia is exclusively expressed on endothelium.
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MUC1 Synthetic Peptide Inhibition of - Cancer Research
antigenic knob for anti-MUCl Ab recognition (6-8). We reported recently that ... diluted primary monoclonal Ab. and incubated for 40 min on ice. Primary antibodies were: B27.29 (IgGl). directed against the human MUC1 epitope. PDTRPAP. used at a .... are representative of three independent experiments of each type. 5578 ...
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Trypanosoma cruzi: amastigote polymorphism defined by
T. cruzi amastigote antigen polymorphism. Brazilian Journal of ... We have raised monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) directed towards amastigote ... tate and compare the expression of surface epitopes on fixed parasites among different .... determination, in at least three independent ... 1D9, 2C2 and 4B5 in IA and EA isolated.
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Characterization of anti-channel catfish MHC class IIb monoclonal
This study characterizes four monoclonal antibodies (mAb) developed against the major ... expression of teleost MHC class II antigens. ..... shown is representative of three independent immunoprecipitations. ... polymorphic (Zhou, 2001; Godwin et al., 1997; Quiniou ... on the same cells, but also recognized different epitopes.
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