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Hibernate OGM Reference Guide - Documentation
How to get help and contribute on Hibernate OGM . ...... a MongoDB based datastore provider to persist data in a MongoDB database. To implement JP-QL queries, Hibernate ... persist data as basic types. • keep the ..... SessionFactory sf = cfg.
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Solving Big Data Challenges for Enterprise Application Performance
Aug 27, 2012 ... In the case of Java programs, this is enabled by the. Virtual Machine Tool ... e.g., basic monitoring mode, transaction trace mode, and incident.
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NoSQL Databases -
Jun 10, 2009 ... 3 Basic Concepts, Techniques and Patterns. 30. 3.1 Consistency . .... 5.3 MongoDB – Sharding Metadata Example . .... The Computerworld magazine reports in an article about the NoSQL meet-up in San Francisco that. “NoSQLers came to share .... NET world like the Java Persistence API (JPA, part of the.
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Schemaless NoSQL Data Stores – Object-NoSQL - BTW 2015
cluding the Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) has become state-of-the- art. .... Naturally, Object-NoSQL Mappers provide basic CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) ... Notably, the popular MongoDB system is supported by all evaluated ONMs. ..... OSDI, San Francisco, California, USA, December, 2004, pages 137–.
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Data in a PaaS World: A Guide for New Applications - David Chappell
run a DBMS such as SQL Server, MySQL, or MongoDB. In essence, the IaaS ... How PaaS Data Services Enable Polyglot Persistence. How many ..... NET, Java, and more), User Authentication, and Data Management. Mobile Apps .... To make doing this even more attractive, App Service provides Easy Tables. This option ...
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Comparisons Between MongoDB and MS-SQL Databases - Science
Apr 28, 2015 ... In this paper, we compare both NoSQL MongoDB and MS-SQL ... San Francisco organized by Johan Oskarsson, a software .... document to the basic unit of database, and it is a collection ... JAVA DRIVER and MongoDB API to insert data into ..... Brief Guide to the Emerging World of Polyglot Persistence",.
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Apache Sling - The Linux Foundation
7. Apache Jackrabbit - A Java Content Repository ... Books. DVDs. Fiction. Douglas Adams. English. SF. 2010. Apache Jackrabbit. 2001. A Hitch.. Sample: Product Catalog. 13 .... File system, bundle, Cassandra, MongoDB, database.. ▫ Attributes of ... Basic Request Processing Steps. ▫ Resolve the .... Persistence storage.
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Back to the Future with Oracle Database 12c (PDF)
Exemplary history: Cassandra, mongoDB & the Oracle RDBMS . .... “Storing and Querying JSON Data in Oracle Database 12c [CON9348]”, San Francisco, September 2013 ..... desirable that the DBMS of choice provides an easy way of managing the .... the ability to persist application objects in a document-centric approach ...
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Can the elephants handle the NoSQL onslaught? - Pages
store NoSQL systems (e.g. MongoDB) threatens to move modern. Web 2.0 applications away .... basic “mongod” process, which is responsible for processing the ..... Total time for the map phase for Query 1. SF = 250 GB. SF = 1 TB. SF = 4 TB. SF = 16 TB ... always fails after about 400 seconds due to Java heap errors (this.
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Fulltext - DiVA
Mar 9, 2016 ... are few published studies regarding the performance of persistence mechanisms for sys- tems that ..... hara [26] implemented a virtual file system, having MongoDB as the NoSQL backend, for pro- ..... The 8 queries were submitted to all databases, using their corresponding Java API. ...... San Francisco, CA.
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Comparative Survey of NoSQL/ NewSQL DB Systems
NoSQL Databases: MongoDB vs Cassandra. .... databases in exchange with keeping a weaker BASE (Basic Availability, Soft state, .... reversed, but will be persistent ... In the article about NoSQL meetup in San Francisco in 2009 [42] .... extensible record) database written in Java, and used under Apache licensing. It is.
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Can the Elephants Handle the NoSQL Onslaught?
store NoSQL systems (e.g. MongoDB) threatens to move modern. Web 2.0 .... basic “mongod” process, which is responsible for processing the ...... job time is 34 seconds when SF = 250 GB, 47 seconds when SF = ... always fails after about 400 seconds due to Java heap errors (this ... (The hash table does not persist across.
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Hibernate OGM - muchsoft
9. Sept. 2014 ... NoSQL mit JPA und Hibernate OGM. Über... • Thomas .... MongoDB unterstützt keine TAs (so wie viele NoSQL-DBs) ..... SessionFactory sf = cfg.
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NoXML - Raible Designs :: Static Resources
How long have you been programming in Java? Did you read .... IDE Support: Running, Debugging and Profiling. Security. JPA vs. MongoDB vs. Cassandra.
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Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management - Synnex
Oct 16, 2014 ... scale was from 1 (not at all easy) to 7 (extremely easy). ..... Headquartered in San Francisco, California, U.S., Clustrix offers a low-administration, ... persistence" ( optional nonblocking writes to a caching layer), cross-data-center replication, a .... NoSQL support includes a MongoDB-compatible JSON API for.
[ snx_download.php?fid=AWkgHMYweScz0yMSZpZD00MSZhPTc1NSZ0PTE0MzEwMDYwNTU=&fname=SQLServerMagicQuadrant.pdf - Read/Download File

Red Hat Satellite 6.0 Installation Guide - Red Hat Customer Portal
Jul 11, 2014 ... Java ® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. .... This topology demonstrates the basic use of Red Hat Satellite 6. ... Server caters to the three US-based offices: Phoenix, San Francisco, and Boston. ..... elasticsearch to the foreman, katello and root users and make these rules persistent.
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Constructing Gazetteers from Volunteered Big Geo - Geography
Dec 30, 2010 ... and an easy-to-use, configurable user interface to submit processing ... Secondary name node: responsible for checking the name node's persistent status ... types of Esri toolkits on Hadoop to handle spatial data: Geometry API for Java and ..... California), the main cities (San Francisco, Los Angeles) and ...
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Dean Wampler, Ph.D. [email protected]
Hibernate, and other lightweight enterprise Java technologies at an online advertising services provider in San Francisco, CA. •. Contributed to a Ruby on Rails ...
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mongoDB has been selected. Intermediate cache ... WECOBA06. Proceedings of ICALEPCS2013, San Francisco, CA, USA .... Finally, for the persistent storage of historical data, we explored .... [6] Java Management Extensions (JMX) website.
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Abstracts - DOE Joint Genome Institute - Department of Energy
Mar 20, 2014 ... University of California at San Francisco, San Francisco, California ..... Interface, which provides a transparent, reproducible, and persistent view of the ..... collection in a flexible key value store using MongoDB that allows .... The KBase team aims to make this process simple and to provide an easy route for.
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Extracting Data from NoSQL Databases
Jan 25, 2012 ... Java Archive. KVS. Key-Value Store ... 4.2.1 MongoDB . ..... Durability: The effect of a transaction must persist and thus never be lost. 6 ... In Spotfire, the basic unit the user works with is the analysis file. An ...... San Francisco,.
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TARDiS: A Branch-and-Merge Approach To Weak Consistency
MongoDB [37], or Cassandra [6]. TARDiS renounces the ... SIGMOD'16, June 26- July 01, 2016, San Francisco, CA,USA c⃝ 2016 ACM. .... to that of BerkeleyDB, a commercially available Java database. TARDiS .... It would be easy to cor- respondingly scale ...... tions. In TARDiS-BDB, record persistence to disk is via Berke- ...
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GHTorrent: Github's Data from a Firehose - Georgios Gousios
line mirror of GitHub's event streams and persistent data, and offer it to the research ... incremental MongoDB data dumps distributed through the peer-to- peer ...
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Eventual Consistent Databases: State of the Art - RonPub
cluster of MongoDB nodes, and consists of a primary .... basic services such as EBS (Amazon Elastic Block .... Volatile and persistent databases .... Riak has official drivers for Ruby, Java, ..... [7] S. F. Andler, J. Hansson, J. Mellin, J. Eriksson,.
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magazine - Microsoft
Jun 27, 2015 ... around Windows 10 during the three days in San Francisco is both elegant and .... skillset and character beyond coding, problem solving, and basic .... know the persistence format and the presentation format, all you .... (MongoDB has a small twist because it squishes .... NET, Node.js, JavaScript, Java and.
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