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Modeling Soa Formation New Insights And More Questions - [Full Version]
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Modeling Soa Formation New Insights And More Questions - Full Download
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Modeling Soa Formation New Insights And More Questions - [Complete Version]
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New Strategies for Addressing Anthropogenic-Biogenic Interactions
Organic Aerosols in Climate Models” was held at PNNL on June 8 and 9, ... Mechanistic insights from laboratory studies of SOA formation pathways ... and Climate [BAECC]) and laboratory studies should be exploited more ... groups could come together to address the key questions related to the radiative effects of SOA as.
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A review of Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) formation from isoprene
Jul 27, 2009 ... New yield param- eterizations, based on all ... ganic aerosol in atmospheric models, development of effec- ... Oxidation pathways of isoprene leading to SOA formation. including: 1) ..... insight into many of the general features of the SOA forma- ..... modeled secondary organic aerosol, there is some question.
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implications for predictions of SOA using chemical transport models
Dec 13, 2013 ... able” set of SOA modeling parameters is selected by com- paring predicted SOA ... and new 2p-VBS parameters; 2p-VBS parameters are devel- oped to exploit .... sent SOA formation in the real atmosphere (e.g., Kroll and. Seinfeld, 2008), and more detailed modeling approaches are being developed (e.g. ...
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Synthesis of Policy Relevant Findings from the CalNex 2010 Field
Mar 27, 2014 ... Question G (Emission insights from VOC measurements) . .... As is common in scientific research, progress in addressing a given set of questions raises new .... Finding L2: Biogenic VOCs play significant roles in SOA formation in the ... Finding Q1: Climate models need more detailed treatment of direct ...
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SOAS White Paper - Earth Observing Laboratory
Measuring and modeling at the interface of air quality and climate change to .... more comprehensive understanding of the BVOC oxidation. ... To what extent do anthropogenic influences impact biogenic SOA formation? ..... Paulot, F., et al., Isoprene photooxidation: new insights into the production of acids and organic.
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SOAS Abstracts - Earth Observing Laboratory
analysis, laboratory, modeling, and instrument characterization studies are also proposed. Intrinsic merit. This effort will result in a more certain understanding of isoprene oxidation chemistry .... also support a range of specific questions posed by SOAS, including ... crucial to study SOA and new particle formation processes.
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The formation, properties and impact of secondary organic - Hide
Jul 29, 2009 ... understanding of SOA formation does not exist and there- ... laboratory, field and modeling studies of SOA are discussed .... 2A question arises on how to estimate the range of a summed ... Here, some new evidence based on recently measured .... several-fold more ASOA (Volkamer et al., 2006; de Gouw.
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Modeling Activities in the Department of Energy's Atmospheric
The modeling activities listed in Table 1 contain one or more of the following types of research: ... Insight Studies: After the representations of aerosol process modules have been ... questions relevant to representing aerosols in climate models: .... New Mechanism of SOA Formation/Loss: Potential new mechanisms of SOA ...
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Reformulating the atmospheric lifecycle of SOA based on new field
Jul 15, 2011 ... In these models, SOA particles are assumed liquid-like ... ments of atmospheric aerosol composition find that more than 50 % of the dry ... An extensive recent review on SOA formation, properties, and impact by Hallquist ..... In addition to irreversible partitioning of SOA, the new insights about the quasi-.
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Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Feb 8, 2011 ... SOA formation and evaporation are treated by models. ... laboratory-generated SOA is more volatile than ambient SOA. ... performed research; A.Z. contributed new reagents/analytic tools; T.D.V., D.I., J.B., M.S., .... Further insight may be obtained from the evolution of the par- ... To address the question of.
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Spring/Summer 2015 - Princeton University
Aug 3, 2015 ... making it more exciting for students with a ... and ocean climate models, and developing ..... simulate the formation of SOA and other ... questions that are important for gaining a .... critical new insights into the sensitivity of.
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Full Text (PDF)
Apr 13, 2010 ... Despite its importance, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the formation and ... modeled aqueous-phase SOA formation is less sensitive than that ... aqueous phase ∣ atmospheric modeling ∣ urban aerosol ... insight into the phase preference (aqueous or organic) for SOA formation of ...
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Full Text (PDF)
Apr 13, 2010 ... tion rates. To gain insight into SOA/POA interactions we present a ... SOA formation models at present represent a major research activity aimed at .... can either condense on the NaCl particles or form new particles ... The question we address here ... er fragmentation and yielding more low-mass ions.
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Full Text (PDF)
Nov 6, 2012 ... more efficient at forming aerosol than gasoline exhaust. ... Including these insights on source characterization ... importance of each for SOA formation remains in question, in ... and A.H.G. contributed new reagents/analytic tools; D.R.G., G.I., .... We examined the compounds included in SOA models and.
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Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Aug 21, 2012 ... SOA sources and those predicted in models, and can be described ... Without question, oxidation of .... SOA formation from complete ozonolysis of α-pinene based on the CÃ pro ... At 253 K, more than half of the carbon was in the con- ..... (2009) Evolution of organic aerosols in the atmosphere: A new frame ...
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Temperature dependent secondary organic aerosol formation from
Jan 15, 2008 ... Secondary organic aerosol SOA Model Aerosol yield Gas/particle partitioning .... The new sets of temperature dependent yield functions are intended for use in ...... The temperature might influence the SOA formation in more than one way. .... There is still an open question as to whether the aerosol yields ...
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CARES - ARM Climate Research Facility
2.0 CARES Science Questions . ..... model (or parameterize) SOA formation in regional and global climate ... In the CARES 2010 campaign, we have selected a venue (described in more detail in Section 3.1) where ..... provide new insights into the chemical and physical processes governing secondary inorganic/organic .
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Chapter 5 Conclusions and future directions
and current problems, has provided potentially important insights, it has also created many new questions deserving of further study. In Chapter 2 we show the importance of ROOR dimers to SOA formation in ... for use in atmospheric models . ... reactions of small peroxy radicals, but the study of more complex radicals is ...
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PDF (896 KB) - Annual Reviews
Mar 4, 2008 ... more highly oxidized, less volatile species, which can then form new particles or .... Some of the questions regarding aerosol chemistry addressed in ... measurements, and modeling analysis can provide unique insights ... studies focusing on the importance of oxidized organic species and SOA formation.
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Humanт•'activityт•'enhanced formation of organic aerosols by
Apr 16, 2000 ... Chamber experiments provided insight into the process of new particle formation by ... The model has been initialized by SOA, OA, and or- and. [3-pinene mixing ..... SOA from the ozonolysis of BVOC contributes more than the combined .... questions on what the amount and the composition of oreindustrial ...
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