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Measurements on disulphide bonds in cereal glutelins
Redman & Ewart: Disulphide Bonds Measurements in Cereal Glutelins. References. 19. 1. Elton, G. A. H., Baker's Dig., 1965, 39, No. 4, 38. 2. Honold, G. R. ...
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Direct Colorimetric Assay of Free Thiol Groups and Disulfide Bonds
Cereal Chem. 70(1):22-26. A direct colorimetric method that simultaneously combines measure- ... ment of solubilized and insoluble thiol groups and disulfide bonds in ducible, and ... phobic and insoluble nature of cereal proteins, quantification of thiol and ..... and Ewart (1970) was conducted directly on glutelin suspended.
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Extraction and Structure Studies on Corn Glutelin Proteins' ... Purdue University ( 4,5) cleaved the disulfide bonds in corn endosperm proteins ... Copyright © 1970 American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc., 1821 University Avenue, St. ... removed 86% of the glutelin present as measured by the amount of nitrogen.
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Disulfide Bonds: Determination, Location, and Influence on
in cereal grains typify some of the characteristic ways in which ... of polypeptide chains linked by intermolecular disulfide bonds. (Nielsen et al. ... The matrix glutelin protein in corn .... measure of molecular asymmetry, was increased from 2.33.
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Disulfide Bonds : Determination, Location, and Influence on
in cereal grains typify some of the characteristic ways in which ... of polypeptide chains linked by intermolecular disulfide bonds. (Nielsen et al. ... The matrix glutelin protein in corn .... measure of molecular asymmetry, was increased from 2.33.
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Characteristics of Proteins from Normal, High Lysine, and High
and glutelins (Jambunathan and Mertz, 1973). These four classes of proteins are distinguishable in all cereal grains ... section, without removal of the pericarp, to measure their ... the disulfide bonds in the protein have been reduced with.
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Grain Sorghum Glutelin : Isolation and Characterization
Cluskey, J. E., Cereal Cliem. 41,551 (1964). ... Changes in glutelin solubility, gel electrophoretic, protein content in ... cleavage of protein disulfide bonds are described. this major ..... the dark until rootlet length was about 1 cm. This required.
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How Proteins Look in Cerealsl - US Department of Agriculture
cereal. the remaining endosperm protein can be regarded as glutelins. Such a ... cleave and stabilize disulfide bonds through reduction and alkylation and to disrupt .... Columns. HPLC columns suitable for proteins have larger pore sizes than.
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Fractionation of Alcohol-Soluble Reduced Corn Glutelins on
Alcohol-soluble reduced glutelin (ASG) from corn endosperm was fractionated by ion ... Cereal Chem. 58(6):534— ... dimensions was packed by gravity flow. After running ..... the cloudiness, suggesting that intermolecular disulfide bonds were.
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Effect of Cooking on the Protein Profiles and in Vitro Digestibility of
measured by the Landry-Moureaux procedure and SDS-PAGE, became much less soluble and less pepsin digestible than ... that sorghum protein was less digestible than other cereals. Furthermore ... ethanol (2-ME) to reduce disulfide bonds (fraction 3). The ... sorghum glutelins (fractions 4 and 5); lane 3, cooked sorghum.
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The prolamin storage proteins of cereal seeds: structure and evolution.
Although prolamins and glutelins were initially thought to be distinct groups of proteins .... disulphide bonds, resulting in the insolubility of the native protein in aq.
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cereals for developing gluten-free products - digital-csic Digital CSIC
peptides from cereal storage proteins (gluten) with a minimal length of nine amino ... high concentration of glutelins and low prolamins prolamins (Hamaker, 1994). ..... protein polymers, linked by isopeptidic and disulphide bonds, with reduced.
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Brachypodium distachyon grain - Journal of Experimental Botany
cereals. The protein composition of Brachypodium grain was investigated by separating the proteins on the basis of their solubility ... The presence of protein bodies containing glutelins makes B. distachyon closer to .... i.d., 15 cm length, LC Packings) at a flow rate of 200 nl minÀ1. The ..... by a disulphide bond. All 11S  ...
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Structure and Expression of the Rice Glutelin Multigene Family*
Unlike most cereals, which utilize the alcohol-soluble pro- lamines as a ... estimated to be near full length. ..... linked by a disulfide bond (Wen and Luthe, 1985).
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High-performance capillary electrophoresis of cereal proteins
Published by Elsevier Science B.V.. Keywords: Reviews; Food analysis; Proteins; Prolamines; Glutelins; Gliadins ... Possibility of applying high-performance capillary electrophoresis to cereal proteins . ..... covalent (disulfide) bonds. As a result, native wheat ... separation temperature (20 to 508C), capillary length. 2.1. Wheat.
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Comparison of Protein Extraction Solutions for Rice Starch Isolation
heterogeneous large molecules of glutelins exist inside the rice endosperm in ... pound starch granules with strong disulfide bonds and/or ... Cereal Chem. 75.
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process optimization and properties of protein - McGill University
Cereal Grains .............................. . . ...... (Phaseolus Sp.) with particle sizes in the range 0.50-1.00 mm. ... interpolypeptide disulphide bonds make cereal glutelin.
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Improving the Protein Content and Quality of Temperate Cereals
aqueous alcohols due to their assembly into high Mr polymers stabilized by inter- chain disulphide bonds. Once these proteins are removed, the residual glutelin ...
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Jun 30, 2015 ... the glutelin proteins via intramolecular disulfide bonds could be interrupted ... up to ~12% of the seed dry weight in cereal plants and these proteins are ..... Similar quantities of total starch were also measured in wild type and.
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Digestibility of protein and starch from sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) is
cereals, the low amount of protein relative to starch, i.e., approxi- mately 10% ... of the non-kafirin proteins (i.e., albumins, globulins and glutelins) that are involved in ... adding ME during cooking to cleave disulfide bonds within the protein matrix .... Digestibility of starch in uncooked sorghum meal was measured using a ...
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