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Two-dimensional electron gas in Zn-polar ZnMgO/ZnO
Sep 15, 2010 ... Two-dimensional electron gas related emissions in ZnMgO/ZnO heterostructures ... Low-temperature field-effect and magnetotransport properties in a ZnO based heterostructure with atomic- ... oscillations and the quantum Hall effect (QHE) in high ... Zn1−xMgxO/ZnO heterostructures were grown on sap-.
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1.2 Heterostructures with a Two-Dimensional Electron Gas ........................... 2 ... 1.4 Magnetotransport measurement on Hall bar samples ................................. 8.
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Nonequilibrium phenomena in high Landau levels
these phenomena is magnetoresistance oscillations generated by the external ... nonequilibrium transport, two-dimensional electron gas, magnetooscillations .... setup, a triangular-shaped QW is created by the con- ... obtained as an integral over the scattering angle φ: 1 ..... Grown, as is usual in high-mobility structures,.
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Quantum properties of two-dimensional electron gas in the inversion
properties of the two-dimensional electron gas in the inversion layer. At atmospheric pressure three series of quantum oscillations are revealed, ... lations of the magnetoresistivity ~xx the characteristic parameters of the ... 2. Crystal Growth. The crystals studied were grown by the seedless travelling .... over many cells.
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G-factor, Effective Mass and Spin Susceptibility of a 2-Dimensional
In this work, main properties of a two-dimensional electron gas formed in GaAs/ AlGaAs ... used to directly extract the spin-susceptibility from magnetoconductance measurements ... 2.4 Temperature Dependence of SdH Oscillations . .... triangular quantum well crossing the Fermi energy, thus forming a very thin conduct-.
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Optical properties of a two-dimensional electron gas in - Tel
This work presents the optical studies of the two–dimensional electron gas in magnetic ... easily recognisable pattern analogous to the one reflected by the magneto– resistivity ... microwave resistance induced oscillations (MIROs). ..... are grown by the molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) method. ..... over several Landau levels.
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New Shubnikov-de Haas Effects in a Two-Dimensional Electron
Jan 15, 1985 ... of the Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations from a two-dimensional electron-hole system in GaSb-IriAs-GaSb quantum wells at very low ... dimensional gas. ... GaSb layers in the resulting triangular wells. ... The samples were grown by molecular-beam ... Their splitting indicates an enhancement over the value of.
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Two-dimensional electrons in excited Landau levels - Caltech
Recent magneto-transport experiments on high mobility two-dimensional ... and theoretical, over the last few years has led to increased .... resistances exhibit Shubnikov-de Haas oscillations arising ... electron gas sample having mobility around 9 £ 106 cm2/Vs. The ..... a triangular CDW consisting, possibly, of 2- electron.
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Magneto-transport characteristics of a 2D electron system driven to
Dec 18, 2013 ... radiation-induced magnetoresistance oscillations in the high mobility .... and these oscillations grow in amplitude with increasing. |B|. At the deepest ... the Hall resistance Rxy exhibits a linear variation over the. B-span of the ..... ity two- dimensional electron gas in a triangular antidot lattice. Phys. Rev. B 74 ...
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Magnetotransport Properties and Subband Structure of the Two
of the Two-Dimensional Electron Gas in the Inversion Layer ... quantum oscillations of the magnetoresistivity result from a superposition of the ... This agrees with predictions of the triangular potential well model and a pronounced .... The crystals studied were grown in our laboratory by the seedless travelling heater method.
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jahresbericht 2004 - IT Services of ETH Zurich - ETH Zürich
1.3 Superconducting oxides: RbOs2O6 with pyrochlore structure . ... 2.1 Spatially resolved manipulation of single electrons in quantum dots using ... 2.4 Density dependence of microwave induced magneto-resistance oscillations in a two- dimensional elec- ..... more difficult and single phase crystals were grown up to x = 0.1.
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untested by experiment due to a lack of a suitable one-dimensional wire. Using a ... in an otherwise two-dimensional flow. ... electron gas (2DEG) via metallic ... gate (S) is deposited over the entire 110 surface. ... monitored by growing simultaneously on a (110) refer- ... by the strong triangular potential of the cleaved-edge.
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Rashba effect in strained InGaAs/InP quantum wire structures
For the two-dimensional electron gas structure it is demonstrated that the Rashba .... over a wide range of emission angles is suppressed. ... Rashba effect grown on a GaAs substrate [8,9,18,19], our ... The magnetoresistance shows pronounced oscillations ... well and consequently to a more triangular-like shape of the.
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Zawadzki et al Reservoir model -
Reservoir model for two-dimensional electron gases in ... Keywords reservoir model, 2D electron gas, Quantum Hall Effect, charge transfer. ... band and intraband magneto-optics, magnetization, mag- ... posed by Baraff and Tsui, the density oscillations in and ... Thus it seems that now, when the smoke of battles over the.
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arXiv:1509.05691v2 [cond-mat.str-el] 6 Jan 2016 -
Jan 6, 2016 ... Evidence for hydrodynamic electron flow in PdCoO .... from flux-‐grown single crystals using Focused Ion Beam (FIB) ... For each channel width, the rise in the magneto-‐resistivity at low ... restricted channels of two-‐dimensional electron gas (30), and a ..... (C) The frequencies of the SdH oscillations.
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Novel 2D-Electron Systems at Oxide Interfaces Jochen Mannhart
Two-dimensional electron gases based on conventional semiconductors ... miconductors, the electron systems at oxide interfaces may be shaped by the character of .... observed in the Ni-O-Ni bond angle in LNO epilayers grown on LAO ... Over the past several decades Luttinger liquid (LL) theory has provided a framework.
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Vol. 20, No. 2 - MagLab
Development of a Force Magnetometer for the NHMFL DC Field Facility ... Successive Magnetic Phase Transitions and Multiferroicity in Spin-1 Triangular Lattice ... Quantum Oscillations from a 2D Electron Gas at a Mott/band Insulator Interface .... “grow” by absorbing vaporized carbon .... in two-dimensional atomic crystals.
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1.10 Magnetotunnelling spectroscopy J. P. Eisentein et al [Eisenstein] 19 ... 5.7 Oscillation of the Fermi energy and Capacitance. 92 ... It is a remarkable fact that a free-electron gas can be made to form in a ... single, or many parallel two- dimensional electron or hole gases. 1 ...... performing the integral over φ we have j =.
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Efeito Hall de spin em nanoestruturas semicondutoras: rumo à
and for introducing me to the fast growing field of topological insulators. I greatly appreciate him for his ideas .... 1.1 Two-Dimensional Electron Gas Systems .
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Negative differential resistance of a 2D electron gas in a 1D miniband
From magnetotransport measurements a relation between the applied gate ... Miniband transport; Negative differential resistance; Bloch oscillations. 1. ... energy of which can continuously be adjusted over a ... voltages a two- dimensional electron gas is induced in the SL ... two 1 m n+ GaAs layers grown on semi-insulating.
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