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Macrosegregation - User pages
Macrosegregation. Macrosegregation refers to variations in composition that occur in alloy castings or ingots and range in scale from several millimeters to ...
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Macrosegregation in Steel Ingots - Department of Materials Science
Macrosegregation in Steel Ingots: The Applicability of Modelling ... KEY WORDS: macrosegregation; ingots; casting; solidification; solidification modelling. 1.
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Micro and Macro Segregation in Alloys Solidifying - NASA Technical
the macrosegregation maps are very complex. When segregation was measured along the central axis of the sample, the highest macrosegregation for samples.
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Macro segregation in steel ingots - Castingsnet.
1 Macro Segregation in Steel Ingots. 2 Solidification Software. 3 Macro Segregation Prediction Technique. 4 Examples and Applications. - Research and  ...
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The thermo-solutal convection in a NH4Cl-H2O ingot is verified and the result shows good agreement with that reported. Then macro-segregation in a steel ingot ...
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Toward a New Macro- Segregation? - American Sociological
This article documents a new macro-segregation, where the locus of racial ... The macro component of segregation is also most pronounced and increasing.
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Macrosegregation during solidification resulting from - Springer
Macrosegregation has been observed in directionally solidified Pb-20 pct Sn alloys ... A mathematical model for macrosegregation in vertically solidified ingots is ...
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Modeling of macrosegregation in steel ingot: influence of mold
igate the formation mechanism of macrosegregation in a 3.3 t steel ingot. Numerical ... K e y w o r d s: macrosegregation, steel ingot, mold shape, melt superheat.
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Study on macrosegregation in heavy steel ingots
Macrosegregation in heavy steel ingots was studied through numerical and experimental studies of a 500 kg ingot. The numerical model used heat conduction ...
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Modelling of macrosegregation in steel ingots: benchmark validation
Modelling of macrosegregation in steel ingots: benchmark validation and industrial application. View the table of contents for this issue, or go to the journal  ...
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Macrosegregation in continuously cast steel billets and blooms
Abstract. In this paper, a study of the centerline macrosegregation phenomenon which occurs often in the industrial casting of steel billets is described. Previous ...
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Macrosegregation in direct-chill casting of aluminium alloys - Core
Macrosegregation in aluminium alloys. Page 2 of 93. Abstract. Semi-continuous direct-chill (DC) casting holds a prominent position in commercial aluminium ...
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Mechanisms of Macrosegregation Formation Near Fusion Boundary
macrosegregation formation near the fusion boundary in dissimilar-filler welds. Although the filler metal mixes completely with the bulk weld pool, a layer of ...
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Weld-Bottom Macrosegregation Caused by Dissimilar Filler Metals
cently studied macrosegregation near the fusion boundary of dissimilar-filler welds. The filler metal mixed completely with the homogeneous bulk weld pool and.
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Influence of Phase‐Transport Phenomena on Macrosegregation
transport, solute transport, macrosegregation, and so on. The phase-transport phenomena lead to macrosegregation, and strongly influence the grain-structure  ...
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Macrosegregation Quality Criteria and Mechanical Soft Reduction
Aug 29, 2014 ... quality criteria such as average macro-segregation level criterion “ASL”, ... Continuous Casting of Steel, Macrosegregation, Centerline ...
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Numerical study of macrosegregation in - Nicholas Zabaras
Numerical study of macrosegregation in Aluminum alloys solidifying on uneven surfaces. Deep Samanta and Nicholas Zabaras 1. Materials Process Design and  ...
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Modeling of Macrosegregation in Electroslag Remelting of - TMS
the mushy zone. This flow, if extensive, results in macro- segregation and, at times, in freckles. This macrosegregation theory was developed by M. C. Flemings,.
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This study investigated the macrosegregation in the thin-walled and complicated TC4 castings manufactured by a VCC (vertical centrifugal casting) process.
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cfd modelling of macro-segregation and shrinkage in large diameter
Dec 12, 2012 ... applied for predicting the macro-segregation and shrinkage under various casting conditions for a 65-tonne. 1.625 m diameter steel roll.
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Effect of casting speed on solidification structure and central
Solidification structure and macrosegregation have great influence on the quality of high carbon steels. Center segregation in high carbon steel results in a high ...
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Modeling and experimental analysis of macrosegregation during
Modeling and experimental analysis of macrosegregation during transient solidification of a ternary Al–6wt%Cu–1wt%Si alloy. I.L. Ferreiraa, D.J. Moutinhob , ...
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Modelling of Macrosegregation in Continuous Casting of Aluminium
Within the framework of the Brite-Euram research program EMPACT (A European . Modelling Programme on Aluminium Casting Technology), macrosegregation ...
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The Effects of Electromagnetic Vibration on Macrosegregation in
The Effects of Electromagnetic Vibration on Macrosegregation in AZ80 Magnesium Alloy Billets. Shijie Guo, Qichi Le, Yi Han, Zhihao Zhao and Jianzhong Cui*.
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Modeling of the formation of under-riser macrosegregation during
Macrosegregation during Solidification of Binary Alloys. Q.Z. DIAO and H.L. TSAI. The formation of macrosegregation in a rectangular ingot with reduced cross ...
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