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Long-range correlations in chaotic cellular automata
Physica D 48 (1991) 295-310 North-Holland Long-range correlations in chaotic cellular automata Michael Eisele Institut f Festhperforschung, KFA, Postfach ...
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Understanding Long-Range Correlations in DNA - CiteSeerX
DNA sequences, a fruitful approach to understand long-range correlation is to ...... 7To avoid confusion, this de nition for a cellular automaton being chaotic 40,  ...
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Generating Non-trivial Long-Range Correlations and 1 f Spectra by
spectrum, 1 f spectrum, long-range correlation, and non-trivial long-range .... the cellular automata rule space where the transition from periodic to chaotic ...
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Correlations and Random Information in Cellular Automata
In cellular automata correlations are often built up and the. (measure) entropy ... Complex long-range behavior can be understood in terms of the ..... 1211 J.P. Eckman and D. Ruelle, "Ergodic theory of chaos and strange attrac- tors", Reviews ...
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Complexity Measures and Cellular Automata - Complex Systems
as cellular automata [1] and chaotic low-dimensional dynamical systems [2] ... signs of complicated structure in the form of long-range correlations, and in.
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Long-range correlation in the whole human genome - arXiv.org
The aim of this paper is to carry out an study of the long-range correlation ... to study some properties of regular languages and cellular automata [13], .... DNA molecule”, International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 5, (1995) 1235-1241.
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cond-mat/0203436 PDF - arXiv.org
This is always true if there are strong long range correlations. Such correlations .... map in different chaotic regimes and a 1-D cellular automa- ton rule 150 in ...
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Twenty Problems in the Theory of Cellular Automata
automata exhibit chaotic behaviour analogous to that found with strange ...... limit sets for such cellular automata can thus involve long-range correlations, and.
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Statistical Mechanics of Cellular Automata - Stephen Wolfram
tions, the irreversible character of the cellular automaton evolution leads to several ...... containing long-range correlations and structure. The bases of the ...
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cellular automata - Hans Herrmann
Cellular automata were introduced into physics by S. Wolfram who put up the thesis that all .... points, class 2 to limit cycles, class 3 to chaos with strange attractor and .... quantities like correlation functions, Lyapunov exponents, etc., because the .... which is critical in the sense that it displays spatial and temporal long range.
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Long-range effects in an elementary cellular automaton - Springer
Mar 20, 1986 ... KEY WORDS: Cellular automata; correlations; entropies; long-range; com- ... time ,, behavior of chaotic systems with few degrees of freedom.
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Phenomenology of Non-local Cellular Automata
Jan 23, 1991 ... ... of chaos" non- local cellular automaton, the rule 184, is studied in detail. ... Even if some long-range correlations exist, they are caused by the ... connected system already exhibits a globally chaotic dynamics..Nevertheless,.
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This paper presents research on cellular automata which suggests that the optimal conditions for the ...... This allows for the long-range correlations in be- havior ...
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S. Wolfram, Statistical mechanics of cellular automata
A detailed analysis is given of “elementary” cellular automata consisting of a sequence of sites ..... dom state evolves to a state containing long-range correla-.
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TR_86-33.pdf - DRUM
ON THE PREDICTION OF LOCAL PATTERNS IN CELLULAR AUTOMATA. W. John ... short or long times and also the correlations which ..... automaton after each iteration then long range .... Class III — “evolution leads to a chaotic pattern. ”.
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Computation Theory of Cellular Automata - Project Euclid
generated after a finite number of time steps of cellular automaton evolution .... limit points, limits cycles and chaotic ("strange") attractors found in continuous .... languages may exhibit certain long-range correlations, as illustrated in Fig. 1.4. ( In.
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Similar impact of topological and dynamic noise on complex patterns
Sep 30, 2005 ... Kd; 05.45.-a. Keywords: Network dynamics; Cellular automata; Pattern formation; Noise ... distinguishing fixed points, periodic, chaotic and long-range .... They show a decrease of long-range correlations with increasing noise.
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synchronization of coupled extended dynamical systems
systems, with particular emphasis on elementary cellular automata and Kauffman networks ... with long range coupling. Several models ... therein] has introduced globally coupled chaotic ...... that in large Kauffman networks such correlations.
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Random Graph Theory and Neuropercolation for Modeling Brain
Feb 3, 2015 ... sidered: nonlinear dynamics (chaos), phase transitions, and criticality. Probabilistic ... range spatial correlations as observed in experiments. ... periods, and existence of rapid transitions exhibiting long-range correlations (2; 3; 34). For ... Neuropercolation: A Hierarchy of Probabilistic Cellular Automata.
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Universal spectrum for DNA base C+G concentration - arXiv.org
(2) Scale invariance of eddies also implies long-range spatial correlations of the ... chromosome Y DNA exhibit model predicted quantum-like chaos. Keywords: fractals, chaos ..... The cell dynamical system model for coherent pattern formation in ..... and cellular automata simulation of microtubule assembly and membrane.
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