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Jakes fading model revisited - Electronics Letters
With the popular Jakes fading model, it is difficult to create multiple uncorrelated ... Introduction: The Jakes fading model is a deterministic method for simulating ...
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Statistically Correct Simulation Models for the Generation of - USP
of Multiple Uncorrelated Rayleigh Fading Waveforms. Vanderlei A. Silva ... Two recent modified versions of the Jakes' and Smith's models, with correct ...... [4] P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,”. Electron. Lett.
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Novel Sum-of-Sinusoids Simulation Models for Rayleigh and Rician
Abstract—The statistical properties of Clarke's fading model with a finite number of ... model, it is commonly perceived that Jakes' simulator (and its modifications) is ..... also noted that inspired by Sun et al [32], we revisited and corrected the ...
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simulation of multipath fading channels with non - CiteSeerX
simulating a wireless fading channel. The available simulators ... envelope of the received signal for frequency-flat fading channels. Also .... propose a new simulator based on Jakes' model. 2.2. The PSD of ..... fading model revisited," Electron.
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Methods of generating multiple uncorrelated Rayleigh fading
multiple Rayleigh fading processes correlated in time, but uncorrelated ... eration of multiple sequences of Rayleigh fading pro- ... parameter computation methods {8] are revisited concern- ..... Guan, “Modified Jakes model for simulating.
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Performance Analysis of Rayleigh and Rician Fading Channel
fading channel models by using MATLAB simulation in terms of ... The Rayleigh fading model works on the assumption that the ..... Jakes fading model revisited.
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Fast Rayleigh fading simulation with an IIR filter and - CiteSeerX
The complex Rayleigh fading simulator is implemented as a model in ... The term Rayleigh fading channel refers to a ..... “Jakes Fading Model Revisited,” Elec-.
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Statistical Analysis of a Mobile-to-Mobile Rician Fading Channel
model, Rician fading, scattering, sum-of-sinusoids approximation method. ... ple channel simulator, such as Jakes' method in conventional cellular systems ..... [2] P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,”. Electron.
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References - Wiley Online Library
H. Suzuki, “A statistical model for urban radio propagation,” IEEE Trans. ..... P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,” Electronics ...
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Get PDF (150K) - Wiley Online Library
measurements and models for wireless communications channels,” IEEE. Commun. .... P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited, ”.
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
the modified Jakes model, instead of a second order AR process to generate ... A fading channel can be modeled by a popular Jakes model [8]. In [9], a modified Jakes model was introduced. The ..... Revisited," IEEE Electronics Letters, Vol.
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A Compact Rayleigh and Rician Fading Simulator Based on
proposed SOS-based fading channel models have at least one undesirable statistical .... Jakes' model is not WSS and that the higher-order statistics of this model do not match ..... T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,” Electronics Letters, vol.
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Estimation of autoregressive fading channels based on two cross
Nov 28, 2008 ... fading channel is approximated by an autoregressive (AR) process, the AR .... 1 Power spectrum density (PSD) of the Jakes model and that of the fitted AR ..... Dent, P., Bottomley, G., Croft, T.: Jakes fading model revisited. IEE.
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A simulation model for generation of multiple uncorrelated - Uel
widely used fading channel simulators, such as the Jakes (1974) and Smith ...... Dent, P.G., Bottomley, E. and Croft, T. (1993) 'Jakes fading model revisited', ...
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
channel statistics by modelling the channel fading rate as a. Markov random walk . ..... using an improved version of Jakes fading model [24]. The particles were ..... [24] P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,”.
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Channel-Adaptive Relaying in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Fading
terrestrial mobile networks in practice is multipath fading. Caused by ...... [11] P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,”. Electronics ...
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Enhanced Opportunistic Beamforming for Jakes-Correlated Fading
Jakes-correlated fading channels indicate a favorable throughput performance. .... In the Jakes fading model [6] each complex channel gain of hnk is correlated with ..... [6] P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley and T. Croft, “Jakes Fading Model Revisited,”.
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PDF - Center for Image Processing Research - Rensselaer
the presence of noisy fading channels. ... of the Lena image over Rayleigh fading channels. They proposed ... Carlo simulations using the modified Jakes model proposed by Dent ..... model revisited,” IEE Electronics Letters, vol 29, no 13, pp.
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View PDF - CiteSeerX
models of the wireless multi-path fading channel, which quickly ... and multi-path fading models in particular. Several basic ..... “Jakes fading model revisited.”.
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A Prototype Architecture for the Accurate Modeling of Rayleigh
Models for the simulation of Rayleigh fading channels can be classified as ... In [4 ], Jakes proposed a simplified sum of sinusoids ... show that the Jakes' model is not Wide sense stationary. (Wss) and ..... fading model revisited," IEEE Elec.
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Development of a Channel Emulator for Evaluation of - APSIPA
tributed (IID), b) modified Jakes [1], and c) Zheng models. The Gaussian ... The modified Jakes fading waveform, ... The fading on the real branch of the Zheng model is ..... [1] P. Dent, G. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,” .
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Analysis of Random Regular LDPC Codes on Rayleigh Fading
The independent and identically distributed (i.i.d) fading model is a widely ..... [16] P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,” in IEEE.
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Estimation of MC-DS-CDMA Fading Channels Based - Alquds.edu
varying Rayleigh fading channels in synchronous multi-carrier direct-sequence ... channels, Jakes model, Kalman filters, MC-DS-CDMA. I. INTRODUCTION.
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one hand, a series of known results are revisited and reinterpreted; and on the other .... 3.5.2 Case Study: The Continuous-Time Gauss-Markov Fading Model 77 ..... domain channel correlation, we can subscribe to the Jakes' model [28], the ...
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Analysis of Correlation between ICI and Desired Carrier Power in
Rayleigh fading channels (Doppler spread is significant),. Wang et al. [6] model the ICI term as uncorrelated with the desired carrier term. They show that, by ...
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Channel-Aware Spectrum Sensing and Access for Mobile Cognitive
over SU locations and frequencies due to channel fading and ...... [33] P. Dent, G. E. Bottomley, and T. Croft, “Jakes fading model revisited,”. Electron. Lett., vol.
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