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Isothermal Phase Change Model For Freezing And Thawing Soils Ii Model - [Full Version]
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Isothermal Phase Change Model For Freezing And Thawing Soils Ii Model - Full Download
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5. Hromadka II, T.V., Guymon, G.L. and Berg, R.L. -
Sep 17, 2008 ... T.V. Hromadka II and G.L. Guymon. School of ... freezing soil the soil water flow model and heat transport ... on the concept of isothermal phase change of soil water is ..... thawing soils that assumes latent heat effects can be.
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An energy-conserving model of freezing variably-saturated soil
Jun 1, 2011 ... A robust and energy-conserving model of freezing variably-saturated soil ... unsaturated soil and in conditions of freezing and thawing, ... 2 Freezing-soil models. One of the first ... are temperature and soil water potential; phase change in the ...... isothermal phase change and uniform thermal characteristics.
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Modeling the thermal dynamics of the active layer - The Cryosphere
Sep 19, 2011 ... simple model, (ii) to quantify the dominating processes, and ... freeze-thaw cycles is the most important part of permafrost landscapes. Aspects ... the soil surface to the thawing front through conduction ... heat conduction and solid-liquid phase change, were iden- ...... isothermal plateau by about 6/3days.
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Cumulative Departure Model of the Cryosphere - ASCE Library
Apr 30, 2014 ... T. V. Hromadka II, M.ASCE1; H. D. McInvale2; B. Gatzke3; ... Phase change; Differential equation model; Cumulative departure method. ... 1993) for freezing and thawing soils or other medium, the heat budget relationship ... problems, including impacts from groundwater flow regimes and with isothermal.
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Snow II: Snowmelt and energy balance
temperature to a point at which the snowpack is isothermal (no ... 2) Ripening phase: Absorbed energy is used to melt snow, but the ... There is also (typically) a diurnal freeze/thaw cycle. .... ∂Q/∂t = net energy flux into snowpack (change in storage) ..... Surface Models (LSMs) formulate snowmelt from the energy balance.
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PDF (1.1MB) - Wiley Online Library
were well described using a simple zero-dimensional model of water and energy balance. ... Introduction. The active layer, i.e., the annually freezing and thawing up- per ground in ... freezing and thawing soil [Farouki, 1981; Williams and Smith, 1989], and (2) ... the phase change at 0°C stabilizes oil temperature at this value.
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A distributed thermal model for calculating soil temperature profiles
Nov 27, 1998 ... calculate the temperature profile and depth of thaw in the soil. Thermal ... change model called TDHC (two-dimensional heat conduction). [Goering and ... would approach zero, as the permafrost became isothermal around the ... instability in the phase change algorithm, which was based on the dirac delta ...
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Two-Dimensional Model of Coupled Heat and Moisture Transport in
Solution of the phase change process is approximated by an isothermal approach and ... freezing soil column data and experimental two-dimensional soil thawing tank data as well as .... 2 Moisture flow in frozen zones is negligible. 3 Sensible ...
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Numerical approximation of linear operator equations using a
A norm "ll II" immediately follows from (4) by the usual definition of (4) Huil - (u, 0` (5) ..... That is, for a soil water freezing/thawing problem the phase change process .... and thermal parameters according to the isothermal phase change model.
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Numerical simulation of coupled heat-fluid transport in freezing soils
2 The coupled heat-fluid transport model of freezing soils .... An isothermal phase change method was used in [11–13]. The method assumed that, the phase change only occurs in the freezing or thawing zone, and temperatures in these zones ...
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The conservation of mass equations for liquid water, ice with phase change, .... ( 1978) developed a model that described heat and water flow in a freezing soil, ... transport toward an ice front to be constant under isothermal conditions. ... gradient in (2) represents the movement due to temperature difference of unfrozen ...
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GEOtop 2.0: simulating the combined energy and water balance at
Dec 3, 2014 ... and below the land surface accounting for soil freezing, snow cover and terrain effects ... with phase change and predict the evolution of the depth of thaw; (ii) hydrological models commonly applied at a large scale that predict .... state in the soil is not an isothermal process like in free-surface water (e.g..
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I 1
Mathematical Model of Frost Heave and Thaw Settlement in Pavements. 6. ... uncertainties and errors; 2) to summarize recent comparisons between measured and computed values for frost ..... penetration and thaw penetration for a freeze cycle with the soil surface ..... suggest an isothermal phase change approxima-.
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Jun 30, 1986 ... A model of phase change in freezing and thawing soILs is developed for cold ... flow models as coupled by an isothermal phase change model(AThe program can .... 2. UNIFIED NUMERICAL MODEL OF TWO-DIMENSIONAL.
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Water Flow and Heat Transport in Frozen Soil - PC-Progress
for studies of freezing–thawing cycles in the 1970s and. A new method is presented to account for phase changes in a fully. 1980s (Lundin, 1989). implicit numerical model for coupled heat transport and variably ..... The isothermal, Kvh, and .... 2. Measured thermal conductivity, 0, of Kanagawa sandy loam soil ( symbols) as ...
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Analytical solutions for benchmarking cold regions subsurface water
May 21, 2014 ... water flow and energy transport models: One-dimensional soil thaw ... freeze– thaw process have been tested against analytical solutions, such as ... heat exchange through conduction and pore water phase change. ... 2. Analytical solutions. 2.1. Stefan solution. Early geotechnical engineering solutions for ...
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Modeling thermal dynamics of active layer soils and near-surface
Jun 8, 2012 ... heat-water modeling approach represent faster thaw rates than previously simulated in other studies. ... Introduction. [2] Permafrost dynamics in the northern high latitudes are ..... are the isothermal and thermal hydraulic conductivities ..... for phase changes with explicit consideration of freezing and thawing ...
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View - OhioLINK Electronic Theses and Dissertations Center
1.4.2. Common Types of Models for Coupling Processes in Porous Materials under Frost Effects .... MULTIPHYSICS SIMULATION FOR FREEZING SOILS: THEORETICAL ..... 4.2.2. Similarity between Wetting/Drying Process and Freezing/Thawing. Processes . ..... phase change of water (at freezing or thawing) . This chapter ...
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Soil thermal properties and heat transfer - Polar Research
The annually thawing active layer of peimafrost is central to considerations of ... The heat transfer model accounted for much of the observed soil thermal regime. It was found that thermal conduction. phase change of soil water at O'C, and .... Soil thermal properties and heat transfer processes 167. Fig. 2. Detailed map of the ...
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Quantifying the thermal dynamics of a permafrost site near Ny - ePIC
ward moving thaw front during the summer thaw period, and ... removed from the profile through an almost isothermal soil stabilizes ... a conductive heat exchange model by including effects of un- ... such as the separation of the water phase upon freezing of the ... the impact of a changing atmospheric forcing on permafrost.
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