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Ion Properties Of The High Latitude Middle Atmosphere - Full Download
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A mathematical model of the middle and high latitude ionosphere
A time-dependent three-dimensional model of the middle and high latitude ... The density distributions of six ion species (NO+, N 2 + , N 2 + , O+, N+, He+) and the .... on the dynamic morphology of ionospheric and atmospheric properties.
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The high-latitude ionosphere and its effects on radio propagation
Why the ionosphere is so different at high latitude 2. 1.2. The vertical structure of .... Observed properties and behavior of the main trough 261. 5.4.3 .... trons and positive ions, generally in equal numbers, in a medium that is electri- .... again decreases in the mesosphere (or middle atmosphere) and passes through another ...
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Statistics of high-altitude and high-latitude O+ ion outflows observed
outflowing O+ ions occur at high altitudes and high latitudes ... By trac- ing them and examining their properties and distributions in ... stand non-thermal energization and the loss of atmosphere in the field of ..... PE, upper middle panel in Fig.
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Common features of plasma density profiles during NLC
Density profiles of positive ions measured by the payload DECIMALS-A with a boom probe, nor- .... Ion properties of the high-latitude middle atmosphere. 1994  ...
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Dependence of the high‐latitude lower thermospheric wind vertical
Feb 25, 2014 ... high-latitude neutral wind field in the lower thermosphere during the southern summer time for different ... (2) The effects of the IMF on the ion drag forcing are seen down to around ... other hand, has no such conservative property and tends to be closely related to .... tides from the middle atmosphere.
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Effects of high-latitude ionospheric electric field variability on global
temporal characteristics of electric field variability derived from observations into the forcing of a thermosphere .... high-latitude ion drifts and to determine Joule heating rate in TIGCMs. ..... ces from the middle atmosphere. The auroral particle  ...
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Wave signatures in the midlatitude ionosphere during a sudden
Jan 31, 2013 ... atmospheric ion temperature (~200–400 km) with a focus on variability resulting from meteorological ... thermal properties of the ionosphere. [3] The .... atmosphere at middle and high latitudes are studied much less, though ...
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jeffrey p. thayer - CCAR - University of Colorado Boulder
Thesis Title: Neutral Wind Vortices in the High-Latitude Thermosphere ..... Electrodynamical characteristics of the polar ionosphere over the auroral and polar cap ... Semeter, J., C.J. Heinselman, J.P. Thayer, R.A. Doe, and H.U. Frey, “ Ion upflow enhanced by ... polar vortex's influence on the middle atmosphere,” J. Geophys.
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1 Lecture 3: Temperature, Salinity, Density and Ocean Circulation
Two of the most important characteristics of seawater are temperature and salinity – together they control its ... atmosphere and by currents in the ocean. ... Relatively warm water is carried to higher latitudes along the western sides of ... Ion concentrations in different waters are often normalized to salinity for comparisons.
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Here is a link to my complete publication list - The University of
“Properties of Spikelike Shear Flow Reversals Observed in the Auroral Plasma ... “Rapid Sub-Auroral Ion Drifts Observed by Atmosphere Explorer-C,” R. W. ... “ High Latitude Ion Convection in the Nighttime F Region,” R. A. Heelis and W. B. Hanson, J. ..... “Distributions of He+ at Middle and Equatorial Latitudes During Solar ...
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Internal wave coupling processes in Earth's atmosphere
Dec 2, 2014 ... In the Role Of the Sun and the Middle atmosphere/thermosphere/ionosphere. In Climate ... Internal Wave Characteristics and Propagation ... due to ion drag, molecular viscosity and thermal conduction (Vadas and Fritts,. 2005) .... occur at middle- and high-latitudes, although they sometimes can shift to.
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Solar and galactic cosmic rays in the Earth's atmosphere
Measured and calculated ionization rate in a high-latitude ..... underestimate the ion production for the middle and low atmosphere. .... locally in polar regions, especially at high altitudes, leading to significant changes of the chemical properties.
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The Near-Earth Plasma Environment - NASA Technical Reports
Mar 1, 2012 ... spheric physics at low, middle, and high latitudes are discussed. ... unique properties of the near-earth plasma and its associated currents at ... 1 The various paths of solar energy to the earth's upper atmosphere and .... an electron from a neutral atom to create an ion and electron pair, as depicted here for.
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Ionization effect of solar particle GLE events in low and middle
Mar 3, 2011 ... low and middle atmosphere for 58 out of the 66 GLE events recorded ... decreases, in all low- and mid-latitude regions. ... (GCR) that possess high energies and produce a complicated ... ergy brought by cosmic rays is small and the resulting ion- ... the related changes in the heliospheric properties, such as.
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1 The role of cosmic rays in the Earth's atmospheric -
the processes depending on the electrical properties of the atmosphere such as .... with ion chamber cosmic ray data suggests that the high energy cosmic rays ... Further, the amplitude of apparent correlation decreased when high latitude data ..... on the chemical composition of the middle atmosphere during the event of.
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Internal gravity waves in the thermosphere during low and high solar
Aug 4, 2010 ... by auroral sources at high‐latitudes, have fast horizontal velocities and ... [3] Unlike in the middle atmosphere, propagation of GWs in the TI is strongly ... and refractive properties associated with the Doppler shift by the mean wind. ... molecular and eddy viscosity and thermal conduction, ion friction, and ...
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Modeling impacts of geomagnetic field variations on middle
middle atmospheric ozone responses to solar proton events on long timescales ... then applied to the atmosphere under the consideration of different shielding properties of .... latitude lc (i.e., the geomagnetic latitude which defines the edge of the .... higher-energy particles lead to increased ion pair production rates below ...
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Radiation belt electron precipitation due to geomagnetic storms - Hal
Jan 11, 2016 ... Significance to middle atmosphere ozone chemistry. Craig J. Rodger,1 Mark A. .... precipitation properties have been available for more than a solar cycle (e.g. ... atmosphere chemical changes driven by this precipitation. We particularly ... At the highest latitudes, the solar proton events. RODGER ET AL.
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Progress in polar upper atmospheric physics research in China
upper and middle atmosphere along magnetic field lines. This results ..... Figure 1 Mean properties of high-latitude ionospheric variation of f0F2 at Zhongshan Station. 2.1.3 Polar ..... and reverse-dispersed ion signature was observed by DMSP.
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The Mesosphere and Metals: Chemistry and - ACS Publications
Mar 9, 2015 ... Physical Characteristics. 4498. 2.2. ... 80 and 105 km and atomic ions at higher altitudes. .... The upwelling air in the summer high latitudes, which feeds this ..... the cooling middle atmosphere.54 The greatest decrease in.
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