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Interrelationship Between Stimulation Of Prostaglandin E And Hyaluronate Production - [Full Version]
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Interrelationship Between Stimulation Of Prostaglandin E And Hyaluronate Production - Full Download
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Interrelationship Between Stimulation Of Prostaglandin E And Hyaluronate Production - [Complete Version]
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Interrelationship between stimulation of prostaglandin e and
Poly (C)] stimulated both prostaglandin. E (PGE) and hyaluronic acid (HA) production by human ... interrelationships between stimulation of PGE and HA.
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RNA and DNA Viral Stimulation of Prostaglandin E Production by
C, and human interferon stimulate prostaglandin E ... relationship between viral infection and connective .... withdrawn for prostaglandin E and hyaluronic acid.
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Production of collagenase and prostaglandins by isolated adherent
duce collagenase after stimulation by endotoxin (7) or by products of lymphocytes ... Abbreviations: PGE2, prostaglandin E2; RA, rheumatoid arthritis;. TPCK ...
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Poly(rC) - Journal of General Virology
We have examined the relationship between induction of interferon (IFN) and prostaglandin E (PGE) production by poly(rI), poly(rC) in cultured human foreskin .... included in the incubation medium after stimulation with poly(rI).poly(rC). .... hyaluronate production by poly(1).poly(C) and interferon in synovial fibroblast culture.
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Chemokines differentially induce matrix metalloproteinase-3 and
To explore prostaglandin (PG) E2 production by human articular chondrocytes induced by ... The relationship between chemokines and prostaglandins could.
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effect of growth factor induced activation of - Annals of the
Mar 5, 1985 ... A positive correlation was noted between circulating platelet counts and hyaluronate ..... of stimulation showed an increase in hyaluronic acid production at .... between stimulation of prostaglandin E and hyaluronate produc-.
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Induction of Hyaluronic Acid Synthase 2 (HAS2) in Human Vascular
HAS2 mRNA levels were also stimulated by a selective prostacyclin receptor (IP) agonist, cicaprost (10 nmol/L), ... and prostaglandin E (PGE) synthesis are strongly elevated in ... tion pathways, and (3) to determine the spatial relationship of ..... lation of prostaglandin E and hyaluronate production by poly (I), poly (C).
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PDF(564K) - Wiley Online Library
heterogeneity in proliferation and prostaglandin E2 ... as the synthesis of collagen, hyaluronic acid, collage- nase ..... highest PGEz producing substrains, F, J, and H, was ... Relationship between supernate stimulated prostaglandin. E2 (PGE2) ...
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Effects of different molecular weight elastoviscous hyaluronan
stimulus protocol of 50 seconds' duration was repeated ... Orthovisc had no effect in normal joints, but produced ... tions of bradykinin, prostaglandin E2 (PGE2), substance .... phoretic run to establish a linear relationship between electro-.
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The method is based upon the specific interaction between HA and ..... ties have been shown to stimulate fibroblast synthesis of HA in vitro (29-31). Fur- .... tion of prostaglandin E and hyaluronate production by poly(I)-poly(C) and interferon.
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PDF - Blood Journal
Yaron M, Yaron I, Wiletzki C, Zor U. Interrelation- ship between stimulation of prostaglandin E and hyaluronate production by poly (I). poly (C) and interferon in  ...
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connective tissue activation - University of Michigan
stimulated to augment hyaluronate synthesis and glu- cose utilization by ... synthesis, and increases in prostaglandin E formation and intracellular cyclic AMP ...
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Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronan Activates Cytosolic
Sep 3, 2013 ... and prostaglandin (PG) E2 production in primary human mono- cytes, murine RAW ... reveal a novel link between HA-mediated inflammation and ..... mary macrophages were stimulated with HA (100 g/ml) for. 6–8 h, with or ...
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Hyaluronan-induced cyclooxygenase-2 expression promotes
HA-stimulated TXA2 synthesis was inhibited with the COX- flammatory renal ... renal injury, we were interested in examining the link ... between HA and prostaglandin production. We there- .... mRNA expression in response to hyaluronan. (HA) and ..... Feusi E, Sun L, Sibalic A, et al: Enhanced hyaluronan synthesis. 10.
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Relationship of blood markers to disease severity and drug efficacy
Blood marker correlation (r) to disease severity was: hyaluronate (0.71), prostaglandin E2 (0.58), ESR (0.52), PMN (0.58), and albumin (−0.71). The relative rank ...
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Interleukin-1-like factor (mononuclear cell factor) modulates
Although hyaluronic acid is the dominant gly- cosaminoglycan, other ... activities ( stimulation of hyaluronic acid, prostaglandin E2 and collagenase synthesis) [15] ..... cell factor, which presents interleukin-1 properties, stimulated the production of ... Indeed, a relationship exists between the organization in the Golgi apparatus ...
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The mechanism of action for hyaluronic acid treatment in - Springer
Results demon- strated that IA-HA treatment stimulated proteoglycan ..... Future research should analyze the relationship between the various mech- ..... T. The effect of hyaluronan on interleukin-1 alpha-induced prostaglandin E2 production in.
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Temporomandibular Joint Pain and Dysfunction - Jefferson University
The interrelationship between the various dis- orders continues to ..... thought to stimulate the production of inflammatory and pain mediators (prostaglandin E2 and leukotri- ene B4 ..... articular levels of prostaglandin E2, hyaluronic acid, and.
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Hyaluronan increases glomerular cyclooxygenase-2 protein
MARJORIE E. DUNLOP and EVELYNE E. MUGGLI. Department of ... Among the widely described tion. This effect was ... interaction of this modified hyaluronan with CD44, the foremost cell ... enzyme regulating prostaglandin production, in cells of non-renal [19] and ..... both basal and HA(f)-stimulated conditions. The corre-.
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The role of hyaluronic acid as a mediator and regulator of cervical
HA is also collagenase production in rabbit cervix, and also stimulates increased in cervices primed with prostaglandin E2 (Rath et al., migration and function of ...
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