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Critical Behavior of Interfaces: Roughening and Wetting Phenomena
Critical phenomena at interfaces have been studied, both theoretically and .... ening, the field I gives the distance of the interface from this reference plane; ...
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Interfacial Broadening and Roughening near Tg - American
The Interface between Two Strongly Incompatible. Polymers: Interfacial Broadening and Roughening near Tg. S. Huttenbach,? M. Stamm,*vf G. Reiter,j and M.
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Critical Roughening of Interfaces: A New Class of Renormalizable
Feb 22, 1993 ... The structure of surfaces and interfaces can be studied on a microscopic ... ening, wetting, or unbinding transition separating these two regimes ...
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Interfacial roughening in lattice-matched - Zhong Lin Wang
interfaces, and beyond which roughening is developed into micrometer-scale. The {113} faceted roughening occurs in the GaInP- on-GaAs interfaces, leading to ...
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Kinetic roughening of interfaces in driven systems - McGill Physics
Feb 15, 1991 ... problem of this kind, the nature of interface roughening during crystal growth. We are most concerned with the relationship of this problem to ...
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Central brightening due to constructive interference with, without
ening seen in images of the human head. Materials and Methods: We present both numerical cal- culations and experimental images at 3 T of a 35-cm-diam-.
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Interfacial roughening during solid phase epitaxy - Michael J. Aziz
epitaxial growth (SPEG) is strongly limited by interface breakdown and defect generation. For example, during. SPEG in the Si–Ge system, roughening of the ...
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The equilibrium state of solid--liquid interfaces of aliphatic compounds
The ordering and orientation of fluid units at interfaces of the aliphatic crystal solution system are the ... ening phase transition, occurs at the solid-fluid inter- face.
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Nonequilibrium Roughening Transition in a Simple Model of Fungal
Aug 24, 1998 ... interfaces undergo a phase transition from a rough to a smooth interface at some critical temperature. The situ- ation in nonequilibrium is much ...
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Kinetic Roughening and Pinning of Two Coupled Interfaces in
We studied the kinetic roughening dynamic of two coupled interfaces formed in paper wetting experiments at ... ening dynamics in wetted paper were performed.
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Experimental investigation of roughening of the matt surface in pack
Lubrication on the interface does not have a strong effect on the roughening. It is also found that the topographies of the upper and lower interfaces after pack ...
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Stacking faults and interface roughening in semipolar ( 20 2 ¯ 1
Apr 16, 2014 ... Stacking faults and interface roughening in semipolar ( 20 2 ¯ 1 ¯ ) single InGaN quantum wells for long wavelength emission. Feng Wu, Yuji ...
[ 2014-APL-Sacking-faults-and-interface-roughening-in-semipolar-20-2-1-single-InGaN-quantum-wells-for-long-wavelength-emission.pdf - Read/Download File

Interface broadening due to Ar ion bombardment measured on
by ion bombardment induced interface roughening and ion mixing. II. .... ening increases (the slope decreases) with the increase of the relative sputter rate.
[ J_of_Vac_Sci_and_Tech_v21_p553.pdf - Read/Download File

Scaling and universality in the kinetic smoothening of interfaces - Hal
Aug 24, 2010 ... Scaling and universality in the kinetic smoothening of interfaces: Application to the analysis of the relaxation of rough vicinal steps of an oxide ...
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Conserved dynamics and interface roughening in - Springer
Springer-Verlag 2000. Conserved dynamics and interface roughening in spontaneous imbibition: A critical overview. M. Dubé1,2,a, M. Rost1,2, and M. Alava2.
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Roughening of the SiХSiO2 interface during SC1-chemical
Roughening of the SiХSiO2 interface during SC1-chemical treatment studied by scanning tunneling microscopy. M. Gotoh,a) K. Sudoh, and H. Iwasaki.
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Directed Ising type dynamic preroughening transition in one
Directed Ising type dynamic preroughening transition in one-dimensional interfaces. Jae Dong Noh,1 Hyunggyu Park,1,2 and Marcel den Nijs1. 1Department of ...
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Interface depinning in the absence of an external driving force - IFISC
Nov 19, 2001 ... We study the pinning-depinning phase transition of interfaces in the quenched ... ening in many disordered systems, including the nonequilib-.
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Scaling and universality in the kinetic smoothening of interfaces
Roughening of growing surfaces and interfaces is a ubiquitous phenomenon in nature, ranging from wetting .... ening from initially flat conditions (see Eq. 2).
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PDF(2273K) - Wiley Online Library
interface in this toughening mechanism, however, is not well studied. ... ening, very few studies on the use of ductile interfaces to improve the fracture resistance .
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