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Inter Process Communication Ipc On Mac Os X Using Distributed Objects - [Full Version]
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Inter Process Communication Ipc On Mac Os X Using Distributed Objects - Full Download
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Inter Process Communication Ipc On Mac Os X Using Distributed Objects - [Complete Version]
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Auditing and Exploiting Apple IPC - The CyberWire
Auditing and Exploiting. Apple IPC ianbeer. Jailbreak Security Summit May 2015 ... Won pwn4fun last year with a JavaScriptCore bug and ... IPC Zoo. Mach Messages. MIG. XPC. D. O. Distributed. Notifications. CFPort ..... The heap object following the UUID will be the ..... communication/.
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Interprocess Communication - School of Computer Science
Oct 29, 2012 ... Interprocess Communication ... IPC in Mac OS X and Windows XP/Vista ... interprocess communication (IPC), which is provided by ... b – Use of shared memory: more efficient, since less (or .... distributed system by adding new procedures and ... Since this is like RPC but instead with objects, there is the.
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Unauthorized Cross-App Resource Access on MAC OS X and iOS
specifically, we found that the inter-app interaction services, including the ... for inter- process communication (IPC), through which its internal ... cross-app interactions, i.e., IPC on Apple platforms, also differ from those ... insufficiently protected by both the OS and the apps using them .... distributed objects and URL schemes.
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Evaluation of interprocess communication methods in a component
Feb 9, 2000 ... communications (IPC) in a prototype system for distributed components using the Cross-Platform Component Object Model (XPCOM) as the.
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Cracking App Isolation on Apple: Unauthorized Cross - Informatics
app isolation mechanisms: each app is confined in its partition with a minimum set of ... public an app's interface for interprocess communication (IPC), through ... include NSConnection that shares objects between apps on OS X and the URL .... and Apple- specific mechanisms like distributed objects, NSConnection in par- .
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National Information Assurance Partnership Common - Apple
Jan 13, 2005 ... Apple Computer Mac OS X Version 10.3.6. 2 ..... Interprocess Communication ( IPC) Mechanisms (shared memory segments, SysV/Posix ... object with a pathname, a subject must have execute/search access to each directory in ..... distributed environments only if the entire network operates under the same.
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OS and Computer Architecture
Networking, security, distributed file system ... The OS manages inter-process communication and ... Secondary storage devices (disks) are too crude to use directly for long term storage. • The file system provides logical objects and operations on these objects ... UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS X), and Java API for the Java virtual.
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fulltext - DiVA
Inter-process communication (IPC) techniques allow an efficient exchange of .... The Distributed Objects technique provides an easy way to send messages .... are finished on a MacBook with 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and 4GB (DDR2.
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Constructing Reliable Distributed Communication Systems with
liable distributed object computing systems with CORBA. First, we .... to store-and -deliver inter-process communication (IPC) mes- sages. Thus ... backed by Lotus, Apple, IBM, Borland, MCI, Oracle, Word-. Perfect ... the X.400 API association).
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New approaches to operating system security extensibility
(OS) access control extensibility that address historic problems with ... BSD operating system, nCircle's enforcement appliances, and Apple's Mac OS X and ... map distributed security policies into often inadequate local primitives. I compare ...... to inter-process communication (IPC), file system storage, and the network stack.
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Multiplatform Support for the OpenMSA/OSAMS Reference
including Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and HP-UX. Differences in process creation and inter-process communication introduced roadblocks that prohibited support ...
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II: The Infospheres Infrastructure User Guide - HMC Computer Science
Jan 23, 1998 ... 2.1 II: A Distributed Object System Framework . ..... All Apple Macintosh OS Runtime For Java releases on Mac OS 7.X, 8.X ..... multiple processes that communicate using interprocess communication (IPC) mechanisms like.
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Analysis and Comparison with Android and iPhone Operating System
Jan 27, 2010 ... Before then, Apple marketing literature simply stated the iPhone .... Frameworks/ API: Frameworks/API layer has API calls which are Apple-distributed headers with the iPhone .... In Abdroid's computing, the Inter-process communication (IPC) is a ... Managing object memory is a matter of performance; if an.
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Extending Java's Communication Mechanisms for -
runtime environment through to the use of distributed programming methods. Using the ... use of the. Java Native Interface in order to take advantage of the interprocess communication (IPC) ... At one of the highest levels of abstraction, Java provides support for object- or .... Similar research for Mac OS X and other common.
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Mac OS X: An Introduction for Support Providers - MIT
Mac OS 9, and seeks to ground the student in Mac OS X using Mac OS 9 terms and concepts. ... (GetNextEvent) would communicate with the rest of the operating system. This would .... memory management, memory protection, process scheduling and interprocess ... PDF is the standard for electronic document distribution.
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Introduction - Computer Science Laboratory - SRI International
Dec 7, 2010 ... assurance is synergistic with the system architecture and can be provided ... of the possibilities inherent in heterogeneous distributed systems and .... adopt elements of the capability design philosophy, such as Apple's Mac OS X using Mach interprocess communication (IPC) objects as capabilities [1], and ...
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Download (12MB) - University of Glasgow
type-safe, distributed computation over autonomous persistent object stores. PhD thesis. ... RPC is a simple but highly effective mechanism for interprocess communica- tion and ... 1.1.3 Interprocess Communication (IPC) ........... . ...... be used. Another mechanism -based on special classes called apple ts -is needed to send.
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web application framework in erasmus - CiteSeerX
The processes communicate with each other using a protocol via server and ... Third, a web Application is always running on distributed environment. ..... IPC. Inter-Process Communication. J2EE. Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition ..... and can run on various platforms like Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X Free BSD etc.
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Microkernel and IPC - Systems Group - ETH Zürich
L4 RPC. – Making interprocess calls even faster ... Multiprocessor and distribution support. • Security. • Coined ... Using memory objects and external pagers. – Provides ... Mac OS X (Darwin): complete BSD kernel linked to Mach. • OSF/1 .... Threads. – As execution abstraction. • IPC. – For communication between threads.
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POSIX Abstractions in Modern Operating Systems: The Old, the New
Apr 21, 2016 ... in modern desktop and mobile OSes: Android, OS X, and. Ubuntu. ... age high- level abstractions for inter-process communication. (IPC), thread ...
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Software Interoperability - CSIAC
remote call is made using a machine name ("Apple") as a prefix to the procedure name. ... is managed on the local machine only, Interprocess Communication ( IPC) .... Figure 4-1: Distributed object computing allows application developers to.
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Surgical Assistant Workstation (SAW) Communication Interfaces for
distributed robotic surgical systems. Several reviews ... The SAW inter-process communication (IPC) uses ICE, but unlike Orca, the ... Both Orocos and SAW use an Interface Description Lan- guage (CORBA ... Linux, and MacOS X as well as real-time Linux variants. ... 1) Proxy Pattern: When two objects–Object A and Object.
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Jekyll on iOS: When Benign Apps Become Evil - College of Computing
2012, Apple had sold 400 million iOS devices [30], such ... To further prohibit apps distributed through channels ... can be observed during the app review process, with- ... However, this simplified IPC (Inter-process communication) mechanism may facilitate inter-app at- ..... Objective-C object with the myObject pointer point-.
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Java OpenBinder Extension
easily extended into Java by using the Java Native Interface. In our paper, we ... IPC - inter-process communication - methods. A rudimentary ... developed for RPC - remote process calls - or for distributed objects ... overhead in dealing with an IPC call. ..... it to other platforms as well, such as Windows or Mac OS X. But also ...
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The Art of Unix Programming -
Dec 9, 2002 ... This book and its on-line version are distributed under the terms of the ... with the additional proviso that the right to publish it on paper for sale ... Inc. Apple, Macintosh, MacOS, Newton, OpenDoc, and OpenStep are ..... Unix and Object- Oriented Languages . .... Peer-to-Peer Inter-Process Communication .
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The Cost of IPC: an Architectural Analysis - Intelligent Design of
Inter Process Communication (IPC) is thoroughly used in this kind of ... MacOS X, is using a µ-kernel. The other two ... Moreover, Mac OS X is based on the Mach µ- kernel, which .... the only way of accessing a capability-protected object, every use of them ..... The chorus distributed operating system: some design issues.
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D5.1 - FROG: Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide
compatibility with any of Mac OS X, BSD. ..... ROS is a free and open-source software distributed under a BSD license. ... The IPC lib model involves .... mainly intended for in-process application objects (local communication domain). For inter-.
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