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Infrared Spectroscopy of Ketene by Two-Step Photodissociation
The infrared spectra of the ν2+ ν3and ν2+ ν4bands of ketene, from 3526 to 3538 cm−1and from 3257 to 3277 cm−1, respectively, have been obtained using an ...
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Spectroscopy and Photochemistry of Ketene - ACS Publications
will be compared to recent studies of molecular photodissociation on LiF single ..... Figure 4. Infrared spectra of ketene adsorbed to NaCl film at 150 K. ...... ( wavelengths less than 313 nm) dissociation proceeds in two steps: the optically ...
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Publications of C. Bradley Moore - ACS Publications - American
ated Ketenes,” J. Chem. Phys. 38, 2816 (1963). 3. ... C. B. Moore and G. C. Pimentel, “Infrared Spectra of Gaseous ... Photolysis Products of Diazomethane: Methyleneimine and ...... “Infrared Spectroscopy of Ketene by Two-Step Photodis- .
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Product Branching in Infrared Multiple Photon Decomposition of Gas
spectrometer modified for infrared photochemical measurements as previously de~cribed. ... Photolysis products were determined in two different ways. First, mass ..... tonation of ketene by methoxide ion proceeds with a rate constant of 1.4 X ..... Evidence for a two-step decomposition in the IR photolysis of another anion  ...
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Aug 12, 2000 ... In addition, different noise and bandwidth of infrared ... uses of FM laser spectroscopy as a fast transient technique. .... to produce a pure frequency modulated wave, the two sidebands .... is recorded at each step of the laser. ... lifetime of singlet CH2 following 308-nm photodissociation of ketene is about.
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Infrared Spectrum of the Propargyl Peroxyl Radical, HCtCsCH2OO X
reaction ensues; infrared absorption spectra reveal the formation of the propargyl peroxyl radical: HCd ... Cs .... HCCCH2 radical was produced by laser photolysis of C3H3Br at 248 nm and ... Two different propargyl radical precursors were used in this work: ..... A step-scan Fourier- ... Ketene and the formyl radical were the.
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Photodissociation - Department of Chemistry
and time-resolved Fourier-transform IR emission spectroscopy, have been widely applied. ... investigated in atomistic detail, tracing the time evolution of every microscopic step, as far as possible. ... The photodissociation reaction '' photoexcited molecules A .... At the exit port of the energy analyzer, a two- dimensional ion.
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IR probe investigation of heterocyclic ring-opening - RSC Publishing
Aug 20, 2014 ... probed by ultrafast transient infrared spectroscopy. Following irradiation at 267 nm ... ketene stretching feature around 2150 cmА1. The ring-opened .... the results obtained following 267 nm photolysis of a 23 mM solution of ..... it can be separated into two steps:33 (i) intramolecular vibrational redistribution,.
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RSC Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group Meeting -
Jan 7, 2016 ... particle spectra from the infrared to the extreme ultraviolet spectral region, and ... Recent developments are trying to put these two steps together in the framework of direct ..... [1] The photodissociation of N2O4 to NO2 is a model system for studying different ... opened ketene photoproducts are also detected.
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Download as Adobe PDF - Edinburgh Research Explorer
A doublets in the LIF spectra shows no orbital alignment of CH produced on photolysis at 279.3 nm, but some ... Examination of ketene photolysis further into the UV has been less extensive ..... two-photon excitation radiation at either 279.3 nm or 282.9 nm was .... absorption step be fully saturated for all laser fluences inves-.
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PDF (2036 KB) - Annual Reviews
Oct 11, 2006 ... Ogilby observed IR spectra of methylene in the gas phase using a high- ..... of Cl atoms by Cl2 photolysis and following that with an HCl laser pulse to vibra- ..... lecting single ketene rotational states for dissociation by two-step ...
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Fast beam photodissociation spectroscopy and dynamics of the
The spectroscopy and photodissociation dynamics of the vinoxy CH2CHO ... Two photodissociation channels are observed: 1 CH3 ... by Dupuis et al.,21 who predicted an ir transition, A˜(2A ) .... of 0.009 nm is used, corresponding to a step size in energy of ..... along the reaction coordinate leading to triplet ketene, five.
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Laser desorption time-of-flight mass spectrometry of vacuum UV
May 27, 2016 ... These studies apply infrared (IR) spectroscopy (transmis- sion or reflection) .... 2S -LAIMS: two-step laser ablation and ionisation mass spectrometry. advantages .... of the species expected to form upon VUV photolysis of methanol ice. ...... We have tried to confirm the formation of ketene and/or glycolic acid.
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Velocity map imaging of O-atom products from UV photodissociation
intermediate formed in the OH + allene reaction en route to CH3 + ketene ... dissociation to two spin-allowed product channels: H2CO X1A1 + O1D and H2CO ... followed, including FTMW,10-12 IR,13-15 and UV studies,16-22 the latter the focus of ... UV absorption spectrum of CH2OO extends to longer wavelength under ...
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Nonresonant two-photon mass analyzed threshold -
observed in the MATI spectra: ν3 (CH2 scissor) in CH2CO ; b1 vibrations ν5 and ν6 (CCO ... hand, photodissociation of ketene provides an important test.
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Laser–material interactions probed with picosecond infrared
intermediate ketene in real time at room temperature for the first time. Thermal initiation ... Keywords: Picosecond infrared spectroscopy; Ablation; Polymer; Photoresist. 1. Introduction ... now allow us to directly examine the initial steps ... from the difference of the two spectra is shown in the inset. The. Ž ... photodissociation.
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H-atom bombardment of CO2, HCOOH and CH3CHO containing ices
Aug 15, 2007 ... ices are monitored by reflection absorption infrared spectroscopy and the reaction .... H-atoms are produced through photo-dissociation of H2O or other ..... mass 29 and 30 amu desorb in two steps around 100 K and 140 K, and ..... The formation of ketene, CH2CO, is even less likely because its formation is.
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H-atom addition and abstraction reactions in mixed CO -
Experiments involving energetic processing, e.g., UV photolysis (O¨ berg et al. 2009 ... ketene were also detected in the cold pre-stellar core L1544 (Vastel et al. .... are performed by using either Fourier trans- form infrared absorption spectroscopy (FT- .... (2009) can be further extended to include a two-step dehydrogenation.
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View Paper - Department of Chemistry - Emory University
Apr 24, 2015 ... The O(1D) was produced via laser photodissociation of O3 in a fused silica tube and mixed with a hydrocar .... two lowest-energy insertion products are the primary CH3OH ... monoxide, methane, ketene, formaldehyde, and several radicals. .... recorded at each frequency step, and an absorption spectrum in.
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J.Physical Chemistry A, 110 (2006) 6415.pdf - Estudo Geral
step (such as generation of Dewar valence isomer), correspond to the minor reaction channels in both studied compounds. ... R-Bond cleavage processes leading to the open-ring ketene species .... resulting IR spectrum of TP isolated in an Ar matrix is presented .... The TA species may exist in two isomeric orientations (Z.
[ J.Physical Chemistry A, 110 (2006) 6415.pdf - Read/Download File

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