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Influence of Ethylene Ionomers on the Electrical Properties of
Influence of Ethylene Ionomers on the Electrical. Properties of Crosslinked Polyethylene. Qing Quan Ke,1,2 Xing Yi Huang,1,2 Ping Wei,1,2 Gen Lin Wang,1 ,2 ...
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Effect of ethylene ionomers on the properties of crosslinked
Effect of Ethylene Ionomers on the Properties of Crosslinked Polyethylene ... 2Shanghai Key Laboratory of Electric Insulation and Thermal Aging, Shanghai ...
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Effect of Sample Preparation on Water Tree Resistance of - SID
influence the dispersion of SEBS in XLPE matrix as well as the crystallinity of the blends. Different ... electrical stress and water ... or the blending of ethylene ionomers with XLPE [8-. 10]. ..... properties of crosslinked polyethylene, Macromol .
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modification with sodium acrylate and ethylene ionomers[19-21]. ... crosslinked polyethylene, such as dielectric properties, crystallinity and mechanical ... in order to consider the effect of electric field on the hydration crosslinking reaction of.
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Properties of Polymer Composites Used in High-Voltage Applications
Apr 28, 2016 ... goals are to determine the impact of filler size, type and distribution of the ... Keywords: micro/nanocomposites; electrical properties; mechanical properties; thermal properties; high-voltage applications; cross-linked polyethylene; epoxy resins; numerical and ..... (i.e., EVA, ethylene propylene diene rubber).
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Overview of the Development of the Fluoropolymer -
May 29, 2012 ... copolymer of fluorinated ethylene and propylene ... fluoropolymer industry— which greatly influenced the whole world in the ... extrusion or used as additives to increase wear resistance or frictional property of other materials. ... The chemical resistance and electrical properties of PCTFE are not as good as.
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Design and Characterization of Electroresponsive Polymers Based
Nov 20, 2015 ... identity of the counterion and the thermal, electrical, mechanical, and ... found to influence the properties such that longer chain lengths result in both a lower initial ..... Poly(ethylene-co-tetramethylammonium acrylate) ..... resistivity of the ionomer materials, as this property influence the effective voltage of the ...
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Properties of sulfonated polysulfone ionomers. - ScholarWorks
PROPERTIES OF SULFONATEDPOLYSULFONE IONOMERS. A Thesis ... effect of 1on1c groups 1n Increasing the modulus andglass tran- .... salt crosslink was introduced to explain such behavior. 13. As more ... electrical work of cluster collapse since: a. .... Ionic x-ray scattering peak of ethylene carboxylic lonomers. They.
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Matrix Polarity Effects on Ionic Aggregation in a Nitrated Styrene
Despite its high polarity, the diluent displayed the effects of typical nonpolar plasticizers, affecting the matrix and the ... properties of ethylene-based ionomers (t x 2.3) are dom- inated by ..... on the plunger, to serve as electrical contacts for the measure- ments. .... PS-0.10 MAA-Na samples cross-linked when heated to.
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Effect of Plasticization on Ionic Conductivity Enhancement in
Jul 8, 2016 ... relaxation in the crosslinked poly(ethylene glycol) diacrylate .... Ionic Conductivity of Crosslinked PEGDA/LiTFSI PEMs. Complex plane ...
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Radiation Technology in Emerging Industrial - IAEA Publications
Radiation crosslinking of polymer blend system: radiation degradative polymer ..... properties, also on the effect of electron beam irradiation on blends of the LDPE with ... applications as in insulation of electric wires, protection in heavy ... component was applied: ionomeric resin based on ethylene/methacrylic acid ( Surlyn).
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Segmental Dynamics of Ethylene Oxide-Containing Polymers with
Feb 25, 2016 ... This effect diminishes as the relative backbone concentration is decreased by increasing the ... transition temperature (Tg) dominates the conductivity.7,8 The low Tg of PEO ... mixtures and single-ion conducting ionomers) have been ..... Electrochemical Properties of Cross-Linked Solid Polymer Electrolyte.
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An Investigation of Ac Impedance and Dielectric Spectroscopic
Sep 21, 2015 ... (acrylonitrile) (PAN), poly (ethylene oxide) (PEO), (N-vinyl pyrrolidone) ... the electrical properties of CS-silane crosslinked-PVA blended films for ... The effect on conductivity of CS/PVA blended films due to change in the concentration of PVA ..... Nafion® ionomer into polyvinyl alcohol/chitosan composites to.
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Degradation and Recyclability of Poly (Ethylene - InTech
to deterioration of physical, chemical, thermal and electrical properties. ... bonds leading to lowering of molecular weight, crosslinking, cyclisation and thus .... which could be the combined effect of exposure to temperature, moisture, ..... Sulphonate groups present in Polyester B contributes to ionomer interaction and steric.
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Thermoplastic Elastomers - InTech
Mar 28, 2012 ... Elastomers are cross-linked after moulding or shaping to ... properties required for a thermoplastic elastomer when the butadiene ... methacrylate), urethane, ionomer – poly(ethylene-co-acrylic acid) ..... These factors have a critical effect .... Electric field induced strain was observed due to an increase in ...
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mechanical properties of ionomer/clay nanocomposite-modified epoxy
increase of crosslink in epoxy matrix which were caused by the reaction with epoxy and ionomer. ... additives to improve mechanical, electrical and the other properties; ... Effect of the addition of the nanocomposite on the thermal property ... of clay (montmorillonite) and thermoplastic resin, ethylene ionomer, in which 77% of ...
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Essentially this theory regards adhesion as one particular property of a ... This theory explains adhesive attraction forces in terms of electrostatic effects at an interface. This is based on the phenomenon of a electrical double layer formed at the ..... Ionomers - derived from ethylene acrylic acid copolymers but including a ...
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Article PDF - IOPscience
Jul 15, 2016 ... temperature-induced shape-memory effect in suitable alloys, such as the nickel/ titanium based ... increase the electrical conductivity of a polymer matrix based ... increases the resistivity of the composite and thus improves the heat ..... [23] Fall R 2001 Puncture reversal of ethylene ionomers— mechanistic ...
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Polymer nanotechnology: Nanocomposites - ScienceDirect
Of course, other polymer (and composite)-based properties derive benefits from ... flammability resistance, electrical/electronic properties, membrane properties, .... surface or interruption of the crosslink density due to confinement effects. ..... and methacrylic acid (and corresponding ionomers), the degree of exfoliation that  ...
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Professor of Electrical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering ... We studied dielectric properties and ion conduction of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) based polyester copolymer ionomers, with and without crown ether, using dielectric ... ionic Hall Effect measurements are investigated in several ionic systems.
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