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Evidence of Hydrothermal Activity at Apollinaris Patera, Mars
tial magmatic-driven hydrothermal activity on Mars ... of parts of the volcano to form chaotic terrain, and a ... ing candidate hydrothermal sites on Mars similar to.
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Detection of Hydrothermal Systems on Mars using Remote Sensing
1 Hydrothermal Systems and Processes on Earth and Mars. 9 .... 4 Magmatic- Driven Hydrothemal System Case Study: Apollinaris Patera. 55 ..... two regions on Mars: Sinus Meridiani, and Aram Chaos (refer to Figure 1.2 for locations mentined ...
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Hydrothermal systems on Mars: an assessment of - Jack Farmer
many outflow channels originate within chaotic terranes interpreted to have formed ... Potential hydrothermal sites were chosen based on the ..... Apollinaris.
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Exploration of hydrothermal targets on Mars - Visual and
the selection criteria at prospective locations due to obscuration .... MOLA-based images of candidate hydrothermal targets; (1) Apollinaris Patera ... contribute to the formation of the chaotic terrain, a system of channels that source at the south-.
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Paleotectonic map PDF - USGS Publications Repository
Apollinaris (Scott and others, 1993) and Hadriaca Paterae (Crown and ... In places, the chaotic material is embayed by the smooth unit of the plateau ..... noes, rift structures, and impact craters may suggest that local hydrothermal activity due to.
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15182 AND MTM - USGS Publications Repository - U.S. Geological
landing sites for future Mars missions, including those with a focus on ... grabens and chaotic terrain in the Ariadnes Colles area. .... Apollinaris Patera to the north. According to ..... (inclusive of carbonates), and hydrothermal deposits, including ...
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The Structure and Evolution of Ancient Impact Basins on Mars
Nov 30, 1982 ... Hydrothermal melting and temporary confinement of channel source materials at sites analogous to lunar sinuous rille source regions ... by endogenic processes related to the formation of chaotic and fretted terrains. This raises ...... ring of a 1000 km-diameter basin south of Apollinaris Patera. (Figure 11).
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PDF (1.3MB) - Wiley Online Library
[1] Gusev Crater was selected as the landing site for the Mars Exploration Rover ( MER). Spirit mission. ... Apollinaris Patera, Gusev is an outstanding site to achieve the goals of the MER mission. ..... Chaos in the deepest parts of some basins, and (6) the bowl- .... glacial/ice sheet, subsurface aquifers, hydrothermal activity.
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Hydrothermal Acid-sulfate Alteration at Krafla and Námafjall, Ne
hydrothermal acid-sulfate alteration of Mars-like high-Fe (15.48-16.27 wt. ...... These sites were selected because their basaltic composition is .... proposed at Nili Patera, SW Elysium Planitia, Apollinaris Patera, and Gusev Crater .... percent coarse-grained hematite are located at Aram Chaos and discrete locales within.
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Comparative geological studies of volcanic terrain on Mars
The two sites of interest are located in structurally complex zones (chaotic terrain) where basaltic lava fl ows, mafi .... important targets of endogenic-driven hydrothermal activity ..... on Axel Heiberg Island, and the Apollinaris volcanic terrain on.
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PDF (900.6KB) - Wiley Online Library
Apr 25, 1997 ... hydrothermal activity, rather than to a global cause such as climate ... tics vary from place to place and because in many places ..... Hcht chaotic member ..... tera , Apollinaris Patera, and Tyrrhena Patera) are much more.
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3D structure of the Gusev Crater region
Jan 29, 2010 ... Gusev Crater was the landing site for the Mars Exploration Rover. (MER) Spirit, in ... impacts, volcanics, fluvial-, hydrothermal and tectonic activity. Our study of ... Apollinaris Patera volcano, the Medusae Fossae Formation in the northeast, the chaotic terrain in the degraded de Vaucouleurs Crater in the west ...
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Dec 23, 2007 ... is in different geographic locations in its fixed orbit at 2 a.m. lo- cal time. Fig. 1. Global ..... or Apollinaris Patera (Whaler and Purucker, 2005), but most if not all have .... Ogawa and Manga (2007) showed that hydrothermal circulation will similarly .... and Margaritifer Chaos lies immediately to its northeast. 9.2.
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An ESA study for the search for life on Mars - Naturhistorisches
sites (whether from purely organo-chemical beginnings ... refuge in hydrothermal vents during periods of surface environmental ...... exposed on the surface in the chaotic terrains, on ... Apollinaris Patera (8.68S/187.58W) with possible hy-.
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and where localized geothermal/hydrothermal activity is .... and Apollinaris. Patera ... Chaotic terrain consists of slump and collapse blocks in steep-walled.
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azu_td_9333330_sip1_ - The University of Arizona Campus
Magmatic intrusions and hydrothermal systems: Implications ..... FIGURE 8.2, Estimated water volumes with hydrothermal discharges ..... . .. 104. FIGURE 8.3 ..... Apollinaris. Cratered ... Lunae Chaotic .... times and at different locations on Mars.
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Hydrovolcanic tuff rings and cones as indicators for - eLib - DLR
[2008] focused on Hydraotes Chaos, a region thought to have ... volcanoes [de Pablo and Caprarelli, 2010], 6 - Cone fields with hydrothermal activity [Lanz and. Saric ... 9 - Cerberus Fossae and Athabasca Valles [e.g., Plescia, 2003] and 10 - Apollinaris Patera. .... of annular ring basins that would have acted as locations of .
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Resources - Springer
A sheet of material thrown out from the site of a .... Chaotic terrain , 27, 28,. 36, 56, 91 .... Hydrothermal alteration , 16. I. IAU. ..... Apollinaris Mons , 111, 116, 187.
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