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Heterogeneous versus bulk nucleation of lysozyme crystals
Jan 15, 2010 ... Heterogeneous versus bulk nucleation of lysozyme crystals. F. V. Hodzhaoglu and C. N. Nanev*. Rostislaw Kaischew Institute of Physical ...
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Characterizing Protein Crystal Nucleation - Fraden Group - Brandeis
microfluidic method and measured nucleation rates of lysozyme crystals in supersatu- rated protein ... The pores act as heterogeneous nucleation centers and claimed[46] vi .... nucleation sites, m and the number density, ρN , of nucleation sites vs. ..... Nucleation is 'homogeneous' when it occurs spontaneously in the bulk of.
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Nucleation of protein crystals
Keywords: Crystals; Kinetics; Protein; Nucleation. 1. .... the bulk of the solution and play the critical role. Ac- cording to .... counts for heterogeneous nucleation ( see below). It is worth noting that .... supersaturation versus rate of development of super- ..... ation aggregate formation in lysozyme crystal growth solutions. J. Cryst.
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Protein Crystal Growth - The Journal of Biological Chemistry
GROWTH KINETICS FOR TETRAGONAL LYSOZYME CRYSTALS*. (Received for ... trolled by surface nucleation. Fiddis also ... where CB is the bulk solution concentration and C, the satu- ..... crystal size versus time and were found to vary +20% for any ..... causing a heterogeneous, rather than homogenous, surface.
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Crystal Growth & Design_12_3_2012.pdf - Spiral - Imperial College
Key Words: Heterogeneous crystallization, Protein, Mesoporous Templates, Porosity, ... control nucleation of a wide variety of proteins, has been ongoing for over 30 years and ... by 70K for pores sizes equal to twice Rg compared to the bulk conditions. ... Lysozyme: Crystals of lysozyme was observed within 12-24 hours on ...
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Light scattering as a diagnostic for protein crystal growth—A
protein crystals grow (nucleation and postnucleation ki- netics) as well as ... Eq. ( 1) indicates that a plot of Kc/R90 versus c allows the determination of Mw ... Veesler et al., 1994) that both charge heterogeneity and size heterogeneity ..... values for lysozyme in various crystallizing agents along .... and a bulk solution. A similar ...
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Heterogeneity of Protein Environments in Frozen Solutions and in
nucleation centers: (i) the freeze-concentrated solution forms a kinetically stable ... ter crystallization may occur during further cooling, resulting in a three-phase sys- .... tion and oxidation), whereas bulk versus surface difference for the ... detected in lysozyme/sorbitol/water system by small-angle neutron scattering. ( SANS).
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Generation of Size-Controlled, Submicrometer Protein Crystals
Nov 29, 2004 ... crystals are identical in structure to that of the bulk tetragonal lysozyme (a ) 79.05 Ε; ... chemically heterogeneous and chiral environment which comprises 30-65% of the total crystal volume.6 In lysozyme, .... nucleation in this regime is well separated from growth, and ..... Figure 11 presents yield versus.
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RESEARCH ARTICLES Macromolecular Impurities and - Physics
suppressed or enhanced nucleation, and changes in growth habit and morphology ... impurities on the quality of lysozyme crystals using a combination of X-ray ...
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Chapter 4 Spherulitic growth of hen egg-white lysozyme crystals
spherulites form for the lysozyme-nitrate system, showing that liquid-liquid ... crystal nucleation at all, or precipitates amorphously [1], depending on the degree of .... protein droplets might act as heterogeneous nuclei for the needles. However, we .... significantly lower than the bulk concentration during growth, indicating that.
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Crystallization seeds favour crystallization only during initial growth
May 15, 2015 ... Heterogeneous nucleation is thus often ... heterogeneous crystallization on the seed and in bulk with the ..... 5e–h versus Fig. 5i–l) and thus a ..... crystallization: scaling of charge and salt concentration in lysozyme solutions.
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Significance of Controlling Crystallization Mechanisms and Kinetics
Control of the processes of nucleation and crystal growth is possible as .... The dispersal of a bulk liquid into a collection of small ... tion, versus an initial buffer concentration below 8 mM, at 0.3 mM .... Heterogeneous nucleation mechanisms can significantly ...... Peters, R.; Georgalis, Y.; Saenger, W. Accessing Lysozyme.
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Monitoring protein crystallization by dynamic light scattering
Protein crystallization; Nucleation; Light scattering; Lysozyme 1. .... Rh.app.i)/ Rh. upp.i became 0.75 versus 0.55 in the preceding ex- periments (where ... on the scattering cell so as to reduce heterogenous nucleation, but without success. ... they grew on the glass walls of the scattering cell or out of the bulk of the solution.
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Nucleation and growth of lysozyme crystals under - ScienceDirect
Jun 3, 2002 ... Hen-egg-white lysozyme (HEWL) crystals;; Nucleation and growth ... relation: molecular structure versus biological function of proteins in ... According to the classical nucleation theory the heterogeneous crystal nucleation is easier. .... in the bulk supersaturated parent phase and the chemical potential μ2, ...
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Volume 43 / Number 3 - Bulgarian Chemical Communications
Lysozyme crystal nucleation in solution layers ... under the same conditions in Sigma solution; bulk nucleated crystals ... Key words: protein crystal nucleation, thin protein solution layers, heterogeneous vs. homogeneous nucleation, crystal.
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Crystallization screening: the influence of history on current practice
May 30, 2014 ... (hydrated) crystal of a protein in 1935, the importance of structural biology is without ..... 2003), lysozyme (Ewing et al., 1994), ovalbumin (Dumetz et al., 2009), ... shows a concentration of protein versus a concentration of precipitant. The ..... heterogeneous nucleation rates; for homogeneous nucleation of.
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Nucleation and growth of lysozyme crystals under external electric
Keywords: Hen-egg-white lysozyme (HEWL) crystals; Nucleation and growth under an ... tion: molecular structure versus biological func- ... cal nucleation theory the heterogeneous crystal ..... tential v2, of the molecules in the bulk new phase.
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First Direct Observation of Impurity Effects on the - ACS Publications
Aug 31, 2015 ... Tetragonal Lysozyme Crystals under Microgravity as Measured by. Interferometry ... in crystals, impurity in bulk solution, and protein in bulk solution, respectively. ... To confirm it, first, we will compare R versus σ data in an impure solution in ..... regions of heterogeneous 2D nucleation growth. Thus, we.
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Nucleation of Methane Hydrate in Water-In-Oil Emulsions: Role of
Apr 20, 2016 ... behaving as the centers of heterogeneous nucleation with similar activity in proximity to the water−organic interface (the ... development of the hydrate crystals on the surface of a droplet, .... two-stage mechanism of nucleation of protein lysozyme in .... nucleation pressure versus nucleation temperature.
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Download Appendix (PDF)
Jan 17, 2014 ... on the faces of orthorhombic glucose isomerase crystals. (Fig.1). .... tion function versus delay time τ for six different protein con- ... cleation, glucose isomerase and lysozyme crystallization ... the contribution of heterogeneous nucleation in the out- ... surface vulnerable to impurities present in the bulk liq-.
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