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Handling Fuzzy Information In Extended Possibility Based Fuzzy Relational Databases - Full Download
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Handling Missing Data in Extended Possibility-based Fuzzy
Handling Missing Data in Extended Possibility-based Fuzzy Relational Databases. Julie Yu-Chih Liu. Department of Information Management. Yuan Ze  ...
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Updating extended possibility-based fuzzy relational databases
imperfect information have been extensively introduced into relational data- .... cle is put on extended possibility-based fuzzy relational databases, and it is ...
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Data dependencies in extended possibility-based fuzzy relational
Fuzzy values have been employed to model imprecise information in data- ... extended possibility-based fuzzy relational databases.4,17 Based on the semantic.
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Towards the Methodology for Development of Fuzzy Relational
Methodologies for fuzzy-relational database applications development are ..... Ma , Z.M., Mili, F.: Handling Fuzzy Information in Extended Possibility-Based. Fuzzy ...
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Towards the implementation of a generalized fuzzy relational
and relational models based on possibility distribution. In the first ... handling fuzzy information in a classical RDBMS. The first ... to the implementation of fuzzy information in the system to be ... eral, and their validity is extended to implementa-.
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FREDDI: A fuzzy RElational deductive database interface
for the representation and handling of fuzzy information. ... i.e., the possibility of defining information through rules. This could allow us to define even ... models on which this implementation is based: A fuzzy relational database model and a logic ..... As we have seen, FREDDI functioning is based on an extended version of.
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A Fuzzy Probabilistic Relational Database Model and Algebra
Mar 27, 2013 ... This paper describes an extended relational data- ... two ways to model imprecise and uncertain information: one is based on fuzzy sets and possibility distributions ...... [15] S. Parsons, “Current approaches to handling im-.
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A Literature Overview of Fuzzy Database Models*
Jan 13, 2008 ... which fuzzy relational and object-oriented databases are discussed. ...... and F. Mili, “Handling fuzzy information in extended possibility-based.
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Implementing Imperfect Information in Fuzzy Databases - CiteSeerX
propose an extended fuzzy relational database model based on similarity relations. ... an extended fuzzy relational model where possibility and proximity arise in a ... In this paper the authors introduce proposals for handling ill- defined values ...
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GEFRED. A Generalized Model of Fuzzy Relational Data Bases. Ver
In this paper, we present a Fuzzy Relational Databases model whose main charac- ... capabilities for a wide series of fuzzy information and a coherent and exible handling ... There are basically two models that extend the classic relational model ... certain domain, in our model an attribute value of a tuple can be a possibility ...
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Using Fuzzy Relational Databases to Represent - UPCommons
Keywords: Flexible Query, Fuzzy Relational Databases, Olive Cultivation ... information)/Users(with a heterogeneous nature) by using planning based on the concept ... One of the most extended methodologies in information organization and ... 'Land rockiness is slightly high' matches the possibility distribution {0.6/ medium.
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Cluster Detection Analysis Using Fuzzy Relational Database
database, information storage and retrieval systems has been ... propose a possibility distribution-fuzzy-relational model, in ... handling uncertain and imprecise data [6], [7]. ..... Dependencies in Extended Possibility-Based Fuzzy Relational.
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Uncertain Query Processing using Vague Set or Fuzzy Set: Which
fuzzy relational database models, such as similarity-based relational model [6], ...... Mili F. (2002); Handling fuzzy information in extended possibility-based fuzzy.
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Fuzzy division in fuzzy relational databases: an approach
tuples of the division are obtained with a possibility degree that indicates the extent to which ... Keywords: Information storage and retrieval; Fuzzy queries; Fuzzy relational databases; Fuzzy relational algebra; Fuzzy ... els that, based on the relational model, extend it in ... of representing and handling imprecise or uncertain.
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Relaxing the universal quantifier of the division in fuzzy relational
this paper we have extended the fuzzy SQL language to express any kind of fuzzy ... tation and management of fuzzy information in relational databases and this ... but other values can be allowed, as, for example, possibility distributions in 0, .... This system is based on the generalized fuzzy division method,2,3,25 summa-.
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A New Functional Dependency in a Vague Relational Database Model
direction and several fuzzy relational database models have been proposed to model ... [12] have proposed a vague relational model based on vague set theory and a ...... “Handling Fuzzy Information in Extended Possibility-. Based Fuzzy ...
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An Approach for Normalizing Fuzzy Relational Databases Based on
dependency for fuzzy relational databases is derived from the basic ... symmetry the proof of join dependency based normalization ... relation schemas that allows us to store information ... analyze the possibility of functional dependency and ... extended to Fuzzy relational databases[2]. That is .... in handling real world data.
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pfsql: a fuzzy sql language with priorities - Laboratory for
languages today. Key Words: Fuzzy relational database; Priority fuzzy ... possibilities has been utilized since the 1980s. One of the ... represent values and what information about them has to be stored in ... implementation is based on. ... queries, we extended the classical SQL with several new ... Queries are handled using.
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Vol 1, Issue 2 - JITA
to provide international dissemination of contributions in field of Information .... overview of Fuzzy Relational Database Models with emphasis on the role of functional ... tages related not only to algorithm speed, but also to possibilities for further ... This paper discusses logarithm-based approximate multipliers and squarers, ...
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Incomplete conjunctive information - ScienceDirect
Information is said to be conjunctive when pertaining to many-valued ... Then I = { i I n(Ai) > 0}, and 7r (A,) is the possibility (in the sense of Zadeh [12]) that .... 0, otherwise, pA It is a fuzzy relation equation [21]; this equation has always a ... In the more general case .sad is a fuzzy subset 2', defined by equation (15), i.e. dB a 2, ...
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