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Handles Complex Programs With Conditional Branching Nested Loops - [Full Version]
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Handles Complex Programs With Conditional Branching Nested Loops - Full Download
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Handles Complex Programs With Conditional Branching Nested Loops - [Complete Version]
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Abstract Acceleration of General Linear Loops
Jan 7, 2014 ... preters and can handle programs with nested loops and loops con- taining conditional branches. We evaluate it over small but complex.
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Wish Branches: Combining Conditional Branching and Predication
branches, called wish loops, which utilize predication to reduce the misprediction penalty for .... Several solutions have been proposed to handle this problem: converting ... tion of a program compared to conditional branch prediction. First, ..... can also be used in complex control flow where there are multiple branches ...
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Finding Plans with Branches, Loops and Preconditions
We present a new approach for finding conditional plans with loops and ... program-like structure with loops and branches (by deter- ... some classes of plans with nested loops and branches. To ..... We define a simple loop as a cycle of nodes, and a complex .... solution example plan handled one bin with a glass object.
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pdf - arXiv.org
Mar 11, 2016 ... handle nonlinear arithmetic, determine closed- form symbolic ... variables in complex and non-obvious ways; even determining ... an extension of the error estimation to programs with simple loops, .... an exception if the given condition is violated. .... conditions on branches can be expressed with nesting.
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Static analysis of energy consumption for LLVM IR programs
Static energy consumption analysis of LLVM IR programs. Neville Grech .... ( conditional branch) ... ple expressions, which can be handled by the PUBS solver . The .... After compilation, nested loop program structures are mangled by compiler ... complex CFGs, and therefore in order to analyze programs with nested loops ...
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Data-Flow Based Detection of Loop Bounds - Cullmann I/O
To calculate the WCET of a program, safe upper bounds ... more complex loops with multiple modifications of the loop ... Additional, it detects and handles overflows of size limited .... Check for a conditional branch instruction that domi-.
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Hardware Loop Buffering
and floating-point programs also leads to ... dynamic and static branch elimination in hardware, ... gains has traditionally been handled by compiler loop unrolling ... eliminated by reducing the number of conditional checks and recovery instructions involved in the loop. ..... highly complex system tracks multiple paths into the.
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Invariant and Type Inference for Matrices - ETH Zürich
erate loop properties, we first transform a nested loop iterating over a multi- ... of invariant generation over scalars, which could only handle unnested loops ..... loop encodes the behavior of one conditional branch of P. The unnested ..... proving [19], and extending our method to handle programs with more complex matrix.
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Abstract Acceleration of General Linear Loops - HAL-Inria
Jan 16, 2014 ... preters and can handle programs with nested loops and loops con- taining conditional branches. We evaluate it over small but complex.
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dbridge: a program rewrite tool for set-oriented query execution
A tool that implements these ideas on Java programs .... Handles complex programs with: ▫. Conditional branching (if-then-else) structures. ▫. Nested loops . ▫.
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DragonBox - Department of Computer Science
Division algorithm has a nested loop and uses two spreadsheet properties: ... and C{2S}{2S} is a conditional with two statements in each branch. ..... previous techniques cannot efficiently handle programs complex control flow such as nested.
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Verification and falsification of programs with loops using predicate
In the case of loops, the refinement algorithm often adds one predicate in order to ...... Note that the algorithm is able to handle more than one loop, and even nested loops. .... Note that the branches of the conditional statement in the loop body are alternating. .... 21 c turn out to be too complex for the underlying SAT solver.
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Refining the control structure of loops using static analysis
Oct 16, 2009 ... 1. INTRODUCTION. Imperative while loops with a complex control structure ... by complex control flow, including conditional branches, nested loops, .... tive domains do not handle large programs, especially in the presence of ...
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Elimination of overhead operations in complex loop - CiteSeerX
conditional control flow at certain nesting levels in the loop body and ... of hardware looping units, which can handle the case of perfect loop .... trarily complex loop nesting of an application program; .... forward branch condition (for fwd tasks).
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to loops and library calls is challenging, as the computation and ... program semantics needed by static analysis; and 3) the dynamic information from multiple runs is aggregated via regression ... can make it applicable for complex software systems [8]. ..... the conditional branch if statement, symbolic analysis performs a fork ...
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Softspec: Software-based Speculative Parallelism - MIT Computer
requiring no complex program analysis or hardware sup- port. ... compilers consists of nested loops with affine array accesses written in a ... handles more complicated loops. Section 5 gives ... dle loop-carried dependences, branches in loop bodies, while loops .... tion conditional at the end of the loop is needed, instead of.
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Paper - ACM Digital Library
Jun 17, 2015 ... analysis with a novel path-dependent, conditional analysis to refine the dependence ... tend these transformations to handle more sophisticated programs, including those ... not on nested loops, but instead on repeated recursive traversals of .... for programs that loop over arrays to more complex programs.
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The General Rapid Architecture Description1 - University of
units that handle a specialized number representation for probability distributions . ... and or as variable-length shift registers with perhaps the provision for complex ..... program comprises nested loops with some conditional branches and ...
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Characteristic Studies of Loop Problems for Structural Test
constraints on inputs from the executed branch statements. DSE then .... Dependent Loops (IDLs), and identify nested loops that pose challenges for various ...
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Effective Compiler Support for Predicated Execution Using the
an efficient method to handle conditional branches. Predi- cated or ... loop backward branches from a program. Predicated ... numeric code, overlapping the execution of multiple loop it- erations ..... and thus require more complex analysis.
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