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Guided Saccades Modulate Object And Face Specific Activity In The Fusiform - [Full Version]
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Guided Saccades Modulate Object And Face Specific Activity In The Fusiform - Full Download
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Guided Saccades Modulate Object And Face Specific Activity In The Fusiform - [Complete Version]
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Guided saccades modulate object and face-specific activity in the
Guided Saccades Modulate Object and. Face-Specific Activity in the Fusiform Gyrus. James P. Morris1 and Gregory McCarthy1,2*. 1Duke-UNC Brain Imaging  ...
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Guided saccades modulate face- and body-sensitive activation in
Mar 17, 2008 ... the character's face. Little to no activity occurred in the body-sensitive region of LOTC when the subjects' saccades were guided over.
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Controlled scanpath variation alters fusiform face activation. Social
We investigated the influence of experimentally guided saccades and fixations on fMRI activation in brain regions specialized for ..... modulated by experimental condition. ..... object and face-specific activity in the fusiform gyrus Human Brain.
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(2015). Working memory. In A.W. Toga (Ed.), Brain Mapping
use in instruction at your institution, sending it to specific colleagues who you know, and providing a copy .... spatial and object working memory in the same subjects. ..... Activity in fusiform face area modulated as a .... guided saccades. Journal ...
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Progress in Brain Research, Vol. 144 - CiteSeerX
differentially to faces with emotional content, including the amygdala, did so only when sufficient ... modulate activity within visual processing regions .... 1998), activity in the fusiform gyrus, which is known ..... visually guided saccades in monkeys with striate .... mechanisms specific to explicit visual object recognition. Neuron ...
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Material-independent and material-specific activation in functional
Keywords: checkerboards, faces, fusiform face area, human, perceptual learning ..... stimuli, with intermixed faces eliciting more activity than blocked faces. Fig. .... 14 Morris JP, McCarthy G. Guided saccades modulate object and face-specific ...
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Scanning Strategies Do Not Modulate Face Identification: Eye - Plos
Jun 10, 2010 ... eye and mouth areas) intensified activity in the fusiform gyrus ... relationship between scanning strategy and brain activity in specific areas. Thus ...... Morris JP , McCarthy G (2007) Guided saccades modulate object and face-.
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Atypical Disengagement from Faces and Its Modulation by the
Aug 17, 2010 ... Autism spectrum disorder Face Disengagement Saccade-related ERPs Gap overlap task ... repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behaviour, interest and activity ... 1d) to examine disengagement from faces and non-face objects .... the eyes could enhance activation of fusiform gyrus in ASD (Hadjikhani et al.
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Face Detection and Individuation: Interactive and Complementary
Dec 23, 2014 ... extent face and object processing are dissoci- ated, and how facial ... fusiform face area (FFA)1; regions in the ventral ... volved in modulating attention to facial stimuli ... face-specific activation such as the LFG (Kan- ..... The reduced activity of the LOC when ..... guide recognition of the facial identity might be.
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1974 AB Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New J - Human
Fusiform Gyrus, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 9(5): 605-610. 90. Belger, A. ..... Guided saccades modulate object and face-specific activity in the fusiform ...
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Increased Activity in Human Visual Cortex during Directed Attention
Visual scenes contain typically many different objects, according to which ...... of activity related to the preparation of saccadic eye rons. The increases ..... guided visual search. .... attention modulates face-specific activity in the human fusiform.
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Noninvasive detection of face perception characteristics in children
faces. The findings suggest that these specific face recognition characteristics are the result of .... tion for images of objects (but not people's faces) was longer in .... activity in the fusiform gyrus was modulated by ..... Guided saccades modulate ...
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Effects of Attention and Emotion on Face Processing in the Human
Right fusiform activity was greater for fearful than neutral faces, ... Our specific goals were to determine whether processing of fearful expression in faces can ... However, modulation of fusiform responses to faces by attention has since been .... A few saccades occurred after stimulus onset (mean 2.9 ± SD 2.8 per event type; ...
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Increased Activity in Human Visual Cortex during Directed Attention
The increased activity in visual cortex in the absence of visual stimulation may ... mechanisms underlying the attentional selection of a relevant object from a ..... human IPS, especially investigations demonstrating saccade-related activity in IPS, ..... Covert visual attention modulates face-specific activity in the human fusiform ...
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REVIEWS - Cognitive Science
neural activity in the specific cortical areas that percep- ... the entire scene to a high level, including identification of objects. Attention then selects a subset of this highly ... neural responses to visual stimuli can be modulated .... visually guided action towards it. ... was higher in the face-selective FUSIFORM FACE AREA.
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Testing cognitive models of visual attention with fMRI and MEG - MIT
for the modulation of face representations by attention; confirmation of the independent contributions ..... cessing, as revealed by activity in the face-specific FFA,.
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1Imaging Expectations and Attentional Modulations in - MIT Press
depend solely on the neural activity evoked by individual objects, but is also ..... ( 1994) showed that attention to faces modulated a large swath of tissue in ventral ... that attention to specific visual field locations enhances activity in corre- ..... They include the mid-fusiform gyrus (mFus), lateral occipital, middle temporal area.
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Activation and information in working memory research - PostLab
Dec 18, 2012 ... greater delay-period activity for, say, object information vs. spatial information, has been taken as ... The classic example is that of the “fusiform face area” (FFA), a region in ... specific” regions of cortex with functional localizer scans (e.g., ... during the “delay” period of a visually guided saccade task, when no ...
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Control of Object-based Attention in Human Cortex - Cerebral Cortex
May 27, 2004 ... modulation of activity in face- and house-selective cortical regions. ... Keywords: attentional control, fMRI, object-based attention, parietal cortex ... guide the selection of a region of space (Fink et al., 1997; .... subjects, nor were any instructions given to maintain a specific gaze ...... saccadic eye movements.
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Distinguishing the Functional Roles of Multiple Regions in
Oct 25, 1999 ... tained activity during memory delays versus transient ... maintenance, or spatial versus face working memory, ... Modulation of sustained ..... visually guided saccade task (yellow outline), overlaid on the subject's Talairach normalized MR image (axial .... object and spatial working memory or is more specific.
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