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Graph folding and programmable logic array - Wiley Online Library
Graph Folding and Programmable. Logic Array. T. C. Hu. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, University of. California, San Diego, La ...
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multiple folding of programmable logic arrays - EPFL
a logic array called multiple row and column folding. and two phr ... graph theoretic representation of the multiple folding problem, that is used to develop a  ...
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Optimizing Programmable Logic Arrays Using the - Journals
Abstract: In the paper the programmable logic array (PLA) topological ..... vertices of the graph G. In other words the size of folding associated with a row ...
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Graph theoretic algorithms for the PLA folding problem - IEEE Xplore
Absfract-Graph theoretic properties of the PLA folding problem are presented which not ... HE programmable logic array (PLA) is a hardware. T form in extensive ...
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An efficient algorithm for bipartite PLA folding - Computer-Aided
Abstract-Programmable Logic Arrays (PLA's) provide a flexible and efficient .... cliques in the graphs correspond to the PLA folding set, and Greedy algorithm [5],  ...
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Achieving optimality for gate matrix layout and PLA folding: A graph
The Programmable Logic Array (PLA) is a regular layout of logical gates that is ... The optimal multiple/simple PLA folding and the gate matrix layout problems.
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Optimum PLA Folding through Boolean Satisfiability - CiteSeerX
The Programmable Logic Array (PLA) is a very effective structure for the design ... A BDD is an acyclic directed graph (DAG) representing a multiple output logic ...
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arXiv:1601.01824v2 [cs.DM] 18 Jan 2016 -
duce and study five types of PC acyclicity in edge-colored graphs such that graphs of ... and in VLSI for compacting programmable logical arrays [12]. They are also ..... [12] T.C. Hu and Y.S. Kuo, Graph folding and programmable logical arrays,.
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Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)
Programmable logic Cell (PLC). ▫. Mux-based cells. ▫. Look up table. ▫. PLA ... Array (FPGA). ▫ Programming .... to fold two columns into one if the rows they use don't .... Complete graph: wire length = (2/n) Σ(i,j) distance (i,j) where I and j are ...
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An efficient algorithm for optimal PLA folding - Circuits and Systems
ing and row folding of column-folded PLA is presented, which is significantly faster than ... section graph, ii) determination of products' order using. Fiduccia's min-net cut ..... Vincentelli, “Techniques for programmable logic array folding,” Proc.
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66 - EECS - University of Michigan
Key words: Programmable logic devices, FPGAs, Logic synthesis, State ..... Folded NAND arrays as exemplified by the PML devices of Signetics. ... A generic block diagram of a complex PLD, typifying the MAX (multiple array matrix) family.
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Chinese Postman Problem on Edge-Colored Multigraphs
Dec 22, 2015 ... edge is assigned a color; a multigraph G is called k-edge-colored if only ...... Hu and Y. S. Kuo, Graph folding and programmable logical arrays,.
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Experience with Crystal, Charlotte and Lynx Second -
We present distributed implementations of PLA folding, a ..... A programmable logic array (PLA) is an effective tool for implementing multiple output combina- .... vertices of the graph and the column numbers of the PLA personality matrix.
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Hardness of approximation of the Balanced Complete Bipartite
May 6, 2004 ... finding a maximum balanced biclique in a balanced bipartite graph. • The maximum edge ... for PLA-folding [RL88], where PLA-folding is a process used to reduce the size of programmable logical arrays. For a full description ...
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Foldable compatibility matrix for the folding of programmable logic
Programmable logic arrays (PLA) are now being extensively used in the design ... rithms are graph theoretic (Grass 1982, Hachtel et aL 1982, Lewandowski and  ...
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Application of CAD to knitting machine design -
Smile: a computer program for partitioning of programmed logic arrays Giovanni De ... We present a graph theoretic interpretation of the problem and an efficient ... Block folding aims to determine a permutation of the rows (and/or columns) of ..... and multiple constrained folding of Programmable Logic Arrays' unpublished  ...
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Logic Arrays - Hindawi Publishing Corporation
column folding, are discussed in more details to illustrate our general methodology. Key Words: ... ture is widely used in Programmable Logic Devices. (PLDs).
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pdf - UCI
Feb 13, 2013 ... execute fast on FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays). We introduce ... PE ( processing element) graph using graph theoretic folding techniques. .... The general problem of placing logic into a programmable FPGA fabric has ...
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Compiling dataflow graphs into hardware
GRAPHS INTO HARDWARE BE ACCEPTED AS FULFILLING IN PART REQUIRE- ..... (Programmable Array Logic, with a programmable AND array and fixed OR ..... 18,000, and should allow up to a four-fold increase in processing speed.
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Compiling SA-C Programs to FPGAs - Computer Science
Over the past several years, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have evolved ... example, the Xilinx XV-1000 Virtex FPGA contains 12,288 logic blocks , each con- .... Once the SA-C compiler has translated the data flow graph into VHDL, commer- ... constant folding; in particular, it propagates constants through arrays.
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