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Drive Pref among rewards.pdf - Stanford University
Narrative stories as mediators for serial learning. GORDON H. BOWER and MICHAI. C. CLARK, Stanford. University, Stanford, Calif. 943.05. Subjects learned 12 ...
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Hierarchical Retrieval Schemes in Recall of Categorized Word Lists1
Hierarchical Retrieval Schemes in Recall of Categorized Word Lists1. GORDON H. BOWER, MICHAL C. CLARK, ALAN M. LESGOLD, AND DAVID WINZENZ.
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Gordon H. Bower . ,._. ' '7. Stanford University M. I'm going to talk about memory from the perspective of. a psychologist. In considering how to get s tarted, ...
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A short history of memory research
GORDON H. BOWER. Background: Associationism. Psychology as a discipline developed out of philosophical discussions regarding the na- ture of the mind ...
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Memory and Mind: A Festschrift for Gordon H. Bower - Gluck
May 10, 2007 ... FRONT ROW: Sharon Bower, Bill Estes, Gordon Bower, Karl Pribram, Lera Boroditsky. 9009_FM_Gluck_LEA 5/10/07 1:00 PM Page ii ...
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Story Understanding as Problem Solving - Teachers College
The research of Gordon H. Bower is supported by a research grant, No. MH- 13905, from the ... J.B. Black, G.H. Bower / Story understanding as problem- solving.
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The logic of memory representation. In G.H. Bower - ALICE KIM
Endel Tulving and Gordon H. Bower lation in cognitive psychology, too, centers on the dual nature of mind, mind as an entity and mind as a process. A long ...
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A propositional theory of recognition memory - ACT-R
GORDON H. BOWER. Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. This paper modifies the Anderson and Bower (1972) theory of recognition memory for ...
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Comprehension and memory for pictures | SpringerLink
Authors. Gordon H. Bower, ... DOI : 10.3758/BF03212900. Cite this article as: Bower, G et al. Memory & Cognition (1975) 3: 216. doi:10.3758/BF03212900.
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Reducing Retroactive Interference: An Interference - Psychology
Gordon H. Bower, Sharon Thompson-Schill, and Endel Tulving. In 4 experiments on retroactive interference (RI), we varied paired-associate learning lists that.
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Mood and self-efficacy: Impact of joy and sadness on perceived
... of Sydney. Gordon H. Bower ... Cite this article as: Kavanagh, D.J. & Bower, G.H. Cogn Ther Res (1985) 9: 507. doi:10.1007/BF01173005. Citations: 98 ...
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Categorization, Recognition, and Unsupervised Learning
In Gordon Bower's laboratory in the late 1980s and early 1990s, unsupervised learning was in the air. Several of his students were working on categorization as .
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D.E.S.C. Script for Assertiveness
script was developed by Sharon and Gordon Bower and is discussed more fully in their book, Asserting. Yourself. DESC stands for Describe, Express, Specify, ...
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Mood Effects on Person-Perception Judgments - American
Mood Effects on Person-Perception Judgments. Joseph P. Forgas. University of New South Wales, Kensington, Australia. Gordon H. Bower. Stanford University.
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Reminding and mood-congruent memory - Springer
1983,21 (6),431-434. Reminding and mood-congruent memory. STEPHEN G. GILLIGAN and GORDON H. BOWER. Stanford University, Stanford, California.
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Dimension 1 - Cooperative Communication
Sharon A. Bower and Gordon H. Bower, Asserting Yourself.84 Presents ... Bowers' emphasis on describing the positive consequences that would flow from  ...
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References - jcr-admin.org
Anderson, John R. and Gordon H. Bower (1973), Human Associative ... Bower, Gordon H. (1981), ―Mood and Memory,‖ American Psychologist, 36 (2), ...
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Cross-modal recognition of pictures and descriptions without - Arts
Research Councd of Canada Grant A7459 I thank Gordon Bower for supplying his materials, Joanna Dekaban for collecting the data, and the Department of ...
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A processing approach to the dual coding hypothesis. - UCLA
thank Gordon Bower who extended both perceptive comments and financial support (NIMH Grant No. MH13950-08). In addition the present research.
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Get PDF (1410K) - Wiley Online Library
COGNITIVE SCIENCE 8, 1-26 (1984). Discrimination Nets as Psychological Models*. LAWRENCE W. BARSALOU. Emory University. GORDON H. BOWER.
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Emotion, intelligence, and emotional - University of New Hampshire
Gordon Bower, an award winner the following year, examined mood's profound influences on memory. He described a spreading activation model of memory in  ...
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Mathematical Models for Memory and Learning. - Indiana University
No. NGR-05-020-036. The authors also wish to acknowledge their indebtedness to Gordon Bower who, in discussion, contributed substantially to many of the.
[ 1965 Mathematical Models for Memory and Learning. Shiffrin, Atkinson.pdf - Read/Download File

Other Research Conducted by the Research Team
Carroll,A., Houghton, S.,Wood, R., Unsworth, K., Hattie, J., Gordon, L., Bower, J. ( 2009). Self-efficacy and academic achievement in Australian high school ...
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PDF(1159K) - Wiley Online Library
By A. R. JONCKHEERE and GORDON H. BOWER. University College London. Stanford University. Many current stochastic models of learning imply stationarity  ...
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Full Text (PDF)
Communicated by Gordon H. Bower, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, February 6, 2001 (received for review December 2, 2000). Although the presence of an ...
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Context-independent and context-dependent information in concepts
Barsalou and Bower (Note 1) have proposed that prop- erties become automatically ... National Institute of Mental Health to Gordon H. Bower and by a National ...
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Category Learning as Schema Induction - California State University
Gordon Bower and I began a number of years ago, when I was a graduate student .... Instance- and category-learning model based on Clapper and Bower.
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