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giant tortoise - Galapagos Conservancy
$1,000,000 in Giant Tortoise conservation efforts in the Galapagos. Islands. These efforts seek to reverse some of the damage caused by humans going back as ...
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migration by galapagos giant tortoises requires landscape-scale
Migration by Galapagos giant tortoises requires landscape-scale conservation efforts. Pp. 144-150. In: Galapagos Report 2013-2014. GNPD, GCREG, CDF and  ...
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Seed dispersal by Galpagos tortoises - Galapagos Tortoise
generalist diet, benign digestive processes and long-distance ranging ability, rendering giant tortoises adept seed dispersers. We sought to determine the extent.
[ blake_et_al_2012_j_biogeog_seed_dispersal_in_galapagos_tortoises.pdf - Read/Download File

The rise and fall of the Aldabran giant tortoise population
in 1995^1996 and 1996^1997. Keywords: Aldabra; giant tortoise Geochelone gigantea Schweigger; population census; monitoring;. Seychelles; Indian Ocean.
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The first substantiated case of trans-oceanic tortoise dispersal
In December 2004 an Aldabra giant tortoise Dipsochelys dussumieri was washed ashore on the coast of east Africa, probably having been carried off the shore ...
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Captive breeding of Dipsochelys giant tortoises - Island Biodiversity
Abstract: The Seychelles Giant Tortoise Conservation Project captive breeding programme for the Seychelles tortoises Dipsochelys arnoldi and D. hololissa is ...
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Galapagos Giant Tortoise (Geochelone elephantopus)
Galapagos Giant Tortoise. (Geochelone elephantopus). The Galapagos giant tortoises were once widespread, but are now near extinction. The tortoises can ...
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Giant Tortoise Distribution and Abundance in the - BioOne
Giant Tortoise Distribution and Abundance in the Seychelles Islands: Past, Present, and Future. JUSTIN GERLACH. 1. , GE´ RARD ROCAMORA. 2.
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Aldabrachelys hololissa (Günther 1877) – Seychelles Giant Tortoise
Dec 31, 2011 ... Conservation Biology of Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises: A Compilation ... the Aldabra Giant Tortoise Aldabrachelys gigantea (= Dipsochelys ...
[ crm_5_061_hololissa_v1_2011.pdf - Read/Download File

Are the native giant tortoises from the Seychelles really extinct? A
The extinction of the giant tortoises of the Seychelles Archipelago has long been ... ity today alongside giant tortoises of Aldabra, which are numerous in zoos as ...
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respiratory exchange and body size in the aldabra giant tortoise
that a 5 kg tortoise T. denticulata increased its metabolism by as much as 3-5 time4 ... All nine giant tortoises used in this study were collected on south island,  ...
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The Use of Extant Non-Indigenous Tortoises as a Restoration Tool
toises as ecological replacements for extinct giant tortoises is a realistic ... of endemic giant Cylindraspis tortoises on the Mascarene. Islands have left a legacy of ...
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Aldabrachelys arnoldi (Bour 1982) – Arnold's Giant Tortoise
Oct 18, 2009 ... Arnold's giant tortoise, Aldabrachelys arnoldi (= Dipsochelys arnoldi) (Family. Testudinidae) ... Later, in his review of the giant tortoises, Arnold.
[ crm_5_028_arnoldi_v1_2009.pdf - Read/Download File

Giant tortoise Geochelone gigantea translocation to curieuse island
An experimental translocation of Aldabran giant tortoises Geochelone gigantea to Curieuse in the granitic Seychelles is evaluated. Between 1978 and 1982, ...
[ 1-s2.0-0006320794904294-main.pdf?_tid=893c3436-ef2d-11e3-bf63-00000aab0f6b&acdnat=1402246640_bbf56456b3a366589ec9b4c8abe2758d - Read/Download File

Tortoise Breeding and 'Re-wilding' on Rodrigues Island
Oct 30, 2013 ... occurring there: the Rodrigues Giant Saddleback Tortoise,. Cylindraspis ... tortoise species (Aldabra Giant Tortoises, Aldabrachelys gigantea ...
[ 28-Griffiths&al.pdf - Read/Download File

The Indian Ocean giant tortoise Testudo gigantea on Aldabra
The Indian Ocean giant tortoise survives on Aldabra,an atoll north-west of Madagascar. The. Bristol Seychelles Expedition estimated the total numbers as ...
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Issue 32 June 2015 First results in from Aldabra Giant Tortoise
First results in from Aldabra Giant Tortoise exclusion plots. The exclusion plots are designed to keep the giant tortoises out İ R. Baxter. After more than a year, the ...
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Ecological history and latent conservation potential: large and giant
evidence that large and giant tortoises (family Testudinidae) are a useful model to rapidly provide ... Worldwide, at least 36 species of large and giant tortoises.
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Giant tortoises are not so slow: Rapid diversification and
diversification of giant Galápagos tortoises by using mtDNA se- quences ... endangered giant Galá pagos tortoises represent a rapid allopatric radiation and  ...
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The restoration of the giant tortoise and land iguana populations in
The giant tortoise Geochelonespp. and land iguana Conolophus subcristatus programs of the ... The rearing and repatriation of giant tortoises Geochelone.
[ GR_65_2008_Cayot_Restoration_of_giant_tortoise.pdf - Read/Download File

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