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Gestural Communication In Subadult Bonobos Pan Paniscus Repertoire - Full Download
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Gestural communication in subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus
used by bonobos (Pan paniscus), based on observations of subadult bonobos and ... establishes that the gestural repertoire of bonobos can be characterized.
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The Onset of Gestural Communication 1 Running head: The Onset
Title: The Onset and Early Use of Gestural Communication in Nonhuman Great. 5 . Apes. 6. 7. 8 ... relatives derives from studies on subadult and adult individuals. ... We observed six bonobos (Pan paniscus), eight chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes ),. 102 ..... (Gorilla gorilla): Repertoire, intentionality and possible origins. Animal.
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Running head: The Mother's Role in Gestural Acquisition 1 Number
Title: What role do mothers play in the gestural acquisition of Pan paniscus and. 5 . Pan troglodytes? 6. Keywords: communication, gesture acquisition, bonobo, chimpanzee, mother-infant. 7 dyad ... belong to a universal species-typical pool and that apparent repertoire differences. 42 ...... Gestural communication in subadult.
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gestural communication by wild chimpanzees - University of Michigan
13. Pika S, Liebal K, and Tomasello M. (2005). Gestural communication in subadult bonobos. (Pan paniscus): repertoire and use. Am J Primatol, 65(1), 39- 61.
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Do bonobos say NO by shaking their head? 1 Running head: Do
Communication; Gestures; Head shaking; Pan paniscus. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15 ... The head shake gesture (i.e., moving the head horizontally from side to side) is. 26 ..... (Gorilla gorilla): Repertoire, Intentionality and Possible Origins. ... Pika S, Liebal K ,Tomasello M (2005) Gestural Communication in Subadult Bonobos (Pan. 236.
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Pika 2008 - Dr. Jennifer Vonk
Apr 10, 2008 ... from the gestural communication of our ape-like ancestors. ... (Pan troglodytes), bonobos (Pan paniscus), gibbons (genus Hylobates), gorillas ..... reported that subadult siamangs (N 7) use a gestural repertoire of 17 different.
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The Gestural Communication of Bonobos (Pan paniscus
pantomime, which in turn allowed for rich gestural communication. ..... Figure 7: Comparison of gesturing percentages between adult and subadult age groups .... .... ... Their observation of two bonobo groups has generated a gestural repertoire .
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The Meanings of Chimpanzee Gestures - St Andrews Research
context for gestural communication [7,10], but in play gestures are not necessarily . 116 used with their ..... subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): repertoire and use.
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Protolanguage in ontogeny and phylogeny - Greenfield Laboratory
a considerable repertoire of communicative gestures and vocal signals; combina- tions of gesture with another mode of communication; conventionalization of gesture; and use of ... Comparative data are presented from four bonobos (Pan paniscus) — Kanzi, Mu- ..... Gestural communication in subadult bonobos (Pan.
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Captive chimpanzees use their right hand to communicate with each
and gestural communication systems of nonhuman primates remains a topic of intense research ...... subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): repertoire and use.
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A structure-based repertoire of manual gestures in wild - Rero Doc
May 2, 2014 ... Great ape gestural communication is considered important in understanding the ...... subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): repertoire and use.
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Multi-Modal Use of a Socially Directed Call in Bonobos - Plos
Jan 15, 2014 ... has been that the vocal repertoire of monkeys and apes is highly ... consequently, studying vocal and gestural communication sepa- rately may not be the ... of bonobos (Pan paniscus), a close relative of chimpanzees and humans .... including adult, subadult and juvenile males and females and 1 infant.
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CV Katja Liebal - Freie Universität Berlin
Gestural communication in subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): Repertoire and use. American Journal of Primatology, 65 (1), 39-61. Liebal, K., Pika, S., Call, J., ...
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Cooperative Communication: What Do Primates And Corvids Have
and human communication may be bridged by looking for precursor adaptations to human ... subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): Gestural repertoire and use.
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Social games between bonobos and humans - Gli Amici dei Bonobo
Sep 25, 2007 ... Key words: Pan paniscus; social games; social intelligence; cooperation; cognitive evolution. INTRODUCTION ..... in subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): gestural repertoire and use. ... Communication and co-operation in early.
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Download PDF - Plos
Nov 27, 2013 ... Pika S, Liebal K, Tomasello M (2005) Gestural communication in subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): Gestural repertoire and use. American ...
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To Beg, or Not to Beg? That Is the Question: Mangabeys - Plos
Jul 18, 2012 ... Background: Although gestural communication is widespread in primates, few studies focused on the cognitive .... the subjects' size (D: subadults =30 cm, adult females =40 cm, ..... bonobos (Pan paniscus): repertoire and use.
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Full Text PDF - Department of Social Sciences - Oxford Brookes
Gestural head movements in captive bonobos (Pan paniscus); use, function and evolutionary implications . .... on the gestural repertoire of great apes, head gestures as a .... communication in subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): repertoire and ...
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Report Spatial Reference in a Bonobo Gesture
Feb 12, 2013 ... undescribed human-like beckoning gesture in bonobos that has ... in the natural communication of wild and captive individuals. [15–21].
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Language as gesture
Aug 8, 2009 ... Actions belonging to the observer's own motor repertoire are mapped onto ...... Gestural communication in subadult bonobos (Pan paniscus): ...
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