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Introduction to GPU Programming with GLSL - Google Project Hosting
vertex primitives; the geometry shader, responsible to build the geometry from ...... The last example is a GPU Spike Effect that illustrate a special effect using the ...
[ glsl-intro-survey.pdf - Read/Download File

Introduction to GPU Programming with GLSL - Impa
Spike Effect (AM). GPGPU (RM). Particle System ... 2002: basic programmability. 2004: GLSL (OpenGL 2.0), vertex and fragment shader. 2006: geometry shader.
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User Guide (PDF) - NVIDIA Developer
Nov 2, 2008 ... Vertex, Geometry and, Pixel Shader Inspectors . .... Dependencies have performance impacts on both single GPU and SLI systems. ..... If the Driver Time and Frame Time lines spike simultaneously it is likely because the.
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Programmable Motion Effects - Disney Research
extend the concept of a surface shader, which is evaluated on an infinitesimal ... object's movement into a single geometric representation by sam- pling an ..... ample, a flat curve with a spike at t = 0 results in motion blur that has a clearly ...
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Diffraction Shaders
Diffraction Shaders. Jos Stam ... reflection models which simulate the effects of diffraction. Diffrac- .... Figure 2: Basic geometry of the surface wave reflection problem. 2 Wave ..... the bumps and only adds a delta spike in the specular direction.
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Head-mounted Photometric Stereo for Performance Capture - CVMP
high-quality dense facial geometric and reflectance models that match real ..... implementation uses a GPU fragment shader running in real- ... This effect can be reduced by ... highlights, seen on the tip of the nose, produce incorrect spikes.
[ CVMP11_Head-mounted-Photometric-Stereo-for-performance-Capture.pdf - Read/Download File

Article Search Hair-Raising Effects
access to tools that were once the province of large effects studios. .... procedural texture in a RenderMan shader to make solid pieces look like hair," he says. ... started out using layers of geometry above the head--sort of smooth shells. ... using the spikes solely for Sid and, later, to create the hair for Andy, the little boy who.
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CS123 Final Project
OpenGL 4.0 Shader Language Cookbook Chapter 7. ○ OGLDev Tutorial ... http:// ○ Example ... Geometry shaders ... CS224: Spike, Eric, other nerds.
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Techniques in Left 4 Dead 2 - Valve
Spike TV's Video Game Awards 2009 Best Xbox 360 Game ... Animation. • Effects . ❖How do we improve visuals, add more content, but not blow our budget? ... Geometry variation that changed proportions or moved .... ❖Modify mask in shader.
[ GDC10_ShaderTechniquesL4D2.pdf - Read/Download File

The Rendering Technology of Ryse - Crytek
Mar 25, 2014 ... Soft lighting, global illumination effects like light bleeding and natural occlusion .... Geometric attenuation accounting for photons spread over larger area .... Blend between original irradiance and Gaussian to approximate spike in profile .... Single compute shader in Ryse for light culling and executing entire.
[ 2014_03_25_CRYENGINE_GDC_Schultz.pdf - Read/Download File

Discrete Stochastic Microfacet Models - Department of Computer
this paper we present a stochastic model for the effects of random ... reflection geometry. .... ior is that the function contains many very narrow spikes dispersed.
[ stochastic.pdf - Read/Download File

Spike sorting for large, dense electrode arrays - bioRxiv
Feb 16, 2015 ... SpikeDetekt detects action potentials as spatiotemporally localized events. ... of the probe geometry, which is specified by the user in the form of an ..... most visualization computations to the GPU using custom shaders, and by.
[ 015198.full.pdf - Read/Download File

Fireflies: New software for interactively exploring -
May 2, 2015 ... to explore the effects of changing the parameters of the system. When the .... (the electrical impulses, or “spikes”, that neurons use to communicate with ..... The geometry shader takes as input the camera-relative particle posi-.
[ 1505.00344 - Read/Download File

On-the-Fly Decompression and Rendering of - Site Index Page
Apr 3, 2009 ... we can store the geometry compressed on the GPU, reducing stor- age and ..... Note that quantization has an influence on prediction. In partic- .... However, the geometry shader is still the most promising stage in the ..... downward spikes are due to timer inaccuracies caused by involuntary context switching.
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3D range geometry video compression with the - Purdue University
Jan 30, 2013 ... sing encoding, compressing, and decoding using OpenGL Shaders ... tion noise but increasing spiking noise; a discussion of the effects.
[ 2013-ole-h264.pdf - Read/Download File

On the Use of OpenGL ES 2.0 Shaders for Mobile Phones - KTH
Fourth, certain visual effects become simpler to make. For example, ... of shader, known as geometry shaders, is supported by modern desktop graphics chipsets, but is not ..... Buttons, boxes, spikes, collectible powerups or other objects.
[ olson_mans_10067.pdf - Read/Download File

alSurface -
alSurface is a general-purpose, physically plausible surface shader. ... Render Settings window has no effect on the shader, and that the specular lobes will not respond .... can be useful in scenes that contain 'spike noise' or ... Therefore it is possible to achieve an effect where geometry is visible inside of an object, such as ...
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Advanced Global Illumination in Unity 5 - Geomerics
properties of the static geometry thus making it bounce light differently. Also .... Because is a full shader, so you can create interesting procedural effects. ..... lighting and materials is the expensive part and can incur big CPU spikes on large.
[ Unite-Europe-deck-with-notes.pdf - Read/Download File

Virtual Spherical Lights for Many-Light Rendering of - Miloš Hašan
The images on the right illustrate the glossy effects that are lost due to the two approximations made in VPL rendering: clamping and ... spikes that virtual point lights used in traditional many-light meth- ... kernel ideally suited to evaluation in a GPU shader. ... geometry term can have a very large value compared to the proba-.
[ SIGAsia09VSL.pdf - Read/Download File

Real-time Lighting Effects using Deferred Shading - cescg
the traditional rendering where a fragment shader accesses ... power) are stored into a geometry buffer (G-Buffer). ... produce such an effect. ..... spikes. Stencil Routed A-Buffer, on the other hand, depends on how many transparent objects and ...
[ Ferko-Real-time_Lighting_Effects_using_Deferred_Shading.pdf - Read/Download File

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