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Gene Ontology Go Term Enrichment Status For Targets Of Pollen And - Full Download
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Bias in microRNA functional enrichment analysis - Bioinformatics
Jan 20, 2015 ... of the standard functional enrichment method for miRNA targets. ... Ontology (GO) term membership or Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes ...... composition and expression patterns of microRNAs in developing pollen of Oryza sativa ...
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Bias in microRNA functional enrichment analysis - Bioinformatics
Feb 19, 2015 ... ard functional enrichment method for miRNA targets. ... tion by gene ontology ( GO) term membership or Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and ...
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Deep sequencing on genome-wide scale reveals the unique
Jun 16, 2011 ... Of the 292 known miRNAs, 202 were expressed, with 103 enriched, in developing pollen. ... Furthermore, analyzing the 367 miRNAs and their predicted targets indicated that ... BCP. bicellular pollen. DCL. Dicer-like protein. GO. Gene Ontology ..... Gene Ontology term 'enrichment status' for targets of ...
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Enrichment of Triticum aestivum gene annotations using - Springer
using ortholog cliques and gene ontologies in other plants .... are assigned to the genes in the target species. Overall, ... contributed to the existing gene-GO term associations ..... (ABCG26) involved in tapetal cell and pollen develop- ment. ..... Table 3 Status of currently known annotated genes (proteins) in 10 plant species.
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Download PDF - Springer
Conservation analysis of lincRNAs as miRNA targets or decoys were conducted .... anther, ovule, pollen, silk, root and shoot apical tissues), were applied to .... Based on the ceRNA hypothesis and gene ontology. (GO) analysis ..... 8 GO term enrichment analysis of lincRNAs acting as miRNA targets in maize. In the bar chart ...
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Comparative Transcriptional Profiling Provides Insights into - Plos
Feb 21, 2013 ... employed to obtain GO annotations for the unigenes. RNA-Seq ... where X represents the expression level in the target organ or combination of .... for genes enriched in the floral organs of Arabidopsis [3] and ..... Figure S6 Gene Ontology term ''enrichment status'' for .... developing pollen of Oryza sativa.
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Gene coexpression patterns during early development of the native
Jun 13, 2014 ... son et al., 2007) revealed hundreds of targets for the main transcription factors .... Gene ontology (GO) term enrichment for the complete set of DE genes using .... implicated in pollen development (Unte et al., 2003), and SPL3, which .... expression values, P values, differential expression status and cluster ...
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Comparative Small RNA Analysis of Pollen Development in
Apr 12, 2016 ... Gene. Ontology analysis on the targets of up-regulated DEM showed that they were ..... Only one term, extracellular region ... GO enrichment categories were specifically constructed by the predicted targets of up-regulated.
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Running head: Molecular Functions of Stigma-Specific Genes in
Jun 7, 2007 ... Gene Ontology (GO) analysis shows that several auxin-signaling ... adhesion and germination of pollen on the “wet” stigma is facilitated by the presence ..... and the biological process term enrichment status and hierarchy were shown in .... theronine, tyrosine and serine residues of specific target proteins.
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RNA-Seq links AINTEGUMENTA and - Plant Physiology
May 20, 2016 ... transcription factors that regulate target genes throughout floral organ ... inflorescences, we performed a Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment ... significantly enriched GO term was “plant-type cell wall modification” ... organs do not make pollen. .... We investigated the methyl-esterification status of HG in ant ail6 ...
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The Cysteine Protease CEP1, a Key Executor - The Plant Cell
Jul 17, 2014 ... involved in tapetal PCD and pollen development in Arabidopsis thaliana. CEP1 is expressed ... exact status of cysteine proteases in PCD remains unconfirmed. 1 These authors ...... We performed a Gene Ontology (GO) term enrichment anal- ..... Because the C-terminal KDEL motif targets proteins by acting.
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Comprehensive analysis of tobacco pollen transcriptome unveils
Feb 16, 2012 ... guided single-cell polar expansion of the growing pollen tube and the coordinated control of germ cell division and sperm cell fate .... growth, we used gene ontology (GO) tools to allocate ...... their target (CycB1;1) and the cell-cycle status of the ..... Gene ontology term enrichment analysis was performed.
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Full Text (PDF) - Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Oct 31, 2006 ... foraging for nectar and pollen outside the hive when they are 2–3 ... behavioral status (2). ... Three gene sets were indeed significantly enriched for GC-rich ... regions was further substantiated with Gene Ontology (GO) anal- .... The top 200 targets of each motif (the genes with the highest Stubb scores for ...
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DNA Methylation Changes Separate Allergic Patients from - Plos
Jan 2, 2014 ... SAR patients from controls, during and outside the pollen season. .... Gene Ontology (GO) term analysis failed to identify ... disease when they target the body's own cells, e.g. ... Although our findings indicated that disease status was the .... location of significantly altered probes was enriched for gene-.
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Full-Text PDF -
Jul 3, 2015 ... term enrichment and Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes (KEGG) pathway analyses ... One widely used method for inferring the targets of positive .... Pollen Ole e 1 allergen and extension family protein ... Through the use of non redundant (nr) annotation, gene ontology (GO) classification, GO term.
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Genome-wide patterns of Arabidopsis gene expression in nature
Apr 19, 2012 ... and accession and flowering status (vegetative versus flowering) were strong components of transcriptional ..... A gene ontology (GO) enrichment analysis on the combined ... development, pollen exine formation, and sexual reproduction. ..... each principal component, we conducted GO term enrichment.
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Full-Text PDF -
Jun 1, 2016 ... processes including pollen growth [2] and response to biotic stress [3–5]. .... GO Term. Proteins identified changing after 5 min of cAMP treatment ... Gene ontology (GO) analysis using FatiGO+ allowed classification of identified proteins in .... on the phosphorylation status of this RNA-binding protein to see ...
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Characterization of the peripheral blood transcriptome in a repeated
In this study we report on the short‐ and long‐term gene expression changes in whole blood ... However, the prandial status was not determined in the study. ... The spring campaign was characterized by significantly higher pollen concentrations. ... Gene Ontology (GO) analysis of the 250 probes did not yield significantly ...
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Genome-scale analysis and comparison of gene expression profiles
May 28, 2010 ... profiles of developing and germinated pollen in rice is important to ..... Figure 4 Gene ontology (GO) term "enrichment status" for the development stage-enriched transcripts in TCP. .... on the UPS for appropriate targets.
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Evolutionary genomics of peach and almond domestication - bioRxiv
Jun 22, 2016 ... targets of selection for breeding application and further the understanding ..... spite its domesticated status, almond retains more genetic diversity than any .... enrichment for gene ontology (GO) categories related to protein amino acid ... which function in the pistil and pollen, respectively. ...... Type Term.
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