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Garbage Collection Can Be Faster Than Stack Allocation - [Full Version]
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Garbage Collection Can Be Faster Than Stack Allocation - Full Download
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Jun 30, 1986 ... Garbage Collection Can Be Faster Than Stack Allocation. Andrew W. Appel. Department of Computer Science. Princetoa University. Princeton ...
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Garbage Collection is Fast, But a Stack is Faster - MIT
Prompted by claims that garbage collection can outperform stack allocation when su cient physical .... quired by the choice of stack vs. heap implementation.
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Simple Generational Garbage Collection and Fast Allocation
Such a garbage collector can be so efficient that the allocation of records costs more ...... A. W. Appel, ''Garbage collection can be faster than stack allocation,'' ...
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Garbage collection - Verto Analytics
implementations will allocate stack on demand (up to the limit), they usually can't free .... it is allocating memory faster than the collector has time to free it.
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Quantifying the Performance of Garbage Collection vs. Explicit
can compare the cost of conservative garbage collection to explicit memory ..... Hoard places the freelists at the start of each thread stack (aligned on 1MB ... and can be much faster than general-purpose allocation, but that they gener-.
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The Need for Predictable Garbage Collection - CiteSeerX
dictable than GC, but the applicability of such research ... stack frame; these objects can be allocated in the topmost frame ..... cations of stack vs. heap allocation.
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Precise Garbage Collection for C - University of Utah
register, on the stack, in a static variable, or in a reachable allocated object is a potential ...... implementation can be up to 20% faster than precise GC. Thus, the  ...
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Lecture Notes on Garbage Collection
Nov 4, 2014 ... languages this can avoided by using garbage collection that automically reclaims ... A mark-and-sweep collector traverses the stack to find point- ers into ... over, the cost is only proportional to the reachable memory rather than all allocated ... is typically significantly faster than in a mark-and-sweep collector.
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Fast Escape Analysis and Stack Allocation for Object-Based Programs
stack allocation of objects, thread synchronization elimination, dead- ... most synchronization operations on the object can be eliminated and dead stores .... method then the escaped and returned properties are propagated as if there was ..... Escape analysis and stack allocation or compile-time garbage collection based.
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The Case for Profile-Directed Selection of Garbage Collectors
applications run faster with generational garbage collection than with copying .... the stack [13] in addition to allocating objects on the heap. Thus, a pointer store to ..... tally during allocation can be faster than getting zero-filled pages from the ...
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Typed stack allocation - CU Scholar - University of Colorado Boulder
typed lambda calculus, x may live longer than the evaluation of the lambda abstraction that allocated ..... Garbage collection can be faster than stack allocation.
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Garbage Collection Background
Stack allocation: dyn. alloc. stack frame for each proc. invocation. – pros: recursion is ... Fast allocation ... rather than explicitly keep track of the number of references to each object we can .... conservative garbage collectors can be used with C ...
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Copying Garbage Collection in the Presence of Ambiguous
garbage collector that can be used in the presence of ambiguous references. ..... A. W. Appel. Garbage collection can be faster than stack allocation. Information ...
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Don't Stop the BIBOP: Flexible and Efficient - Computer Science
model reduces virtual memory paging during garbage collection. ... Heap allocation using this model can be as fast as stack allocation [1], since all .... The typed pointer representation allows faster type checks than with typed objects, as the.
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Increasing Java Performance in Memory-Constrained Environments
Java is widely believed to be more productive programming language than ... number of reachable cells, garbage collection can be faster than stack allocation.
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A Stall-Free Real-Time Garbage Collector for FPGAs - IBM
Dynamic memory management provides a way of allocating parts ..... mutator can not pop values off the stack faster than the collector can read them out, the ...
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of storage allocation optimizations
cation from a stack is usually faster than either al- ... respect to heap allocation and garbage collection in .... collected heap will only pause to collect garbage.
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Virtual Memory Primitives for User Programs - BNRG
single vs. multiple pages because none of the algorithms we describe ever .... the garbage collector can scan a page while it is still ... the stacks for the individual threads.) Also .... A persistent store [5] is a dynamic allocation heap that persists ...
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Cache-Conscious Copying Collectors - Pipeline
A copying garbage collector (CGC) has the advantage of trivial allocation of ..... Appel, Andrew W. "Garbage Collection Can Be Faster Than Stack Allocation".
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A Generational Mostly-concurrent Garbage Collector - CiteSeerX
et al., and can be used as the old generation of a generational memory system. It overloads effi- ...... Garbage Collection can be Faster than Stack Allocation.
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