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lower and upper bounds for misclassification probability - CiteSeerX
Fano's lower bound on the probability of error to a family of lower and upper bounds ... advantages of information theory, the abstract level of investigation and analysis. ..... The final expression is obtained by assuming ... We could further modify L* to account for two-class situations by replacing the numerator with logNc.
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Accuracy vs. Efficiency Trade-offs in Probabilistic - IBM Research
works, we investigate next the accuracy/efficiency trade-offs for very simple and efficient ... tical applications such as probabilistic error-correcting cod- ing (Frey ...
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Lower Bounds on the Probability of Error for Classical - arXiv.org
Mar 6, 2015 ... In this paper, lower bounds on error probability in coding for discrete classical and .... of a new research branch without further advances in the study of ... The final objective of an investigation on this topic should be a bound, ...
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Download as a PDF - CiteSeerX
complexity class C and an error probability function F. The rst, F-ErrC, re ects the ... the error bound F. As a more adequate measure to investigate lower bounds we ... Further, we investigate two classical non-recursive problems: the halt- ..... In the last section we showed that there are languages which cannot be approx-.
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Lower bounds to error probability for coding on discrete memoryless
New lower bounds are presented for the minimum error probability that can be ... In this section we shall investigate the error probability for codes whose block length is .... the last term in (1.10), getting LOWER BOUNDS TO ERROR PROBABILITY. ..... another term which must be investi- gated further in subsequent lemmas.
[ 1-s2.0-S0019995867912004-main.pdf?_tid=0ce73a08-b579-11e4-88bb-00000aab0f27&acdnat=1424049404_7b3f0b251e5453d7baa49291c759a343 - Read/Download File

Lower bounds to error probability for coding on discrete memoryless
New lower bounds are presented for the minimum error probability that can .... To investigate this, we observe that for fixed p, Eo(p) -- pR inter- cepts the R axis at Eo(p)/p. ..... be the first NI letters of x~ and let the suez x~.2 be the final Ne letters of x~. ...... expNf -E0 ~ +Y-Z-~-s R---- (4.30) Using p for s/( 1 - s) and further lower  ...
[ 1-s2.0-S0019995867900526-main.pdf?_tid=14cd00f6-304c-11e5-bfa8-00000aacb362&acdnat=1437554083_e49e745b57e2305312d453ef90b07228 - Read/Download File

A probabilistic numerical method for fully nonlinear parabolic PDEs
the convergence of the discrete-time approximation and derives a bound on .... ward scheme, and we further investigate the induced Monte Carlo error. ..... solution v ≤ g and the supersolution v ≥ g, that is, the final condition holds in the .
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Reliability Modeling of Nanoelectronic Circuits - CiteSeerX
and derive fundamental error bounds for logic gates. Two methods are experimentally ... reliability, probabilistic, fault-tolerance, simulation. .... Further, an interconnect can .... addition, further investigations will be made towards computationally ...
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Bayesian Lipschitz Constant Estimation and Quadrature
can provide a tight error bound around their integral estimates and utilise the Lip- ... the Lipschitz constant is probabilistically uncertain. As the .... on all ratios might affect the inference in a manner that will be subject to further investigation. 3 ...
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Refined Error Probability Approximations in Quasi–Static Erasure
bound [4] to the error probability in the simple quasi–static binary erasure channel ..... tn are not available in this case, we further investigate its relation to the ...
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Latent Structured Active Learning
reducing the amount of labeled examples required for learning the scoring ... In the structured case, active learning can be generalized to query only subparts of the .... pair, the label space S = Y×H is divided into two non-intersecting subspaces Y ..... Figure 2: Test set error as a function of the number of random variables ...
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Krylov subspace methods for the Dirac equation - arXiv.org
eigenenergies and allows very precise time propagation of relativistic wave packets. The unboundedness of ... [23] are also an active field of current research . State of the art large ..... charge e, the Bohr radius a0 and the reduced Planck constant ħ, and as a ..... upper bound of the error that is introduced due to the Lanczos.
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On Metrics for Error Correction in Network Coding - arXiv.org
May 25, 2008 ... active research area since 2002 [1]–[11]. The crucial motivation for the problem is the phenomenon of error propagation, which arises due to the recombination characteristic at the .... They also present a Singleton-like bound and subspace codes .... Thus, a rank deficiency of A will generally reduce the error ...
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1 Introduction - Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences | EECS
unstable due to sensitivity of polynomial root finding. Several methods ... for these methods are all asymptotic with no finite sample error bounds. ... than previous subspace based approaches. ... error estimates for denoising line spectra with the atomic norm. ...... is more dominant and finer gridding helps to reduce this error.
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present an error analysis and discuss the parallel scaling of our algorithm. ... a coarse integrator for the fast propagation of information over the full time-interval .... constants formula and a quadrature rule to reduce the number of linear .... performs even better than this bound suggests, and the approximations an(t) are.
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Towards Uncertainty Quantification in 21st Century Sea - SciDAC
Propagation of Uncertainty for Land-Ice Models. I. Tezaur1, J. ...... Plan: combine MCMC in active subspaces with surrogates that adaptively target regions of.
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By employing Cauchy's integral formula an error representation of the ... Key words. error bounds, exponential integrators, phi functions, Krylov subspace ... are entire functions, closely related to the exponential function, as can be seen ... Krylov subspace methods has recently been a very active research topic: we mention.
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CSE15 Abstracts - SIAM
talk highlights several aspects of related model reduction strategies with ... active publications that will likely play an important role ... sive supercomputers are bound by power and storage con- ..... able lower-dimensional subspace where most of the poste- ... Uncertainty propagation (UP) is a very challenging mathe-.
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Essays on New Directions in Numerical Computation - Toby Driscoll
New directions in model order reduction for dynamical systems ... model must respect the subspace on which the solution evolves. ... differences (FD) on regular grids for modeling wave propagation were updated ... When one is developing error bounds or testing algorithms, one needs in principle .... There are now active.
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The Instrumental Model
Jun 29, 2010 ... linked to raw experimental data records and calibration data records, providing a complete ..... Appendix J. MATLAB Code of Active Subspace Discovery .................. .......................200 ..... reaction set with their respective parameter uncertainty bounds. ... propagated through to the model prediction uncertainty.
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Generalizing the PAC model: sample size bounds from metric
form convergence of empirical error estimates to true error rates for certain ... further investigation of distribution-specific learnability for classes of ... probability measures [2], and is closely related to the work of Natarajan .... The last component,.
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Combinatorial Bounds for List Decoding - Madhu Sudan
a code C consists of a received word r and an error bound e, and the goal is to ... Early works in this area [3, 15, 10] focused on the probability of error in this ... and Justesen [9] to re-initiate the investigation of the combinatorial bounds ..... Further , for the case δ = 1. 2 ..... (the last inequality follows since k = ⌊(1−H(p)−1/c)n⌋).
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marssim - US Environmental Protection Agency
alpha (α): The specified maximum probability of a Type I error. In other words, the .... Class 1 area: An area that is projected to require a Class 1 final status survey. ..... The upper bound of the gray ... further investigation or cleanup, if exceeded.
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What Can We Learn Privately?
Feb 13, 2013 ... to an additive polynomially small error, of the probability that a random ... tools and bounds on the sample size required by private learning algorithms. .... This suggests that further investigating the power of nonadaptive SQ learners is ...... Finally, by our choice of parameters, the last bad event occurs with.
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A Bound on the Error of Cross Validation Using the Approximation
Abstract: We give an analysis of the generalization error of cross validation in ... second part of the paper, we investigate the implications of our bound for ... 00 the subsample consisting of the last m examples. ... When bounding cv m , we will use the expression “with high probability” to ..... its interpretation a step further .
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Collection and classification of human reliability - IAEA Publications
Final report of a co-ordinated research programme. 1995-1998 ... In order to support further the incorporation of human reliability data into PSA, the ..... Human error probability (HEP) and uncertainty bounds. Error reduction ... Root cause analysis: Where appropriate an investigation of direct causes, root causes and barriers ...
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Do probabilistic forecasts lead to better decisions?
Jun 19, 2013 ... The last decade has seen growing research in pro- ducing probabilistic .... simple game) is used to investigate decisions made by in- dividuals when faced with .... error bounds shown together with the forecast value. Figure 2 ...... One can further question what actually constitutes a “bet- ter decision” and ...
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Generalization Bounds for Learning the Kernel Problem
generalization bounds and misclassification error rates for learning ... model [18], hyperkernels [22], Bayesian probabilistic kernel learning models [14], and ..... where the last equality follows from the positive semi-definiteness of kernel K. Hence, ...... other direction for further investigation is to apply it to prac- tical kernel ...
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computing probabilistic bounds for extreme eigenvalues of
computation of probabilistic eigenvalue bounds, misconvergence, Lanczos ... yield a relative error in the largest eigenvalue of a symmetric positive definite matrix ...... These ideas can also be used to investigate whether or not the smallest Ritz value ... bounds are further away from the spectrum of A. In order to compare the ...
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Finding Structure with Randomness: Probabilistic Algorithms for
May 5, 2011 ... 10.3 Probabilistic Error Bounds for Algorithm 4.1 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... puting view randomized algorithms as a desperate and final resort. .... this revision, it is often the case that no further iteration is required to obtain a .... investigation produces precise error bounds, expressed in terms of the singular values.
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