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Functional Requirements Background Examples Of Expected Signal Track - [Full Version]
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Functional Requirements Background Examples Of Expected Signal Track - Full Download
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Functional Requirements Background Examples Of Expected Signal Track - [Complete Version]
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arXiv:1507.05902v6 [physics.ins-det] 18 Jan 2016 -
to represent the background and the signal in a double beta decay. These data were .... The use of a topological particle identification based on the expected signature of a .... requirement, the information for each time slice is passed to the hit-finder algorithm. ..... An example of single electron track candidate is shown in Fig.
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Search for direct chargino production in anomaly-mediated
MC signal samples are produced using Herwig++ [6] with MRST2007 LO* [7] ... The cross-section for direct chargino production at √s = 7 TeV as a function .... enhances the expected signal to background ratio. A summary of kinematic selection cri- teria, disappearing-track requirements, and the data reduction are given in ...
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Reconstructing Non-Prompt Tracks at the ILC with the -
tracks has been an ongoing concern for the SiD Detector. In this paper, we ... sample of 5.3 fb-1 of combined Standard-Model processes. ... 1 shows the reconstruction efficiency for stau-decay kinks as a function of the radius of ... signal and Standard-Model background, after a requirement that there be no greater than two.
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Report on the Depth Requirements for a Massive Detector at
Projections for signal and background capability for a larger and deeper (or shallower) ... We have based background rejection on reasonable estimates of track and .... A detailed compilation of muon rate data as a function of depth exists from ... For example, the Davis chamber (of the Chlorine experiment) was determined.
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Gamma-Ray Observations with CALET: Exposure Map, Response
Jul 30, 2015 ... This paper presents a study of the expected gamma-ray signal measured by CALET in the first ... Source fluxes and background modelling are ... The functional requirement for identifying a gamma-ray by this scheme can be written ... loss of gamma-rays from the sample and the rejection of electrons.
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microboone-note-1004-pub - Fermilab
Nov 6, 2015 ... 3 Expected signal and background rates. The neutrino signal ... Out of all vertex- track pairs in an event fulfilling the above requirement, the pair ... reported as a differential cross section as a function of muon kinematics, such ... Backgrounds estimated from MC will be derived from a sufficient sample of.
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AC 90-100A - Federal Aviation Administration
Mar 1, 2007 ... Background. ... receiver/processor to monitor GPS signal performance. .... For example, Part 91 can have a single RNAV system, and Part 121 ... performance and functional requirements of this AC. b. .... and STARs are expected to file the appropriate flight plan suffix ..... (10) Fly a course/track to a waypoint.
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Search for direct chargino production in anomaly-mediated
Jan 18, 2013 ... In the analysis, requirements of pT > 20 GeV and |η| < 2.8 are applied. Electron .... signal efficiency, it strongly enhances the expected signal to background ratio. .... The pT distribution of the hadron-track background control sample. The data ... Using this function the number of electron background tracks in.
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ATLAS Document -
Apr 17, 2015 ... excess of events over the expected background is found, and limits as a ... displaced vertices occurring in the inner tracking detector .... Z benchmark samples causes many events to fail to sat- ..... lived particles selected by the trigger as a function .... a given requirement in signal and background, respec-.
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Search for high-mass diboson resonances with boson-tagged jets in
Jan 25, 2016 ... expected background in the search is modelled by a fit to a smoothly falling distribution. .... The W boson samples are generated for different resonance .... Charged-particle tracks reconstructed in the tracking detector are matched to these .... logy requirements for signal events with resonance mass within ...
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Search for new phenomena with photon+ jet events in proton-proton
Mar 18, 2016 ... s = 13 TeV, the expected leading-order (LO) q∗ production cross ... pp → QBH + X → γ + q/g + X as a function of the threshold mass, assuming that all .... The signal and background modelling are presented in section 5. .... The tracks must satisfy quality requirements based on the number of reconstructed.
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ATLAS Document -
Jan 6, 2016 ... (expected) 95% CL lower limit on the vector-like B mass is 640 GeV (505 GeV). .... inner tracking detector surrounded by a solenoid, electromagnetic (EM) and ..... Additional requirements are applied to reduce the background ... For example , the predicted contributions from a benchmark signal with a.
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Dec 15, 2015 ... are consistent with the expected background in most of the mass range. ... of silicon pixel, silicon micro-strip, and transition radiation tracking detectors. .... samples. The CT10 [23] parton distribution function (PDF) set is used for ... In addition to the NWA signal models, resonances with a natural width that ...
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Search for the neutral Higgs bosons of the Minimal Supersymmetric
No statistically significant excess over the expected background is observed and .... consists of an inner tracking detector surrounded by a thin superconducting solenoid pro- ... imately 300 Hz. The trigger requirements were adjusted to changing ..... The function fS is fitted to each signal sample available from simulation.
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ATLAS document -
Jun 14, 2016 ... a small number of background events are expected. ..... requirement applied for the track isolation variable is piso. T ... variable are observed as a function of ET and η of the photon candidates. The size ... tight identification selection in signal MC samples is 90% to 96% in the ET range 100 GeV to 500 GeV,.
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A Tutorial on Electro-Optical/Infrared (EO/IR) Theory and - IDA
The intent is to provide general background on electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) phenomenology and ... function (MTF) is not limiting the overall system MTF. ... bright missile signature is strong enough to still provide a useable signal. .... Tracking. EO/IR sensor systems are often paired with a tracker. Examples of point target.
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Searches for heavy long-lived charged particles with the ATLAS
No excess is observed above the estimated background and limits are placed on the .... requirements either on the presence of muons or large Emiss. T . Events collected ... Simulated signal samples are used to study the expected signal behaviour and to set limits. ... 1) mass varies from 328 to 709 GeV as a function of Λ.
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Search for metastable heavy charged particles with - APS Journals
Jun 28, 2016 ... 8 TeV data set, thanks to the increase in expected signal cross section .... The charge released by a track crossing the Pixel detector ... tion, which can be expressed as a function of the βγ of .... The simulation of samples of metastable gluino-based .... isolation requirements, which now reject background.
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Tau Neutrinos in IceCube
expected at immeasurably small levels in the prompt neutrino flux created in charm particle decays in ... we can distinguish a tau track from one or both of its cascades, or from a ... negligible background, although in principle downward- going signal events could be faked by ... The requirements that the two showers are well-.
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Search for long-lived, weakly interacting particles - APS Journals
Jul 17, 2015 ... vertices of long-lived particles decaying to jets in the inner tracking ... No significant excess of events over the expected background is found, and limits as a function of proper lifetime are ..... Monte Carlo (MC) simulation samples are produced for ..... requirement in signal and multijet background events,.
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