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Function Spaces with Exponential Weights II - Wiley Online Library
Mar 28, 1996 ... and F;,(U) on the Euclidean space Pi", where u is a weight function of at most .... is a Cm -function of at most exponential growth, i. e.,. If*cp(z)l 5 ...
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The Theory of Function Spaces with Matrix Weights
some aspects of Littlewood-Paley function space theory in the matrix weight setting. In particular, we .... 4.2 Decompositions of an exponential type function . ... Muckenhoupt-Wheeden condition for the matrix case when p = 2 ([TV1]). Soon.
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Sobolev space Hs = Hs(Rn), s ∈ R if û(ξ) is a function and. (1.1). ∫. |û(ξ)|2(1 ... type by replacing (1+|ξ|2)s in (1.1) by an exponential weight function, which is the  ...
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Embedding theorems with an exponential weight on the real semiaxis
We state embedding theorems between spaces of functions defined on the real ... function spaces, weighted polynomial approximation, exponential weights, ... to a weight belonging to the class F(C 2 +) defined by Levin and Lubinsky in [1].
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Localization operators and exponential weights for modulation spaces
For z = (x, ω) ∈ R2d, and s > 0, we consider the exponential weights ws(z) := ... Section 2 is devoted to a more detailed study of the involved function spaces.
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Hyperbolic equations, function spaces with exponential weights and
Aug 13, 2003 ... problems in suitable function spaces with exponential weights of Gevrey ... m = |ξ| 2 + m2 and β is a positive constant, whereas l and m are non-.
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2. ARISTOMENIS G. SISKAKIS for some s ∈ (0, 1) and a positive constant C , then. ∫. D. |f(z)|pw(|z|) ... ones, an instance of which is the doubly exponential weights of Example 3.3. To ... functions we consider the weighted Bergman space Ap.
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Integration Operators on Bergman Spaces with exponential weight
(a > 0,0 < β ≤ 1) it is shown that operator Tg is bounded (compact) on L. 2 ... Keywords: Weighted Bergman's space, radial weight function, Tauberian theorem ...
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time-frequency analysis. 2. Classes of Weight Functions. In general a weight ..... is a suitable space of test functions that works for all exponential weights [13,.
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Weighted polynomial inequalities and embedding theorems on the
having exponential growth at the endpoints (see [2, 3]). Keywords: Weighted polynomial inequalities, exponential weights, real ... BernsteinMarkoff inequalities, Schur inequality, Nikolskii inequalities, weighted function spaces, weighted.
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Littlewood{Paley theory and function spaces with Aloc weights 0
Square-function characterizations of the weighted Lp and Hardy spaces with the ... Locally regular weights of up to exponential growth or decay at in nity. ... contrary to (0.1), a weight w 2 Ap may have a rough local behavior, but its averaged.
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Integration operators, Bergman spaces, exponential weights,. Schatten ..... no zeros on D, then the function Ha(z) = (Fa(z))2/p belongs to Ap(wγ,α) with. (3.2). Ha.
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L∞-approximation in Korobov spaces with Exponential Weights
Feb 5, 2016 ... L2-approximation for functions from the same function space has been consid- ... of derivatives of the functions is roughly α/2). ... decays exponentially in h, and again ρexp depends on weights expressed by two sequences.
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On weighted polynomial approximation of entire functions - MSP
2* Convex weight functions* In case the plurisubharmonic weight function φis a convex ..... In order that the space %(φ) contains some exponential functions.
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On the Four Types of Weight Functions for Spatial -
analyze four kinds of weight function in common use for the 2-dimensional .... The quasi-global correlation can be described by the following exponential function ... The autocorrelation function (ACF) of a space series can be expressed as. ∑.
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the degree of approximation of functions from exponential weight
operators for functions from exponential weight spaces. We present ... 2 . Γ 1 Γ 1 . , where Γ is the gamma function and ν. I the modified ...
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The Hilbert Transform with Exponential Weights - jstor
space has density (Sinh 2x)2 dx, the spherical functions are {sinhxCoshx}' ... weights AP, but, since the measure (Sinh 2x)2 dx has an exponential growth,.
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Compactness of infinite dimensional parameter spaces - Cemmap
Dec 23, 2015 ... mains which satisfy standard norm bounds, (2) functions with ... existing results, our result allows for many kinds of exponential weight functions. ... We explain how the choice of weight function constrains the parameter space.
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Tractability of Monte Carlo integration in Hermite spaces
Feb 5, 2015 ... spaces of functions with exponentially decaying Hermite coefficients. Section ... It is well-known, see [2], that the Hermite polynomials {Hk(x)}k∈Ns ... weights to the norm of these function spaces to control the influence of each ...
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Fredholm properties of radially symmetric, second order differential
or [2] for a situation where the linearization is invertible. ... of index -1 on spaces of exponentially localized functions; see (1.5) for a precise definition. 2 .... accomplished by using various weight functions and transformations of the independent ...
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