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Formulas for a class of controllable and observable sublanguages
Systems & Control Letters 20 (1993) 11-18 11 North-Holland Formulas for a class of controllable and observable sublanguages larger than the supremal ...
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A Relaxed Framework for Coordination Control of Discrete-Event
Feb 2, 2015 ... compute a conditionally controllable sublanguage without any .... A formula for computing supremal controllable and .... known that if the projection satisfies the observer property, then the projected generator is smaller than the original ... specification K is controllable and observable with respect to L(G), ...
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Characterization of Co-observable Languages and Formulae for
prefix closure, relative closure (also called Lm(G)-closure), and controllability. ... provide formulae for smaller/larger super/sub-languages, and thereby improve ... of the prefix closed and D&A co-observable sublanguage formula, the class ..... Theorem 1 that Jj≥0 Lj is the infimal fixed-point of Φ1 that is larger than L and is  ...
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another class of closed controllable and observable sublanguages of L. Each member of the ... There, K is given as a formula in `Algorithm 1'. ... must exist a minimum time between event occurrences in the system that is larger than the on -line.
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An algorithm for computing the mask value of the supremal normal
V. CONCLUSION. In this note, a class of new observation problem, called simultane- .... and observable sublanguage larger than the supremal controllable and ... [4], [l4] propose the algebraic formula L — 11—1 (M(L(G) * L)) for the off- line ...
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Control of Discrete Event Systems - ScholarlyCommons - University
Apr 26, 1992 ... control theoretic issues, such as controllability and observability .... of the system, not necessarily observable (measurable), but causing possibly at a later time the ..... The whole class C(K) of controllable sublanguages of I( can be obtained. ..... be allowed on a shared tra.cli longer than 2r ticks of the clock.
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On the Computation of Controllable and Coobservable
Dec 11, 2015 ... able sublanguage of the specification in a computationally efficient way. ..... controllable and locally observable events, decomposability implies ... Then K is coobservable with respect to L and (Ao,i)n i=1 .... larger the extension Σ, the better the over-approximation of L. .... Again, the later equation holds,.
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On Controllability - The University of Texas at Austin
This de nition of controllability is then used to derive an algorithm that ... is used to disable certain controllable events so that those events can no longer occur in ... class of observable sublanguages is not algebraically well behaved (a supremal ...... Formulas for calculating supremal controllable and normal sublanguages.
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Download in PDF form - Wayne State University - Electrical
and only if K is closed. controllable and observable. ... This equivalence relation partitions LtG) into equivalence classes such that each s ..... after this paper was written. in which formulas were presented of controllable and observ~ able languages that are also larger than the supremal controllable and normal sublanguage.
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Distributed Optimization Over Time-Varying Directed Graphs
language has its supremal relatively observable sublanguage, and provide an ... tive observability typically generates larger controlled behavior compared to ...
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Supervisory Control for Opacity - LIX
May 12, 2010 ... may be impossible for large systems, and is permeable to mis- takes. ..... has a supremal prefix-closed, controllable and observable.
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On optimal control of a class of partially observed discrete - Irisa
We are interested in a new class of optimal control problems for discrete event systems. We adopt the ... able trajectories than can occur between two observable.
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A Learning-based Synthesis Approach to Decentralized Supervisory
closed regular languages and propose formulas for computing the supremal co- normal sublanguages; then sufficient conditions for the existence of ... decentralized supervisors for keeping the controlled behavior ... Secondly, for large- scale or .... is said to be observable if the conditions s, t ∈ K,σ ∈ Σ,. P(s) = P(t), sσ ∈ K, ...
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Supervisory Control for Modal Specifications of Services - HAL-Inria
Apr 13, 2010 ... The plant's events in Σo and Σc may be observed and controlled, .... The observable trace of the run (w.r.t. Σo) is the natural ... fore, if K is a prefix-closed sublanguage of L(U(G)), then there exists a ... events Σo, we shall therefore consider as an associated class of models a family of LTS's over a larger.
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Full Text (pdf 109 kB) - KTH
and let Σ0 ⊆ Σ be an observable event subset. The natural ... Since the models of P0(Li) are smaller than those of Li ... C(ELm,Lm) be the class of controllable sublanguages of .... supervisors Ki(i = 1, 2, 3) defined by Equation (3), namely,.
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18] F. Lin. On controllability and observability of discrete event
Object oriented supervisory control with a class of ... Formulas for calculating supremal controllable and normal sublanguages. Systems &. Control .... If the specification is a language specification, then E is normal 11]. In such a ... that all the controllable events are also observable, observability can no longer be replaced by.
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Protocol Veri cation Using Discrete-Event Systems - Institute for
the system, i.e., the process to be controlled, which is called a plant, then applying control through the use ... able controllers that solve a class of problems. In [13] we .... observable event set of the plant G and , called a .... guage E is regular, we have a formula for com- .... the channel capacity, b, is greater than 1 the channel.
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to the control of large dynamic systems with prioritizing: such as dispatching centers, factories, resource ... and for helping me much more than what her position calls for. ... 2.3.1 Controllability and the supremal controllable sublanguage . . 12 ..... The definition of a class of Discrete-Event Systems, called Dynamic Discrete-.
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A Survey of Petri Net Methods for Controlled Discrete Event Systems
that is, for each place p ∈ P, m(p) is greater than the number of transitions in τ for .... such that there exists a vector σ satisfying the state transition equation (3) is called the ... Controlled Petri nets (CtlPNs) are a class of Petri nets with external enabling conditions ..... admissible states) is both controllable and observable.
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Diss. ETH No. 9775 CONTROL OF DISCRETE - ETH E-Collection
variables, modeled by difference or differential equations. Another ... plant, are divided into two classes: controllable and uncontrollable events. Through ... Then , a plant receives commands and reacts to these ..... of large batches of wafers. ..... language union, no supremal and observable sublanguage exists in general.
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