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Fertilization Potential And Polyspermy Prevention In The Egg Of The Nemertean - [Full Version]
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Fertilization Potential And Polyspermy Prevention In The Egg Of The Nemertean - Full Download
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Fertilization Potential And Polyspermy Prevention In The Egg Of The Nemertean - [Complete Version]
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Fertilization potential and polyspermy prevention in the egg of the
Jul 31, 1983 ... Fertilization Potential and Polyspermy Prevention in the Egg of ... nemertean worm Cerebratulus, and found evidence that an electrically-me-.
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Electrical Regulation of Sperm-EGG Fusion - Annual Reviews
polyspermy; the fertilizing sperm causes the egg's membrane potential to change to a level ... changes in the egg's membrane potential, termed the fertilization potential ... potentials (annelids, molluscs, tunicates, and nemerteans), there is strong but .... was clamped at a potential sufficiently positive to prevent fusion, the con.
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NAADP triggers the fertilization potential in starfish oocytes - dmlim.net
concentration did not prevent the onset of the fertilization potential, while removal of ... fast block to polyspermy, the fertilization potential mediates ... in sperm upon contacting egg jelly [26,27]. ...... nemertean worm Cerebratulus lacteus, Dev.
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The fertilization potential and associated membrane potential
In con- trast, in polyspermic eggs of P. mammillata, the oscil- lating pattern of .... ( a) Time course of the fertilization potential of a chorionated egg displaying a long duration of ..... 1983,1986), anuran amphibia (Cross, 1981), and of the nemertean worm C. .... The mechanism preventing polyspermy in P. mammil- lata would be ...
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The Intracellular Calcium Increase at Fertilization inUrechis
The Cairise coincides with the initiation of the fertilization potential and we ... The role of calcium and pH during fertilization and egg activation in the ... Polyspermy preventing mechanisms ... A calcium-activated sodium conductance contributes to the fertilization potential in eggs of the nemertean wormCerebratulus lacteus.
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Spatiotemporal characteristics and mechanisms of intracellular
In oocytes of nemertean worms (Stricker, 1996 and Stricker, 1999), bivalves ...... Fertilization potential and polyspermy prevention in the egg of the hydrozoan ...
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Full Text - The International Journal of Developmental Biology
Mar 9, 2010 ... Roles of Src family kinase signaling during fertilization and the first cell cycle in the ... KEY WORDS: egg activation, nemertean, PLC, PP2, U73122. Introduction ..... Cerebratulus lacteus oocytes prevent polyspermy via a pro- .... conductance contributes to the fertilization potential in the egg of the nemertean.
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Ratzan et al., 2011 - UConn Health Department of Cell Biology
the voltage range that regulates sperm–egg fusion at fertilization. J. Cell. Physiol. 226: 2740–2746 ..... to polyspermy, since the positive shift in membrane potential ... polyspermy prevention in ascidians is electrically mediated, and ..... fertilization potential in the egg of the nemertean worm Cerebratulus lacteus. Dev Biol.
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Fertilization Characteristics of Spermatozoa Collected from - Trace
rates of embryos fertilized with spermatozoa from bulls grazing E+ tall fescue pastures ..... cause of reproductive failure with the bull being overlooked as a potential source. ..... oocyte in such a way as to deliver genetic material to the egg cytoplasm ... cortical granule exocytosis for prevention of polyspermy, completion of the ...
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Oocyte activation after intracytoplasmic injection of mature and
fertilization failure after ICSI (Sousa and Tesarik,. 1994). ... motion a polyspermy- preventing mechanism. The ...... protein with a potential role in sperm-egg membrane fusion. J. Cell ... by fertilization in the nemertean worm Cerebratulus lacteus.
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HKUST Institutional Repository
related activation/fertilization response in the egg of the zebrafish (Danio rerio), as it ..... clamping an egg's membrane potential between -80 and +40 mV did not prevent fertilization. This observation is contrary to the fast electrically mediated block to polyspermy that has ..... nemertean worm Cerebratulus lacteus. Dev. Biol .
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Endoplasmic Reticulum Remodeling Tunes IP3- Dependent - Plos
Nov 30, 2011 ... cellular events following fertilization collectively referred to as egg activation [1]. ... polyspermy and completion of meiosis [2]. At steady state IP3 ... shown. A potential mechanism that could contribute to IP3 ..... nocodazole was no longer effective at preventing patch formation. .... nemertean eggs [42].
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Reproductive Processes Revealed by - Peter G. Beninger
May 28, 1989 ... able to fertilize one, or more, subsequent batches of ova after releasing the larvae from the initial egg clutch, using spermatophores ..... of interest to study the potential interactions ... an additional role in the prevention of sub- .... also serve to reduce polyspermy and sperm ..... Predation by the nemertean.

Expanding networks - Stanford University
Sep 20, 2006 ... the feeding larvae of ribbon worms (Nemertea) and echinoderms, the ... morphologies indicates a lower limit on egg size, as seen, for example ...
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