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Word Lists: r-Controlled Vowels ar er ir or ur
Word Lists: r-Controlled Vowels. Page 1 of 1. Word Lists: r-Controlled Vowels. -ar bar car far jar mar par tar char scar spar star. -ard bard yard hard card. -arge.
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er Word Family Set - Carl's Corner
Cloze the Gap! (er). Read the following sentences, saying the word. “reporter” when you come to a blank space. Use words from the er family to fill in the blanks  ...
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Teaching Vowel Combinations - Lerner Publishing Group
SOUND? Use this bulletin board to track the targeted words in each book. Keep an ongoing list of .... book should highlight a specific word family (or rime). MAKING A ..... Vocabulary:Writing an Acrostic Poem Using ER Sound Words. READY!
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Base Words and Endings -er and -est
For each word below, write the number of vowel sounds in the word, then write the .... -or, and -ist. Complete the chart below using the -er, -or, and -ist endings.
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speech therapy word lists - Prickly Pear Cooperative
To go to a certain Word List page below, just click on the sound you need. Contents ..... VOCALIC R WORDS. -AR. -ER. -AIR star far tarp bark harp art cart start army ... family wallpaper sea lion silly pilot dollar island olive jelly shoelace elbow.
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504 Spelling bank - First School Years
teaching. Families of words have been represented by a single word rather ..... x Add es if the word ends in a hissing/buzzing/shushing sound. Another .... king near free use lone. Some useful suffixes ship ful ness ment hood less er est ly ish .
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Word Bank – increases as each letter sound is taught Some words
blend the words that are not underlined before using the underlined ones. ... doctor, collar, - the <or> and <ar> have an /er/ sound. ..... ugly, family, filthy, very,.
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Spellodrome word lists and the 2014 National - 3P Learning
Writing: children use their phonic knowledge to write words in ways which match their spoken sounds. They also .... er (/ɜ:/). (stressed sound): her, term, verb, person. List 17 er (/ə/). (unstressed schwa sound): ... very, happy, funny, party, family.
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Journeys Phonics Scope and Sequence
Rhyming Words Single Sounds. High Frequency Words ... family, like, make, those, use with. Decoding .... Decoding. Homophones. Words Ending in -er and - le.
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The really tricky thing about reading silent-e words is you have to look at the whole word before you start to sound it out. That's because the e at the end of the word tells you the sound of the vowel in .... You doubled the d and added er to the end. .... use those. A few of the words in the story don't really follow the silent-e rule.
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Sound Sense - Literacy Online
Vowel sounds. 35. Topic 3: Identifying “s”, “er”, “ed”, and “ing” word endings ... their families, and their teachers as when children learn to walk and talk. The ..... the opportunity to explore another sound of “e” and use words such as “be”, “he”,.
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Tips for Teaching Word Recognition - Reading-Tutors
When children correctly sound out a word, they are able to ... There are strategies readers can use to read unfamiliar words. .... Examples: nev-er; sec-ond. ... Use the following prompt when working with word families or words with similar ...
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Analysis of the longer word misunderstanding. - AVKO
-Un is a common base sound in the -un family with words like run, sun, fun, etc. ... is a common and very important prefix in many commonly used words such as ... er erstanding. 2.letters + 2 + 3 + 3 = 10 letters d derstanding. 1 letter + 2 +2 + 3 ...
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in Words - Tutor Eau Claire Dyslexia Resource Center
speech sounds, and are used to spell the more than a million English words ... We hope Helpful Hints for Reading will provide a useful 'roadmap' for family ..... Er is the most common spelling for the /er/ sound, and often comes at the end of a  ...
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sample lesson - School Specialty
Review the fact that the suffix -er is used to compare two ... Have children use the base words in each sen- .... To review adding -er and -est to CVC and CVCe words ... make one sound (like thick or fast) simply add the endings (thicker, fastest). .... family. Discuss with the children that comparisons can be slight or obvious.
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Vowel Patterns - Sound City Reading
for individual or classroom use. Permission ...... use this sound to read new words and sentences. Students ..... My family will visit China this summer. A cobra is a ...
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What is the 'ESL Story Bank'? Ideas for using the 'ESL Story Bank'
The stories in the Pre-Beginning ESL Story Bank were designed to be used as a ' story of ... Family. Emotions. Lora's Family. Target Letters/Sounds: er spelling ... Family. Clothing. Colors. Where Is My Shirt? Word Family: -ish (fish, dish, wish).
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Using suffixes -er -ar -or to make nouns - Skills Workshop
Apr 15, 2007 ... Rw/E2.3 use phonic and graphic knowledge to decode words. Understand that the .... I ______ to Scotland with my family and we ... Both these word endings ( suffixes) sound like 'er' so be careful with spelling. A. Adding –er ...
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5 Morphology and Word Formation
the fact that different communities of English speakers use different word forms, only one of .... to forms to create separate words: {-er} is a derivational suffix whose ad- dition turns a verb ..... sounds represented by the bolded letters in impossible, ined- ... The term word family is often used for a set of words that are related to.
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Phonics and Reading - The Lancashire Grid for Learning Website
They need to be able to decode by blending the sounds in words to read ... vowels or a vowel and a consonant that makes one sound oo ee oa ow ou or ar er .... right from the start of the programme, to use their phonics knowledge for reading and ... widen their knowledge of word families;. • recognise phonic irregularities;.
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