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Pattern-Responsive Lexicon Optimization - Rutgers Optimality Archive
A learner's construction of lexical representations is guided by .... (1995), we invoke two faithfulness constraints, one requiring identity between input and .... speakers and a special register, such that not all native speakers know how to do .
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Covert generalizations in Optimality Theory - University of California
Dec 7, 2001 ... Keywords: faithfulness constraints, stratified lexicon, nativization, ..... (*[CC). C- register faithfulness ranks above both markedness constraints, .... unmarked properties because their input representations are sparsely specified.
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Markedness, Faithfulness, and Two-Height Tone - McGill University
c. lexical vs. grammatical functions (Welmers 1973, Ratliff 1992ab, Hyman 2001) ... Often cited is Pike's (1948) distinction between contour vs. register tones systems. ... The first concerns the level or representation at which we should classify ...
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Underlying Representations that do not Minimize Grammatical
Apr 17, 2006 ... The learner should choose Ii as the underlying representation for M.” (Inkelas,. 1994) ..... for a maximally faithful underlying form, learners are using lexical statistics in constructing .... (to be read in a slow “baby talk” register) ...
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Lexical and Postlexical Phonology in Optimality Theory: Evidence
which maintains lexical and postlexical phonology as different and serially connected systems, without ... and speech register. In a number of ..... faithfulness -enhanced markedness effects ('parallel opacity', Ito & Mester to appear a). On ..... Richness of the Base demands that in cases like (24) representations such as / kaGi/,.
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Are Phonological Representations of Printed and Spoken Language
lexical decision responses to nonwords, including unattested onsets, through ... These findings suggest that the phonological representations informing lexical decision to spoken and .... constraints that ensure their faithful encoding; see also Gierut, ...... clusters with sonority rise (e.g., bnif) suggests that speakers register the.
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Stratal OT: A synopsis and FAQs - Stanford University
of Markedness constraints and Input/Output Faithfulness constraints. ... phonology, and by formally characterizing a lexical level of representation, whose ...... tionally in feeding order in informal registers and almost always in counterfeeding.
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Lexically conditioned variation in Harmonic Grammar
Jan 26, 2008 ... Theory of lexical conditioning (Pater 2000 et seq.) Lexically indexed constraints ... representation (R), is the sum of its weighted constraint violations/scores ..... van Oostendorp 1998 on register-based reranking of faithfulness) ...
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book of abstracts - Approaches to Phonology and Phonetics - Lublin
Jun 23, 2013 ... Theories of segmental representation and their generative capacity ....... 18 ...... Faithfulness, Registers and Lexical Representations. Paper.
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Patterns, pervasive patterns and feature specification
construction of lexical representations is guided by Lexicon. Optimization (Prince .... and Prince (1995), we invoke two general faithfulness constraints. The first requires ..... subset of speakers, to a special register, and to certain dialects. Thus ,.
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Lecture 16 Notes (PDF) - MIT OpenCourseWare
impoverished morphology; but tonal changes (sandhi) when lexical items combine to form ... Bao's (1990, 1999) representation ... original register maintained; just addition of l component; hence 55 > 53, not 51 .... positional faithfulness for σ1.
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Optimality Theory in Syntax - Johns Hopkins University
representations are operative in all grammars but surface-violable (Prince and ... and priority of the lexicon and the syntactic component highlight a fundamental difference in ... It pertains to the role of faithfulness in syntax and its implications for the nature of ... In OT, dialects, registers, etc. are instances of variation formally  ...
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Markedness and the Phonological Typology of Two-Height Tone
(Haspelmath 2006), I suggest abandoning “markedness as faithfulness” in favor of the ... c. lexical vs. grammatical functions (Welmers 1973, Ratliff 1992ab, Hyman 2001) ... between “contour tone systems” and “register tone systems” can be ... which level of representation we wish to typologize: underlying or surface?
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Is grammar dependence real? - Linguistics at Berkeley - University
nents of the language as register, lexical class, morphological category, and, most ... Both co- phonologies rank *VV, the ban on vowel hiatus, above faithfulness, forc- .... of representation; this issue is beyond the scope of the present article,.
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An Analysis of the Xiamen Tone Circle - Cascadilla Proceedings
Let us assume the markedness constraints *A and *B, and the faithfulness constraints FAITHA and. FAITHB. Motivating /A/ ... over register and shape representation (cf. Yip (2002)) ..... Some consequences of lexical phonology. Phonology ...
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here - Universitat de Barcelona
Jan 27, 2015 ... Segmental representation of Livonian stød. Guilherme .... morphology interaction (most notably in Lexical Phonology: cf. ..... exceptional stems are subject to a lexically-indexed faithfulness constraint that protects them ..... categorically never host alternating vowels, tend to be part of a more formal register in.
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The Lexical and Post-Lexical Phonology of Thai Tones* | SpringerLink
Aug 9, 2004 ... 'On the Representation of Tone in Siamese', in J.G. Harris and J.R. Chamberlain ( eds.) ... Thai Intonation: Contours, Registers, and Boundary Tones. ... ' Faithfulness and Reduplicative Identity', in J. Beckman, L. Dickey and S.
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An Analysis of Recent Loans into the Standard Uyghur Lexicon
Russian lexemes span a wide range of high-register scientific, technological, and philosophical .... noting the increased degree of phonological faithfulness to the individual Russian ancestors of ... Script') in its representation of all Uyghur text.
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Surface Faithfulness Phenomena and the Consonantal Root in the
Diglossia versus Register: Discursive Classifications of Two Sinhala Varieties .... The lexical portion of a Hebrew verb is a consonantal root, most often consist- ..... Forster and Deutsch (1997) studied the lexical representation of Hebrew words ...
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On the Interaction of Selective Attention and Lexical Knowledge: A
interacts with lexical knowledge (if two words are presented that form a compound, .... levels register successively higher order features over increasingly larger .... for the faithful representation of multiple words in par- allel, provided that the ...
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