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Exploring The Early Parton Momentum Distribution Using The Ridge Phenomenon - [Full Version]
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Exploring The Early Parton Momentum Distribution Using The Ridge Phenomenon - Full Download
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Exploring The Early Parton Momentum Distribution Using The Ridge Phenomenon - [Complete Version]
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arXiv:1509.07939v2 [nucl-ex] 9 Mar 2016 - arXiv.org
to the study of collective phenomena in small systems at RHIC and the LHC along with ... future directions for research are discussed with the aim of exploring .... The ridge correlations in p-p and p-A collisions remain to be fully understood, ... flow”, an azimuthal anisotropy in momentum space induced by strong expansion ...
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From Quark-Gluon Plasma to the Perfect Liquid
between low viscosity and strong parton energy loss of hot QCD matter. ... The theory of nuclear matter under extreme conditions is based on .... [11, 12] These instabilities are generalizations of the phenomena ..... larger the value of η, the more anisotropic is the momentum distribution of .... Exploring the “perfect” liquid.
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LU TP 11-5
Jan 10, 2011 ... The origin and nature of cosmic rays (CRs) with energies between ... expanding the mutually beneficial interface between two communities currently exploring the physics ..... The diffractive parton distribution functions (DPDFs) of the proton are ..... ridge phenomenon in pp collisions at the LHC can be also ...
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From many body wee partons dynamics to perfect fluid
Dec 21, 2010 ... the impact of early results of the LHC program on this picture. ... Because QCD is a theory where most phenomena are "emergent" .... carry much more information about QCD dynamics than parton distribution functions and are in- .... of the ridge to decrease with increasing transvere momentum for the pairs ...
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Gluon saturation and initial conditions for relativistic - arXiv.org
Jan 21, 2014 ... 4.2 The ridge . .... process itself2 and, hence, to the phenomenon of gluon saturation. ... with small transverse momentum pt % 1 GeV, the initial conditions determine the bulk .... dependence of the appropriate parton distributions. ... Historically, the first step in that direction dates back to the early eighties.
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arXiv:1605.01389v1 [hep-ph] 4 May 2016 - arXiv.org
May 4, 2016 ... Collective phenomena from heavy-ion to pp collisions . ... collider with a centre-of -mass energy √s of 100 TeV for pp collisions in a new .... At any given √s, the nuclear parton densities are larger than those in the proton ... At an early stage in the study of the future hadron collider, FCC-hh, a fairly complete ...
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Thoughts on heavy-ion physics in the high luminosity era - arXiv.org
In general, collective phenomena in the soft physics sector can be sensitive to system size, system ... Ridge-like long-range rapidity correlations in the anisotropic flow phenomena .... constraining nuclear parton distribution functions, and that it provides .... strength changes only logarithmically with momentum transfer, one.
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1 Topological Materials with Complex Long-Range Order Dr. James
DOE Office of Science Early Career Research Program Awardee Abstracts ... inherit some of the characteristics of these ground states, leading to novel transport phenomena .... By using the Higgs in diverse ways to explore the structure of physics ..... coupling, to hadronization, and to the details of parton distributions inside.
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Small x physics and RHIC data
Mar 9, 2010 ... 6.2 The ridge and the negative binomial . ... of the early experimental results we refer the reader to the ... initial pruduction of partons using a framework developed for a ... transverse momentum scale that then manifests itself in particle ... distribution (color charge distribution or parton distribution function), ...
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The Hot QCD White Paper: Exploring the Phases - Physics Division
Exploring the Phases of QCD at RHIC and the LHC. A White Paper ..... Surprisingly, this matter that filled the early universe ... to study the emergence of collective phenomena and parton interactions with the nuclear medium. ..... for heavy-ion collisions as well, in particular for high momentum probes where they complement.
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The EIC project: Physics prospects and present status
It is with such motivations, that the Electron Ion Collider the (EIC) is proposed. ... mainly in exploring the nucleon spin structure using various polarizable light ion ... early 2001 to the US Nuclear Physics Advisory Committee for their review [6]. .... to the origin of angular momentum related to the partons inside the nucleon, and ...
[ 1-s2.0-S0920563201019776-main.pdf?_tid=09f05960-a170-11e3-aa08-00000aab0f27&acdnat=1393699012_f0b48c51759cee16fe1870b7deff2e1e - Read/Download File

Report - Jefferson Science Associates, LLC
1990's as an intellectual gathering place for the growing momentum from ... The first circular for the conference was sent in early July, and ... parallel with this process, conveners for the parallel talk sessions were ... (ii) QCD-related aspects of nuclear structure, parton distribution functions of ..... Ridge and higher order flow.
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Measurement of Non-flow Correlations and Elliptic Flow - MIT
The anisotropic shape of the initial geometry of heavy ion collisions with finite im- .... technique for exploring the properties of matter at such extreme conditions. The .... the system is defined early on in the collision and does not increase ... the impact parameter leading to an anisotropy in the momentum distribution of par-.
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Graduate Studies 2016 - MSU Department of Physics and Astronomy
In addition to research opportunities with faculty at FRIB, the department has ... The CTEQ collaboration (Yuan, Pumplin, Stump) calculates parton distribution ...... Xianglin Ke's research focuses on exploring emergent phenomena in ... Fellow (2009-2012) at the Neutron Sciences Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory;.
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DE-AC02-76CH03000 with the United States Department of Energy .... growth of the momentum weighted parton distributions is predicted by the DGLAP .... Physics at Fermilab in the 1990's, Edt. D. Green and H. Lubatti, Brekenridge, ..... the hard phenomena we can relate to the quark and gluon structure of the colliding.
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Program with Abstracts - INPC 2010 - Triumf
Jul 9, 2010 ... nuclei has been revealed by several analyses, such as the ridge structure ... important role when we discuss some exotic phenomena at high temperature, high density, etc. ... Transverse Momentum Dependant Parton Distribution Functions, ... The first sqrt(s) = 500GeV run at RHIC was held in early 2009.
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A measurement of open charm using single muons at - Trace
open charm using single muons at forward angles for p+p collisions at center of mass ... on the local computing cluster at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, which greatly ... single muons is measured as a function of transverse momentum and is ..... 5.4 Di-muon invariant mass distribution used for single muon analysis cut opti -.
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The Science and Experimental Equipment for The 12 GeV Upgrade
conducted a Science Review of the 12 GeV Upgrade in April 2005 using a panel ... characterization of these wavefunctions using the framework of the Generalized Parton Distri- .... Quark transverse spin distributions and quark transverse momentum .... program will use precision measurements to explore the validity of the ...
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Nuclear Physics Graduate School Brochure 2013 - American
65 graduate schools with a program in nuclear physics were contacted and ... the phenomenon of strong field induced dark energy. ... Early applications are ... ASU faculty members are vigorously exploring the following areas (E=Experiment, T= Theory): ..... spin, flavor, and transverse spatial distributions of quarks and.
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Lattice QCD for Cold Nuclear Physics - USQCD
Feb 22, 2013 ... phenomena, from the microscopic to the cosmological, that nuclear physics impacts. ... review of nuclear physics Nuclear Physics: Exploring the Heart of Matter[2]: .... these distributions can be calculated with lattice QCD and to date, the ... Generalized Parton Distributions (GPD's) specify quark density, spin, ...
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