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Exotic And Excited State Meson Spectroscopy And Radiative Transitions From - [Full Version]
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Exotic And Excited State Meson Spectroscopy And Radiative Transitions From - Full Download
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Exotic And Excited State Meson Spectroscopy And Radiative Transitions From - [Complete Version]
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Exotic and excited-state radiative transitions in charmonium from
Exotic and excited-state radiative transitions in charmonium ... Charmonium radiative transitions. Meson ... Exotic 1-+ ? For progress on the light meson spectrum.
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Exotic and excited-state radiative transitions in charmonium from
The corresponding excited charmonium spectrum was calculated in lattice ... and exotic state radiative transition matrix elements is the versatility of the method. ... on to lower lying mesons, the quark fields may also be smeared over space as e.
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Excited meson radiative transitions from lattice QCD using
Jan 29, 2015 ... means to produce large numbers of exotic JPC hybrids, those mesons which .... excited-state radiative transitions was previously consid- ered in [15] ... quark mass - the spectrum of isovector mesons on these lattices was ...
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Excited Light Meson Spectroscopy from Lattice - org.jlab.misportal
I report on recent progress in calculating excited meson spectra using lattice QCD. ... for extracting excited spectra [1] and radiative transition amplitudes [2, 3] with ... QCD calculation, many states with exotic quantum numbers (0+−, 1−+ and  ...
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1 Introduction 2 Mesons in the Quark Model - Curtis A. Meyer
The area of light–quark meson spectroscopy deals with .... The charge conjugation operator acting on this state reverses the meaning of u and. ¯u. ... These latter quantum numbers are known as explicitly exotic quantum numbers. If ..... In particular, there is one coupling constant for each type of allowed SU(3) transition.
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Exotic Mesons - Nuclear Physics
Exotic Mesons ... flavour exotics from a larger minimal quark Fock state, e.g. excuses for ..... excited charmonium spectrum & radiative transitions (CLEO-c, PANDA)
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Excited Meson and Baryon States using Anisotropic - USQCD
Mar 9, 2012 ... the search for mesons with exotic quantum numbers, is the aim of the GlueX ... Beyond determining the excited-state spectrum, we aim to gain an .... Radiative transition form factors between mesons and between baryons.
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ATLAS Heavy-Flavour spectroscopy and exotic states
Observation of an excited B+ c meson state ... Observation of a new χb state in radiative transitions to Υ(1S) and Υ(2S). ▷ Phys. Rev. Lett. ... Measurements of the ground and excited states → test of these predictions. Phys. Rev. D 70 (2004)  ...
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Hybrid mesons - Research Showcase @ CMU - Carnegie Mellon
Mar 6, 2015 ... light isovector exotic meson exists, its confirmation as a hybrid meson ... 2.6.4 Hybrid Radiative Transitions . ... 5.1 Exotic Quantum Number states . .... in computing the excited spectrum, and most prominently, difficulty in ...
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NP Science for SciDAC 3 - USQCD
programs at RHICspin and JLab, and the study of excited states by CLAS at JLab , and ..... Overview The calculation of the bound state spectrum of QCD encapsulates our ability to ... for so-called exotic mesons at GlueX at the upgraded [email protected] ... Calculations of the radiative transitions between conventional and.
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Phenomenology of Exotic Hadrons - Hybrid Mesons and Pentaquarks
predictions about the radiative and hadronic decays of hybrid mesons and their ..... Experimental physicists have obtained a compendious spectrum of meson ..... Transitions to hybrids in the first excited state of the flux-tube arise from the o ...
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The Exotic XYZ Charmonium-like Mesons
Jan 25, 2008 ... Abstract Charmonium, the spectroscopy of c¯c mesons, has recently ... of these new states are exotic, i.e. new forms of hadronic matter such .... of excited c¯ cstates and radiative transitions (13), although the results are still not.
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$ N^* $ Resonances in Lattice QCD from (mostly) Low to
Apr 11, 2016 ... The focus of this talk is the spectrum of excited-state nucleons, and on ..... Richards DG, Thomas CE (2009) Highly excited and exotic meson .... Edwards RG (2015) Excited meson radiative transitions from lattice QCD using.
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arXiv:1004.4930v1 [hep-ph] 28 Apr 2010 - inSPIRE
Apr 28, 2010 ... Toward the excited meson spectrum of dynamical QCD. Jozef J. Dudek,1, 2, ... trum [5], and the radiative transitions between excited and low-lying meson ... that any such extracted state is, in fact, the exotic spin. 1 and not a ...
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arXiv:1102.4299v1 [hep-lat] 21 Feb 2011 - inSPIRE
Feb 21, 2011 ... Isoscalar meson spectroscopy from lattice QCD. Jozef J. ... We extract to high statistical precision an excited spectrum of single-particle isoscalar mesons using lattice ... states appear at a mass scale comparable to the exotic isovector states. ..... [25] Using the radiative transitions methodology of [22] ap-.
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Mapping the spectrum of light quark mesons and gluonic - GlueX
for this mapping of the exotic spectrum, 12 GeV electrons are required. This document ... that can be viewed as bound states of a quark, antiquark and valence gluon (q¯qg). ... excited and some hybrid mesons can have a unique sig- nature, exotic JPC ..... ventional radiative transitions in the charmonium sys- tem, where the ...
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PoS(CD15)012 - Sissa
every meson is made out of a quark and an antiquark, and every baryon out of three quarks, with quarks in a few ... search for exotic states in the light quark sector. There is intense ... reliably extract the excited spectrum of states from two- point correlation functions of the form ..... Excited meson radiative transitions from.
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PoS(Lattice 2012)173 - Sissa
Correlation matrix methods for excited meson form ... allowed us to explore the QCD spectrum for exotic states that have been ... Bπ transitions in reference [5]. .... to calculate the transition matrix element for radiative transitions between ...
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The XYZ's of c¯c: Hints of Exotic New Mesons - SLAC
about conventional meson spectroscopy, radiative transitions, and strong decays along with comments about hybrid mesons – states with an excited gluonic.
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Impressions of the Meson Spectrum: Hybrids & Exotics, present
Hybrids & Exotics, present and future ... colliders, should turn mere impressions of the light meson spectrum into a ... are concerned, all excited states decay. .... is to predict using lattice QCD the decays and radiative transition amplitude of such.
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