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Estrogen Administration Attenuates Bladder Outlet Obstruction Induced Oxidative - [Full Version]
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Estrogen Administration Attenuates Bladder Outlet Obstruction Induced Oxidative - Full Download
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Estrogen administration attenuates bladder outlet obstruction
Jul 31, 2008 ... ... Bladder Outlet. Obstruction Induced Oxidative Stress in the Female Rabbit ... Key words: estrogen; bladder outlet obstruction; oxidative stress.
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Reversing bladder outlet obstruction attenuates systemic and tissue
Oxidative damage in bladder tissue and systemic oxidative biomarkers were both ... It is shown that the reversal of partial bladder outlet obstruction will attenuate the ..... Estrogen administration attenuates bladder outlet obstruction induced ...
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PDF (1020 KB) - The Journal of Sexual Medicine
Orchiectomy on Ischemia/Reperfusion-Induced Bladder ... stitial fibrosis, and oxidative stress in male rabbit bladder subjected to I/R surgery. ... Supraphysiological exogenous testosterone administration after orchiectomy .... estrogen, testosterone has received little attention ... bladder outlet obstruction in the elderly [18]. In.
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Original Article - Hypertension
estrogens on SLE in adulthood has not been widely studied, particularly with ... The OVX-induced increase in renal tumor necrosis factor α expression ... Etanercept Administration .... inflammatory cytokines,19,21 and oxidative stress. 25 Based on ..... death with bladder outlet obstruction and hyperprolactinemia in New.
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The Effect of In Vitro Oxidative Stress on the Female Rabbit Bladder
May 8, 2013 ... estrogen can induce a significant decrease in blood flow to the bladder especially ... However, estrogen administration to ovariectomized rabbits resulted in the relief of ..... of bladder dysfunction such as partial outlet obstruction ... attenuates bladder overdistension-induced oxidative injury by up-regulation ...
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High doses of synthetic antioxidative vitamins: A, E, C and β-carotene are often used ... Toxic effects resulting from erroneous administration of high .... ratory tract , bladder, as well as prostate (suppression of .... failure and cirrhosis or in bile ducts obstruction, due to ..... Vitamin C-induced prooxidant effects can occur mainly.
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Increased Infiltrated Macrophages in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Feb 22, 2012 ... patients with various degrees of bladder outlet obstruction ... gen/androgen balance (2–5), increased oxidative stress (6), ... demonstrated that macrophage- induced prostate stromal ..... Neutralization of CCL3 by a specific antibody attenuates macrophage migration and macrophage-induced mPrSC ...
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Article (Published version) - Archive ouverte UNIGE
EGCG-induced chemosensitization of cancer cells through .... Blockage of CBR1 active site.17 .... etoposide, mediated by EGCG-induced oxidative damage. The .... administration of green tea polyphenols, including EGCG, to irra- ... significantly reduced the nephrotoxic effect of CP and attenuated .... in head and neck areas.
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The 17β-estradiol example - DiVA
Estrogens and stroke - aspects of administration methods 46 and dose (Papers III and ... Methods for long-term 17β-estradiol administration to mice. Paper II. 79.
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Full-Text PDF -
Jun 28, 2016 ... Therefore, administration of capsaicin in animals was important to elucidate ... TRPV1 was essential to validate capsaicin-induced pain models, which .... Hydrogen bonds between its vanillyl “head” and amide “neck” with residues of glutamic ..... greatly attenuated in mice deficient in TRPV1 and in human ...
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PDF (1456 KB) - Endocrine Society
Jan 24, 2006 ... regulates appetite, insulin secretion, fat oxidation, and ... Pegvisomant administration in individualized doses ... studies indicate that GHBP can both augment and attenuate. GH action ... resistance, visceral obesity, hyperleptinemia, estrogen reple- ... 1/-6, which induce proteases, stimulate cortisol synthesis,.
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Apr 5, 2016 ... Oxidative stress and inflammation play critical roles in the initiation and .... administration of single oral doses of 25 mg of trans-resveratrol to .... Attenuated DNA damage and ... Moreover, women with a history of estrogen-sensitive cancers ..... against acrolein-induced oxidative cytotoxicity by increasing ...
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Hepatocyte Growth Factor Gene-Modified Adipose-Derived - Plos
Dec 12, 2014 ... Cells Ameliorate Radiation Induced Liver Damage in a Rat ... The oxidation of liver enzymes may underlie some radiation- ..... that the administration of lenti- HGF + ADSC prevented radiation-induced liver injury .... demonstrated in a rat model of bladder outlet obstruction [56]. .... (2004) Estrogen receptors in.
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a review of the annual scientific meeting of the international
Aug 30, 2013 ... The International Painful Bladder Foundation (IPBF) once again had an ..... Administration of a SNRI attenuates nocieptive transmission in the LUT, which could result .... has been proposed as diagnostic for outflow tract obstruction and ..... Persistent activation of ERK1/2 may induce oxidative stress with ...
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05. Pain and Nociception 05.001 Local administration of - Sbfte
induced by carrageenan administration (100 µg/paw) in a dose-response manner. ... inflammatory bladder changes elicited by CYP, including hemorrhage and edema .... attenuated the second phase of formalin-induced nociceptive behaviors in 48 .... Additional studies are in progress to determine the effects of estradiol ...
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review - Journal of the National Cancer Institute
mechanisms by which radiation-induced transcription of .... comparative study (43 ) of 19 patients with head-and-neck can- cer, patients were treated .... Drug Administration. ... Bladder. 31–75. Tumor grade; COX-2 expression may correlate with invasive disease .... edly attenuated in COX-2–/– mice compared with COX- 2+/+.
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Int Braz J Urol
Jul 15, 2014 ... Effects of chronic administration of tamsulosin and tadalafil, alone or in combination, in rats with bladder outlet obstruction induced by chronic nitric oxide deficiency. Rommel Prata Regadas ... Garlic supplemented diet attenuates gentamicin nephrotoxicity ın rats ..... Yet, the assessment of sperm oxidative.
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Anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative activities of date palm pollen
Dec 23, 2011 ... The histopathological feature in APH-induced prostate rats showed evidence .... from the body, 24 hr after the last administration, and weighed. ..... [27] also found that induction of type 2 estrogen-binding site in rat ... The homogenous effect of pollen-extract on the bladder outflow obstruction, showed higher ...
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Nanomedicines as Cancer Therapeutics: Current Status
According to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ..... The VIP receptor, in addition to HER-2 and estrogen receptors .... Breast & bladder cancer ..... Attenuation of MDR (Multi-Drug Resistance) ... obstructions that will certainly lead to rational design of .... induce oxidative stress through ROS generation during redox.
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Download PDF - Springer
evaluate the effect of DPP suspension and extract on APH-induced rats. Methods : .... the body, 24 hr after the last administration, and ..... induction of type 2 estrogen-binding site in rat ventral .... on the bladder outflow obstruction, showed higher .... 8. Rigas B, Sun Y: Induction of oxidative stress as a mechanism of action of.
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