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Classical and Quantum Error Correction
Outline. • Classical and quantum channels. • Overview of error correction. • Classical linear codes. • Quantum codes. • Conclusions ...
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Simple quantum error-correcting codes - APS Link Manager
Methods of finding good quantum error-correcting codes are discussed, and many example .... phase errors is essentially a classical error correction operat-.
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Chapter 7 Quantum Error Correction - Caltech Particle Theory
A quantum error-correcting code (QECC) can be viewed as a mapping of k qubits ...... but classical error-correcting codes have a much longer history. Over the ...
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Classical error correction
The most general classical single-bit error is the bit-flip: 0 ↔ 1. ... This is the simplest possible error-correcting code, the ..... our quantum error-correcting code.
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Good quantum error-correcting codes exist
A quantum error-correcting code is defined to be a unitary mapping encoding of k qubits two-state .... heavily on the properties of classical error-correcting codes.
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Relations between Classical and Quantum Error{Correcting Codes?
tum computation and classical linear error{correcting codes, we show how to construct quantum error{correcting codes based on classical ones. Furthermore ...
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Approximate Quantum Error-Correcting Codes and Secret Sharing
a better classical analogue to quantum error correction than is classical ... bound on error correction extends to approximate quantum codes. In par- ticular, the ...
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Sparse-Graph Codes for Quantum Error-Correction - Inference Group
Quantum error-correcting codes based on sparse graphs are of interest for three ... First, the best codes currently known for classical channels are based on.
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A Study of Topological Quantum Error Correcting Codes Part I: From
Mar 23, 2015 ... A Study of Topological Quantum Error Correcting Codes. Part I:[email protected].
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Simple Rate-1/3 Convolutional and Tail-Biting Quantum Error
The field of quantum error-correcting codes (QECCs) has made substantial progress ... convolutional code from a classical rate-1/3 self-orthogonal. F4-linear  ...
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A physics-free introduction to quantum error correcting codes - Cimpa
basic theory of quantum error correcting codes without appealing to even .... state x = 0 — perhaps together with some classical information such as bases for ...
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Convolutional and Tail-Biting Quantum Error-Correcting Codes
a class of quantum codes based on classical binary error-cor- recting codes ... seven-qubit single-error-correcting block codes mentioned above, but have ...
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Some good quantum error-correcting codes from - IEEE Xplore
by the use of classical binary codes or additive codes over. (see [1]–[3]). ... good family of quantum error-correcting codes and other classes of good quantum ...
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Quantum Error Correcting Codes and the Security Proof -
The proof requires the use of quantum error-correcting codes called the ... suitable classical linear codes, one used to correct for bit-flip errors and the other for ...
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Information-theoretic interpretation of quantum error-correcting codes
Quantum error-correcting codes are analyzed from an information-theoretic perspective centered ... error-correcting codes, paralleling the classical descrip-.
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Quantum Error Correction - Quantum Theory Group at CMU
Apr 9, 2012 ... E. Knill, R. Laflamme, “Theory of quantum error-correcting codes,” Phys. Rev. ... 击 Classical error correction is based on redundancy: making ...
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Quantum convolutional error-correcting codes - APS Link Manager
I report two general methods to construct quantum convolutional codes for N- state quantum systems. ... In classical error correction, good convolutional codes of-.
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Quantum Error Correction Codes
This thesis deals with quantum error correcting codes. In first two chapters necessary introduction to quantum computation and classical error correction is ...
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Nonlocal quantum information in bipartite quantum error correction
The technique of bipartite quantum error correction is useful in both the quantum .... M.H., Brun T.A.: Classical enhancement of quantum-error-correcting codes.
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General quantum errors; CSS codes General quantum errors
Mar 23, 2006 ... encoding one or more qubits in some quantum error correcting code. .... codes, we will need to first learn a little bit about classical linear codes.
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