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Elimination reactions of ions in the gas phase. V-elimination of water
Elimination Reactions of Ions in the Gas Phase. Vt-Elimination of Water in Hydroxybornanes and Related. Compounds. R. Robbiani, H. Buhrer, €I. Miindli, D.
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Elimination reactions of ions in the gas phase–I: Elimination of water
Jan 11, 1973 ... Elimination reactions of ions in the gas phase-I. 106. 55. 69 80. 27. I.. ..I,. 1111 Ill # I t .I1 I. 1155. 154. 196 [MIt .II I ,. 1oc. 50. 95. 43 w OAc. 136.
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Elimination reactions of ions in the gas phase. IV—Comparative
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On the Mechanism of Base-Induced Gas-Phase Elimination
Abstract: For the base-induced gas-phase elimination reactions of diethyl ether and cis- and ... the ion/molecule complexes preceding the reaction barriers.
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Gas-Phase Base-Induced Elimination Reactions Intermediates. 1
class of polar E2 elimination reactions, namely those induced by neutral bases ... E2 eliminations in onium ions in the gas phase from structural analysis of the ...
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Theoretical studies of elimination reactions. 3. Gas-phase reactions
to the gas-phase reactions of F with (CH&2HCl and CH3CH2CH2Cl. E2 (anti and .... in mass spectrometric studies is that, in general, only the ionic products can ...
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Gas-Phase Elimination Reactions of Ethers - ACS Publications
May 29, 1977 ... features of gas-phase E2 reactions and examined effects of the ... reaction as that between ethyl bromide and hydroxide ion whether.
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On the Mechanism of Base-Induced Gas-Phase Elimination
Abstract: The base-induced gas-phase reactions of a series of four cyclic thioethers have been .... product ion distribution, however, varies with the reaction time.
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Gas Phase Studies of the Competition between Substitution and
between substitution and elimination reactions has been a topic of interest for decades, ... the general features of gas phase ion/molecule reactions is warranted.
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also will discuss the mechanistically related elimination reactions that result .... The reason is that ions are much more stable in water than in the gas phase;.
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Deuterium Kinetic Isotope Effects in Microsolvated Gas-Phase E2
for the gas-phase E2 reactions of microsolvated systems. ... the product ions is observed, but there are intriguing differences in the nature and extent of the.
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Gas phase protonolysis reactions : Chemical ionization mass
Gas phase protonolysis reactions of a wide variety of N-nitrosamines have been ... ions, ammonium ions, carbenium ions and various elimination reactions.
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Gas Phase Negative Ion Chemistry: Reactivity and - CU Scholar
Jul 8, 2011 ... mechanisms. The α-effect is not seen in the E2 mechanism, but is reported for nucleophilic ... Chapter 1: Gas-Phase Ion-Molecule Reactions. 1.
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Theoretical Studies on Gas Phase Reactions of Negative Ions with
Gas-Phase reactions of methyl and ethyl nitrites with anionic nucleophiles of SН− , F− and ОН− are ... β-elimination with an expulsion of nitrite ion is not possible.
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Gas-Phase Intramolecular Phosphate Shift in Phosphotyrosine
gas-phase reaction results in extensive neutral loss of phosphoric. (14) Palumbo .... H3PO4 elimination of its [M r H]r ions is induced by the negative charge.
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Competing Gas-Phase Substitution and Elimination Reactions of
Nov 13, 2008 ... functional theory (DFT) to probe ion specific effects in the absence of water. Products from ... tion and elimination reactions in the gas-phase.
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Gas phase nucleophilic reactions in 1,1-difluoroethylene
J. Chem. 54, 1839 (1976). An ion cyclotron resonance study reveals that alkoxide ions react easily with 1,l-difluoro- ethylene in the gas phase to yield a species CH2CFO-. ... in the mechanism of nucleophilic substitution in aromatic and vinylic  ...
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Direct evidence for anchimeric assistance in alcohol elimination
assisted substitution reactions in the condensed phase.7 A three- membered cyclic ... anchimeric assistance in a gas-phase ion elimination process. Results and ...
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Gas-Phase Fragmentation Reactions of Protonated Aromatic Amino
Gas-phase dissociation reactions of protonated amino acidssphenylalanine, ... The elimination of CH2CO is preceded by migration of the hydroxyl ion from the.
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Thermochemical Data on Gas-Phase Ion-Molecule Association and
AS” , and free energy change, AG" , for the formation of ion clusters from ion- molecule association reactions ... Thermodynamic quantities for the gas-phase hy- order clustering reactions ................................... .. ..... elimination reaction such as39.
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