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Electrospinning of chitosan nanofibrous structures: feasibility study
The impact of these characteristics can be improved by increasing the specific surface area for which the development of nanofibrous structures of chitosan ...
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Electrospinning of chitosan nanofibrous structures: feasibility study
May 15, 2007 ... Electrospinning of chitosan nanofibrous structures: feasibility study. Sander De Vrieze Æ Philippe Westbroek Æ. Tamara Van Camp Æ Lieva ...
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Chitosan as a Biomaterial — Structure, Properties, and Electrospun
Fibrous structures were successfully formed by electrospinning chitosan ...... Vrieze, S., et al., Electrospinning of chitosan nanofibrous structures: feasibility study.
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Electrospinning of Chitin and Chitosan Nanofibres - medIND
nanofibrous structures [61]. They provide a description of the setup for electrospinning and the method of production of fibres in detail. At longer production time ...
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Perspectives of Chitin and Chitosan Nanofibrous Scaffolds in Tissue
Mar 1, 2010 ... Electrospun chitin and chitosan nano fibrous scaffolds .... fibrous structure as soon as the membranes are in contact with neutral or ... solutions for environmental applications, Vrieze et al., 2007 conducted a feasibility study.
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Polycaprolactone and polycaprolactone/chitosan nanofibres
pH-sensitive PCL and PCL/chitosan nanofibres are successfully electrospun. • pH-sensitive .... PCL/chitosan blend nanofibrous structures and to compare their performance. The results ..... groups with the sulphate groups of NY is feasible.
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Electrospinning, mechanical properties, and cell behavior study of
Mar 24, 2015 ... Poly(vinyl alcohol). (PVA) and chitosan (CS) have numerous biomedical applica- ... nanofibrous structures show surprising characteristics such as high surface ...... chitosan nanofibrous structures: Feasibility study. J Mater Sci.
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Electrospun Polyamide 4.6 Nanofibrous Nonwovens: Parameter
Feb 16, 2012 ... It is shown that the PA 4.6 nanofibrous structures, compared to nanofibrous nonwovens of PA 6 and PA 6.6, ..... hove, “Electrospinning of chitosan nanofibrous structures: feasibility study,” Journal of Materials Science, vol.
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Effects of Chitosan Alkali Pretreatment on the Preparation of
Jul 23, 2013 ... Electrospun PCL/Chitosan Blend Nanofibrous Scaffolds for ..... “Electrospinning of chitosan nanofibrous structures: feasibility study,” Journal of ...
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Apr 4, 2006 ... rameters and structures, such as fiber diameter, mesh size, porosity, texture, and pattern ... Electrospun nanofibrous materials have now gained rapid popularity in many ... polymer melts, especially polyethylene and polypropylene, is feasible in prin- ..... modified chitin (74), chitosan (75–77), and DNA (78).
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Electrospinning Technology for Nanofibrous Scaffolds in Tissue
encing the properties of electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds, and, finally, review the ... features makes nanofibrous structures a favorable scaffold for tissue engineering, ..... fibrous scaffolds and the feasibility of tissue-engineering multiphasic constructs ..... Chitosan. Nonwoven, aligned TE scaffold cartilage. SEM, mechanical.
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Dressing: Electrospinning of Chitosan-based, Cellulose-based Fibers and their Blends. ... Additionally, structure parameters were related to electrospinning processing parameters .... 2.8 Electrospinning of Chitosan: feasibility study… ...... PEO in chitosan/PEO nanofibers on the integrity of the nanofibrous structure in water.
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phosphorylation of gelatine and chitosan as an excipient for - UKM
chitosan blends to mimic the nanofibrous structure of the native extra cellular matrixs (ECMs) [8]. Chitosan is a ... Nanofibers were prepared by electrospinning apparatus as shown in Figure 1 [13]. ..... Structures: Feasibility Study. Journal ...
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Full-Text PDF - MDPI
Nov 19, 2014 ... Keywords: chitin; chitosan; electrospinning; nanofibrils; biomedical uses ... structure was maintained and glucans remained on the nanofiber surface [9]. By similar means, chitin ... Nanofibrous materials compatible with .... course unrealistic research planning does not permit economical feasibility studies.
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Fabrication and Characterization of Electrospun PCL-MgO-Keratin
Jul 7, 2015 ... Nanofibrous structures give rise to a high surface ... Natural polymers, including collagen, gelatin, hyaluronan, silk, chitosan, alginate, keratin, fibrinogen ..... Feasibility as a tissue engineering scaffold in a rat cell culture model.
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Full-Text PDF - UKJPB
The shape, size, structure and composition of the nanofibers were characterized ... is difficult to electrospin pure chitosan because of inefficient entanglement of ...
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Use of electrospinning technique for biomedical applications
Chemical structures of some of the synthetic polymers electrospun for biomedical applications. ... An overview about functional electrospun nanofibrous scaffolds for ..... Ohkawa et al. showed the electrospinning of natural polymer chitosan [37] ..... demonstrating the feasibility of encapsulating proteins via electrospinning to ...
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Characterization of a co-electrospun scaffold of HLC/CS/PLA for
This study demonstrates the feasibility of using two different solutions to construct a ... prepare fibrous structure, with large surface area to volume ratio and nanometer scale ... HLC/chitosan electrospun nanofibrous scaffold [9] presented poor ...
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Genipin cross-linked electrospun chitosan-based nanofibrous mat
uncrosslinked samples lost their fibrous structure, indicating the water stability of ... Genipin cross-linked chitosan nanofibrous scaffold ..... Feasibility study of a.
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Structure and antibacterial activity of silk fibroin/chitosan nanofibrous
Sep 2, 2011 ... Keywords: Electrospinning, Silk fibroin, Chitosan, Antibacterial Activity, Nanofibers. ... electrospining feasibility, it was found that the average diameter of spun ... for which the development of nanofibrous structures of CS mixed.
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